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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pink lenses?

It's the 'new' thing - pink lenses. Online anyways. I've read reviews from MakeupPiggy ( and Occasionally Cute ( So far, the best one I've read about is the EOS Adult (J-203) Pink lenses - it's actually pure pink, while others (according to reviews, I have not tried any other lens colors other than violet =P) are a tad too grey, lavender, etc...

I've checked out Mukuchu (, Kiwiberry (, Pinky Paradise (, I Love Circle Lenses (, Honey Color (, Candy Lens (, D Beauty Shop ( and My Candy Eyes ( Noxin from Occasionally Cute purchased her pair from Tokio Shine (, but the site is currently under reconstruction.

So far, the cheapest one can be found at Kiwiberry, I Love Circle Lenses and My Candy Eyes, which sells the EOS Adult J-203 Pink for USD20 (excluding shipping fee, still enquiring about that). The price range for lenses (referring to the sites mentioned above) is USD20-USD24. And all that excludes shipping fee, which ranges from USD4 to USD6.50 (normal shipping).

I wonder whether you could find this pair of EOS lenses in Malaysian optical shops, 'cause it's gonna save a whole lot of money on shipping. Mukuchu's J-rocker lens and cosplay lens galleries are super-tempting, 'cause I've been longing for animation lenses for ages, but I had to settle with normal circle lenses due to the price and availability.

The thing with my mum is that she is really wary about online shopping (I think it's because she had a bad experience with Vienna Lace once). And also about circle lens distributors - I bought a pair of lenses from a schoolmate once (he sells them), and due to my own inexperience, I tore the lens just as it came out from the bottle. The idea that my schoolmate had done something with the product had been planted into my mum's head by my aunt. Now no matter how much explaining I do, it doesn't work - the 'lens distributors are bad guys' idea is in her head. Even when I said I wanted to buy the lenses from the night market (they sell Geo lenses, and I think most circle lens users know that Geo has a authentication code system), she banned me from even going near the stall.

The pair of the lenses that I'm currently using are the FreshLook Colorblends in Amethyst, which has expired for around a month. I'm still wearing them, as is YC wearing her expired ones. I know that wearing expired lenses is risky business, but after purchasing them for around RM60+ (I think), I'd wear them longer. The Geo lenses are sold at RM35-45 and they last for a year.

I've just watched Drumline and Ghost of Girlfriends' Past yesterday, technically speaking. Love both movies. Both reminds me of someone, and Drumline suddenly made me want to learn something that involves lots of movement, in my case it's either guitar-ing or dancing. After pondering for about a month, I think I'll learn hip hop~ XD

Speaking of learning, I more or less planned my whole after-secondary-school education already. During the months that I'm waiting for my results and/or NS, I'll do some short courses in makeup, aesthetics, culinary, etc OR get a part time job in a mall. =P Then when the time comes for the college registration thingy (dunno whether this part is before or after NS, I hate unconfirmed dates), my interest is in mass communication (let's hope my mum doesn't force me into Taylor's) OR interior design. I'm a person who needs a companion and the thought of a new place with no familiar places scares me. Anyways, my first college choice is IACT College, the second is UCSI (mainly 'cause Yuriko is planning to study there~).

I've learned from various makeup websites and videos that the secret to makeup is BLENDING. For eyeshadow, mainly, what you want is to have the color 'melt' into your skin. I browse pictures on Facebook, blogs, etc, and what really disappoints me is that many have failed to grasp the magic of makeup (I'm referring to everyday makeup, which excludes cosplay and J-rock makeup). This is what they generally do - layer on the liquid liner so that the whole lid is covered and a 'wing' that looks more like just a line pulled out, with no additional eyeshadow to blend out the super-harsh line created by the liquid liner. Ladies, the product name has already given us a clue on how to use the product itself - you use it to LINE your eyes, it's not a color pen/pencil. Invest in a good black eyeshadow (shimmer or matte, no glitter, a mild shimmery one would do nicely) and a good eye makeup brush (flat or fluffy, or both) and use the black eyeshadow on your lids instead of using up a more expensive product.

Elianto is currently my fave cosmetics brand - high quality inexpensive cosmetics. Eyeliners, eyeshadows, foundations, powders, nail colors, and the list goes on. I love their shadows (very pigmented, RM5-6 per piece, sold individually, comes in a range of colors), and pencil liners. I love, love, LOVE the Stay-On pencil liner - when it says 'stay-on', it does stay on, but I'm not a fan of it's sibling the Stay-On liquid liner - it's very runny, but I love the applicator. As for the eyeliner pencil (the silver pencil, with a plastic cap), I like that it's slightly more solid than the Stay-on (super soft, I broke it twice =P), but it doesn't last, especially on the waterline... =P

I've had a huge ordeal with a certain WinZip programme last morning - I wanted to download the Arena 37'C the GazettE scans from Nihon no Ongaku (, but it was a .rar file, so Windows suggested that I installed WinZip in order to see the stuff I wanted to download. I installed in, downloaded my file, da da da, and there was the problem. Using WinZip, I could only save the ENTIRE file as a .zip file somewhere, and not the .jpeg files that were contained in the original .rar file. So what I did was I fiddled with lots of the buttons in the window and finally I found a way to get my pictures - select the picture, right click and select 'Edit', Windows Gallery (I think it's this app) opened the picture, the on the top left there should be a 'File' drop menu, then select 'Make a copy...', then save to your desired destination. There where like 23 pictures and I did that whole thing 23 times, I was about to tear my hair out... =x

I love my BM/Sejarah tuition teacher - she isn't the usual all-tied-up, monotone teacher that the general BM/Sejarah teachers are. She has a sense of humour, a huge range of vocal notes (XD) and jokes/chats along with us during class.

I'm seriously considering cosmetic surgery (during or after college) on my nose, and perhaps I'll get some cheek hollows as well. As for piercings, I'm determined to get my last ear piercing and belly piercing done before NS. Maybe one tattoo as well. All those plans and I'm thinking, 'where the heck am I gonna get that cash?' Part time job during the weekends maybe? So many dreams so little time, and that's gonna need lots of determination...

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