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Friday, September 10, 2010


*music plays~* Selamat ... Hari Raya ... ~~~

I hear this every year near and during raya, at practically every where I go apart from home. I usually stay at home though, unless mum's suddenly in the mood for a shopping trip. So we don't go to open houses or get duit raya. Speaking of which, I got my first duit raya (that I can remember) this year from Pn Zuraini.

I just watched Cyril with my sis just now while waiting for my mum to finish her game. I was like OMFG, man... He's been to Malaysia, hung out with Pop Shuvit and the Hitz crew, and his magic tricks are ... wow! And being Japanese (so I've read), his English is perfecto, and call me crazy, but the thing I like most about him other than his amazing skill, is the brow piercing.

I've been adding so many people on Facebook lately that it's blocked me from adding people in the meantime. Their style is just so visual kei - the way they style their hair, their makeup (in some cases), the way they take their photos, it's just like vk, except more toned down for everyday wear. How do they do that? Which reminds me, should I bleach my hair BEFORE or AFTER I go for National Service?

I think I've gained wait over the week - sleep > eat > PC > TV > sleep, though I don't eat much. But the lack of calorie and carbohydrate burning usually done at school (not much as it is, mind you) have registered and the pounds are packing on.

I have a real urge to go for karaoke recently, but no one wants to go. This is the weird thing about life - when you just don't have the time/money/interest to go for something, people are always going for them; once you've got the real urge to go, everyone wants to stay at home to snooze.

I just watched Lilo & Stitch and Monsters vs Aliens today. Now I know why people buy DVDs/VCDs and watch them over and over again, even if they've seen it a few years ago - you miss out on details. In this case, I never really paid attention to the conversations in the movies (L&S).

I'm addicted to Nightclub City on Facebook recently, and every time I visit a club, I'm really 'impressed' with some people - a real-life club usually consists of a bar, DJ stage, dance floor and some open space for guests to hang out. So, ideally, there should be just enough dance floor for the dancers and that's it. The rest of the space should be chairs, booths, etc.
This post is way overdue, 'cause I've left it for around a week before continuing. Sis tried to make macaroons last night, but failed. The oven was too hot, so the whole surface cracked into what resembled the cracked surface of a desert, and her colouring process went wrong.
I think many people would agree to me on this - you really like/love that guy, but you can't or you're just too chicken to make the first move, and that really sucks 'cause he doesn't know about it. The only people whom you can confide in are your friends and family (at times for certain situations only, TQVM). And that's why they call it a crush, 'cause it crushes your whole ego system... =P
And you know those people who just shoots nasty comments at your squeals of delight at the moment when your favourite singer/band/etc shows up on a television programme or blog post or whatever? I hate those people. And there are also those who do that AND expect you to like everything that they're interested in. Usually these are the people who would have lots to say about people on TV, like their makeup, attire, etc, especially for themed game shows, etc. C'mon lah, it's called a 'themed' show, so the makeup, wardrobe, accessories should go with the theme, no?
Anyways, as Ana from Ushishi ( says - don't stress. All of the stress would go to your skin. Hey, that's why I even have a blog, it's something like my way of channeling stress and other feelings. Go read Ushishi's newest post on completely natural skin regimen. And the materials you'll essentially need are water, determination, perseverance and patience.

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