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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pink lenses?

It's the 'new' thing - pink lenses. Online anyways. I've read reviews from MakeupPiggy ( and Occasionally Cute ( So far, the best one I've read about is the EOS Adult (J-203) Pink lenses - it's actually pure pink, while others (according to reviews, I have not tried any other lens colors other than violet =P) are a tad too grey, lavender, etc...

I've checked out Mukuchu (, Kiwiberry (, Pinky Paradise (, I Love Circle Lenses (, Honey Color (, Candy Lens (, D Beauty Shop ( and My Candy Eyes ( Noxin from Occasionally Cute purchased her pair from Tokio Shine (, but the site is currently under reconstruction.

So far, the cheapest one can be found at Kiwiberry, I Love Circle Lenses and My Candy Eyes, which sells the EOS Adult J-203 Pink for USD20 (excluding shipping fee, still enquiring about that). The price range for lenses (referring to the sites mentioned above) is USD20-USD24. And all that excludes shipping fee, which ranges from USD4 to USD6.50 (normal shipping).

I wonder whether you could find this pair of EOS lenses in Malaysian optical shops, 'cause it's gonna save a whole lot of money on shipping. Mukuchu's J-rocker lens and cosplay lens galleries are super-tempting, 'cause I've been longing for animation lenses for ages, but I had to settle with normal circle lenses due to the price and availability.

The thing with my mum is that she is really wary about online shopping (I think it's because she had a bad experience with Vienna Lace once). And also about circle lens distributors - I bought a pair of lenses from a schoolmate once (he sells them), and due to my own inexperience, I tore the lens just as it came out from the bottle. The idea that my schoolmate had done something with the product had been planted into my mum's head by my aunt. Now no matter how much explaining I do, it doesn't work - the 'lens distributors are bad guys' idea is in her head. Even when I said I wanted to buy the lenses from the night market (they sell Geo lenses, and I think most circle lens users know that Geo has a authentication code system), she banned me from even going near the stall.

The pair of the lenses that I'm currently using are the FreshLook Colorblends in Amethyst, which has expired for around a month. I'm still wearing them, as is YC wearing her expired ones. I know that wearing expired lenses is risky business, but after purchasing them for around RM60+ (I think), I'd wear them longer. The Geo lenses are sold at RM35-45 and they last for a year.

I've just watched Drumline and Ghost of Girlfriends' Past yesterday, technically speaking. Love both movies. Both reminds me of someone, and Drumline suddenly made me want to learn something that involves lots of movement, in my case it's either guitar-ing or dancing. After pondering for about a month, I think I'll learn hip hop~ XD

Speaking of learning, I more or less planned my whole after-secondary-school education already. During the months that I'm waiting for my results and/or NS, I'll do some short courses in makeup, aesthetics, culinary, etc OR get a part time job in a mall. =P Then when the time comes for the college registration thingy (dunno whether this part is before or after NS, I hate unconfirmed dates), my interest is in mass communication (let's hope my mum doesn't force me into Taylor's) OR interior design. I'm a person who needs a companion and the thought of a new place with no familiar places scares me. Anyways, my first college choice is IACT College, the second is UCSI (mainly 'cause Yuriko is planning to study there~).

I've learned from various makeup websites and videos that the secret to makeup is BLENDING. For eyeshadow, mainly, what you want is to have the color 'melt' into your skin. I browse pictures on Facebook, blogs, etc, and what really disappoints me is that many have failed to grasp the magic of makeup (I'm referring to everyday makeup, which excludes cosplay and J-rock makeup). This is what they generally do - layer on the liquid liner so that the whole lid is covered and a 'wing' that looks more like just a line pulled out, with no additional eyeshadow to blend out the super-harsh line created by the liquid liner. Ladies, the product name has already given us a clue on how to use the product itself - you use it to LINE your eyes, it's not a color pen/pencil. Invest in a good black eyeshadow (shimmer or matte, no glitter, a mild shimmery one would do nicely) and a good eye makeup brush (flat or fluffy, or both) and use the black eyeshadow on your lids instead of using up a more expensive product.

Elianto is currently my fave cosmetics brand - high quality inexpensive cosmetics. Eyeliners, eyeshadows, foundations, powders, nail colors, and the list goes on. I love their shadows (very pigmented, RM5-6 per piece, sold individually, comes in a range of colors), and pencil liners. I love, love, LOVE the Stay-On pencil liner - when it says 'stay-on', it does stay on, but I'm not a fan of it's sibling the Stay-On liquid liner - it's very runny, but I love the applicator. As for the eyeliner pencil (the silver pencil, with a plastic cap), I like that it's slightly more solid than the Stay-on (super soft, I broke it twice =P), but it doesn't last, especially on the waterline... =P

I've had a huge ordeal with a certain WinZip programme last morning - I wanted to download the Arena 37'C the GazettE scans from Nihon no Ongaku (, but it was a .rar file, so Windows suggested that I installed WinZip in order to see the stuff I wanted to download. I installed in, downloaded my file, da da da, and there was the problem. Using WinZip, I could only save the ENTIRE file as a .zip file somewhere, and not the .jpeg files that were contained in the original .rar file. So what I did was I fiddled with lots of the buttons in the window and finally I found a way to get my pictures - select the picture, right click and select 'Edit', Windows Gallery (I think it's this app) opened the picture, the on the top left there should be a 'File' drop menu, then select 'Make a copy...', then save to your desired destination. There where like 23 pictures and I did that whole thing 23 times, I was about to tear my hair out... =x

I love my BM/Sejarah tuition teacher - she isn't the usual all-tied-up, monotone teacher that the general BM/Sejarah teachers are. She has a sense of humour, a huge range of vocal notes (XD) and jokes/chats along with us during class.

I'm seriously considering cosmetic surgery (during or after college) on my nose, and perhaps I'll get some cheek hollows as well. As for piercings, I'm determined to get my last ear piercing and belly piercing done before NS. Maybe one tattoo as well. All those plans and I'm thinking, 'where the heck am I gonna get that cash?' Part time job during the weekends maybe? So many dreams so little time, and that's gonna need lots of determination...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010








Monday, September 13, 2010


... and rejections. I just confessed today and my reply was rejection. All's well, though, at least I know how he feels, but please keep in mind that I'm a person who doesn't give up so easily. I'll still have feelings, but I'll stay your friend. =)

October is coming which means a few things. One, my birthday is coming; two, my sis n mum are going to Japan; three, SPM is just another month away. That is, when it's officially October.

There's something wrong with Nightclub City - everytime I successfully host a dance party and get full marks, I should have 55 dance points. Everytime I log in again, my points are gone, but the points from the themed parties remained and continue to pile up.

I have parental consent to enter MissChievous' Myths and Legends makeup contest~! Though I am pretty wary of my chances of winning... =P Any suggestions anyone? Myths and legends, based on water, 'cause my element is H2O~

And now I'm going crazy - I want a belly piercing, I want a brow piercing, I want a lip piercing, I want to get cosmetic surgery (sorry, but I really DO envy people with higher nose bridges, plus perhaps some liposuction =p), I want a BMW 523i, I want a Sony VAIO, I want to go to Tokyo Dome, I want EOS Adult (J-203) Pink lenses (, I want bleached hair with pink highlights. In summary, I want everything that is almost impossible for me to have. I might be able to negotiate with my parents on the VAIO and lenses. They can't stop me from getting piercings and bleached hair...


Friday, September 10, 2010


*music plays~* Selamat ... Hari Raya ... ~~~

I hear this every year near and during raya, at practically every where I go apart from home. I usually stay at home though, unless mum's suddenly in the mood for a shopping trip. So we don't go to open houses or get duit raya. Speaking of which, I got my first duit raya (that I can remember) this year from Pn Zuraini.

I just watched Cyril with my sis just now while waiting for my mum to finish her game. I was like OMFG, man... He's been to Malaysia, hung out with Pop Shuvit and the Hitz crew, and his magic tricks are ... wow! And being Japanese (so I've read), his English is perfecto, and call me crazy, but the thing I like most about him other than his amazing skill, is the brow piercing.

I've been adding so many people on Facebook lately that it's blocked me from adding people in the meantime. Their style is just so visual kei - the way they style their hair, their makeup (in some cases), the way they take their photos, it's just like vk, except more toned down for everyday wear. How do they do that? Which reminds me, should I bleach my hair BEFORE or AFTER I go for National Service?

I think I've gained wait over the week - sleep > eat > PC > TV > sleep, though I don't eat much. But the lack of calorie and carbohydrate burning usually done at school (not much as it is, mind you) have registered and the pounds are packing on.

I have a real urge to go for karaoke recently, but no one wants to go. This is the weird thing about life - when you just don't have the time/money/interest to go for something, people are always going for them; once you've got the real urge to go, everyone wants to stay at home to snooze.

I just watched Lilo & Stitch and Monsters vs Aliens today. Now I know why people buy DVDs/VCDs and watch them over and over again, even if they've seen it a few years ago - you miss out on details. In this case, I never really paid attention to the conversations in the movies (L&S).

I'm addicted to Nightclub City on Facebook recently, and every time I visit a club, I'm really 'impressed' with some people - a real-life club usually consists of a bar, DJ stage, dance floor and some open space for guests to hang out. So, ideally, there should be just enough dance floor for the dancers and that's it. The rest of the space should be chairs, booths, etc.
This post is way overdue, 'cause I've left it for around a week before continuing. Sis tried to make macaroons last night, but failed. The oven was too hot, so the whole surface cracked into what resembled the cracked surface of a desert, and her colouring process went wrong.
I think many people would agree to me on this - you really like/love that guy, but you can't or you're just too chicken to make the first move, and that really sucks 'cause he doesn't know about it. The only people whom you can confide in are your friends and family (at times for certain situations only, TQVM). And that's why they call it a crush, 'cause it crushes your whole ego system... =P
And you know those people who just shoots nasty comments at your squeals of delight at the moment when your favourite singer/band/etc shows up on a television programme or blog post or whatever? I hate those people. And there are also those who do that AND expect you to like everything that they're interested in. Usually these are the people who would have lots to say about people on TV, like their makeup, attire, etc, especially for themed game shows, etc. C'mon lah, it's called a 'themed' show, so the makeup, wardrobe, accessories should go with the theme, no?
Anyways, as Ana from Ushishi ( says - don't stress. All of the stress would go to your skin. Hey, that's why I even have a blog, it's something like my way of channeling stress and other feelings. Go read Ushishi's newest post on completely natural skin regimen. And the materials you'll essentially need are water, determination, perseverance and patience.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

2 weeks

It's been two weeks since the little mutt left, and in the period of two weeks, he's been through 2 new owners, both of which he had left teeth marks on. Now he's staying in my aunt's uncle's place, and how I wish he'd just come home already.

Even after two weeks you'd think I would've already gotten used to him not being in the house. Nope, that's entirely not the case. Broke down in tears last night over a plate of cucumber slices - everytime that there was roast pork, there were cucumber slices (to balance da da da), and usually I shared a few with him, which he'd just swallow, then just continue to look at me with expectant eyes.

Everytime I'm rushing for time and is running down the stairs, my attention automatically diverts to his area, where is undersized little head appears behind an old, black speaker, along with two fluffy latte paws, 'get me outta here' written all over. Then his own little corner, between the single- and double-seater where he usually hides and sleeps when he's out of his area.

The memories came flooding back last night - the way he'd lick the ice cream carton clean and get his muzzle smelling like strawberries; the way I'd sit at the top of the stairs and he'd come running up and sit beside me, wanting ear scratches; the way he looked while he was having his weekly bath - bedraggled and miserable; the way that he'd try to dry himself on every available surface (including me) and make the whole room wet; the way he'd try to evade capture when he's somewhere he's not supposed to be; the way he chased after his T-bone like a mad dog; the way he just couldn't find his treats no matter how he searched, only to find that it was in my hand all along (some hunting dog).......

Seriously, I didn't realize I'd lose him so soon. When my mum said she was looking for a new owner for him, it didn't really register 'cause she didn't seem serious about it. It was only until the two days before and two days after that I cried my heart out - I had imagined that I'd go to college and start working, and everytime I came home he would be there to welcome me, I had imagined that I would see him grow old and finally be the little old man that he looked like. I had also imagined how jealous he would be when I got my own little dog/cat.

I really miss the way his whole butt shakes everytime he wags his stump of a tail, his long and thick ears, his short little muzzle, oversized paws, soft fur... I miss the existence of the baby gate, the wire-mesh prison-cum-sleeping area, the cage-cum-toilet, the sound of scratching claws on the terazzo floor...

How does one overcome all this? I ask this question, but somehow I don't want it to really happen. It's like if I do get over it, he'll really disappear...

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Warning: Super long post ahead

One of the things I like about mail orders is that you get to fill up forms (I have an obsession XD), and the thing I don't like is the time that it takes to arrive at your doorstep. Here's my Yinhoo haul. I don't think I'll buy much from this company anymore - the prices are still so-so (I could get more value for money from the night market) but the postage fees are insane.

Hairbands (around RM5 each)

Chocolate mirror (around RM5)

Pink frames (around RM4.50)

So, it's past the 53rd National Day for Malaysia, and just about a week ago there was a major racism breakout. Some Malay headmistress told off Chinese students in her school for eating in the school compound during the Muslims' fasting month, and for this, Namewee (all hail Namewee) composed a song called 'FUCK RACISM Sucks Banana', and I like it. =)

As for the National Day celebration at school (which took place one day before National Day, Monday), there were lots of rather mundane stuff going on from morning till near recess. International fashion and language demos, dances, recitals, etc. My fave? The Punjabi dance by some 5G girls. Seriously, it's something you don't see everyday, and so is this - one of the girls actually just twisted her hips like mad throughout the whole dance without following the beat, and she looked exhausted. The one with the best rhythm and style? - Keshmeet and Neesha~

The next day was a public holiday, and also Yuriko's brother's birthday. They had already planned a trip to go roller skating, and Yuriko invited Kah Chun (and his friends) along with me. The first time I went to that place was the time when my younger sis still had some freedom on her hands and it was the time when my dad was back from China. What we did was we (mum, dad, younger sis and me) went there, and the only ones who did roller skate was sis and dad. Mum and I sat there for around an hour.

This time, I was determined to ... well ... you could say I was determined to get some exercise (and trust me, it did work). The entrance fees costed RM20 (thanks to Yuriko's dad, he 'belanja' me and the birthday boy's friends), which included the rental of the skates. Being first timers (Yuriko and me), we didn't know virtually anything about the skates. So when we got to the counter, I kept silent while Yuriko just told the guy '40', and he was like 'Huh?' It turned out that
the sizes are measured in inches and not centimetres. =P

We skated for around 4 hours, had lunch (tangyuan only =P), bought some earrings, tried on some clothes at Hong Kong Express, went to La'fiil then went home.

Now what happened at La'fiil was that I wanted to get my hair styled, and that was it. Then suddenly, seriously out of the blue, Yuriko said she wanted to dye her hair and I was like 'WHAT??!' She chose a shade that was around one or two shades lighter than her hair colour, and without reflection of artificial or sunlight, it looked as if she didn't dye her hair at all. As for my hair, Si Lu helped me style it to a rather out-of-bed look that looked cool, but with lots of hairspray, 'cause my hair is lank and heavy... =P

Now supposedly Chloe had posted on her Facebook that she needed used phones and naturally, someone had to do it. On Thursday before our badminton game, that someone went to look for her with around 7 used phones - Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, etc... And when she returned (we were at KFC having lunch), she looked disappointed. Why? Dear Miss Chloe didn't even get out of her car to get the phones, and why someone still persists, I don't know.

After that, we had out badminton game at the community centre. We played from 2.00-3.00pm, by which time I was dead on my feet - that day's roller skating had my arms (rather than me legs) killing me. Long after we finished our game, we stayed in the community centre playing around. Yeanchi and HY were making MVs, and I lost my socks. I took off my shoes and socks, left them with the drinks, then we went out to the playground for around 20 minutes, we went back and they were gone.

I missed a school day (Saturday) and thus missed a couple of tests, namely history and chemistry. I flunked my history, but studied what I could for chemistry. Carbon compounds, heat of neutralisation, redox reactions, etc. I think I passed the test. XD

I took my test on Friday, the day which we planned to go for another roller skating trip, but I had to take care of the co-curricular ordeal and also my chemistry test, which I tried to negotiate to take it on Thursday but failed. Friday was the last day of school before the Hari Raya Puasa holidays, and it was the day when the form 5s took their PSV test, so many people were absent. I stayed at school for the whole day (though I planned to go out during recess, but knowing the strict discipline these days, there would probably be someone waiting outside, even if I could get past the prefects), and just as classes finished, I rushed to the toilet to change, completely forgetting that I wanted to take the bus to Endah Parade. =__=

I went up to the 5th floor (Yeanchi mistakened it for the 6th floor =P) for karaoke with Yuriko and Yeanchi. It's my second time in a karaoke room, the first bring HY's birthday during the form 3 year. That time we had around 8-10 people in the room, this time there were only three people. What happened to the roller skating, you say? Well, they went there early, and as they say 'the more the merrier', and 2-3 people is not 'more', so they abolished that date and went for karaoke.

Yuriko was singing her heart out for ....... (insert name) when I went in. I picked my songs, and most of the songs that they picked were Taiwanese songs that I haven't even heard before, if not not interested in. I could consider myself something like a multilingual music fan - I listen to English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, and a very small dash of Spanish. And finally, I finished singing 'Prisoner of Love' without much mistake. =)

Next, we went to Top One Silver, 'cause Yuriko had another urge to get another piercing. It was the piercing on the cartilage, but not a helix. It seemed that the cartilage there was too thick, 'cause it didn't go through. We were like 'OGEI...' Since that one failed, she decided on another helix on her left ear. I bought my chocolate tangyuan, then got a lift from Yeanchi's sis back home.

Before going home we ordered a waffle at Nelson's then went to the DiGi centre to take a look at numbers. The price tag on a really beautiful number was RM8.50. After further enquiry, the price was actually RM18.50, 'cause there was already an extra RM10 of credit in the SIM card already. FUCK INACCURATE PRICE TAGS.

I was constantly reminded for the remainder of the day that there was BM and history intensive class at Wawasan the next day. I woke up too early the next day and went there too early - classes started at 8.30am but I got there at 8am, so we had breakfast at the nearby coffee shop. I was literally falling asleep during class and had to try to keep myself awake.

A tradition I kept myself with is that at the start of the holidays, it's manicure time. Well, not exactly pro manicure, but more of just painting my nails. I bought a yellow a couple of months ago, and I wanted to use it before it thickened up (the texture is actually kinda thick, but still liquid enough to paint), but I didn't want full-power yellow nails, so I alternated it with another colour.
I didn't apply a base coat, 'cause my nail-painting skills have yet to improve and I'm not exactly big miss don't-do-anything-at-all, so four coats make it easier for the colour to chip off. For the base (on alternating fingers) I used Elianto's #19 Hot Pink and #23 Yellow. For the top coat, I used #01 Transparent. The result was candy nails, and thus, I shall be Miss Candy for this week. XD

I just noticed that my classroom's current colour is the same as my yellow nails, seriously. And even the little quote strips on the walls match the pinks. Wow... The paint was chosen by the teacher, so there's not much we could've done about that. As for the quote strips, well, it's either typing error, or someone's spelling needs serious revision.

I've noticed that parents these days are really prejudiced about trends and virtually anything teenagers do to be part of the 'in' crowd. Piercings, hair styles, black-obsessions, street clothing, music, etc. It seems everything that they care about now are grades, and not the traditional moral values, teenage well-being, 'I want you to have a memorable teenage life' anymore. It's all 'You have to think about your future!' and 'I want you to have a comfortable life in the future' and 'I want you to earn lots of money!', and they wonder why so many teenagers are turning to cigarettes, drugs, free sex, suicide, or less seriously blogging and online gaming.

Being a music freak, and also a person who has an obsession with collecting music, I need a real good search-and-download engine. Initially I made a list and asked my sis to help me dowload it using LimeWire. After that, I download eMule, but after a few months, it just stopped functioning. It was supposedly an illegal programme and the creators have been arrested (or that's what I heard anyways). After that I tried using Baidu and Sogou, but they seriously got on my nerves - lots of the files were 5 second audio files or their formats were incompatible with my phone though it was a .mp3 file.

Now I use Ares (my sis'), which is (supposedly) legal and fast (enough). Though sometimes they just get stuck there, which really pisses me off. As for birthdays and cards, I lost RM1.80 there. The day we went to Endah Parade I got three small cards from Hong Kong Express at RM0.60 each. I left them at the karaoke room and forgot to take them when we left. =x

I've been using tea tree oil since I got my first piercing, which was around 5 years ago. Even then I was the only one using it 'cause others didn't have a use for it and the smell kinda deterred them. Tea tree oil has a function of disinfecting and has a menthol-like effect on the skin. Everytime I got myself a piercings, tea tree oil became part of my nightly routine. I've just found of another function of tea tree oil other than disinfecting piercings, which is to treat pimples and blemishes (found this on AskMeWhats), and it actually works! I tried applying it to the would-be major pimples (those that form a hard lump on the skin and kinda hurts when you apply pressure). Woke up next morning and the size have decreased tremendously. =)

Some blogs I recommend if you're something like me - interested in makeup, skin care, nail care, products, etc. =), The AskMeWhats' blog,, The Makeup Piggy, MissChievous,, theNotice and andy lee makeup singapore. The reason for the non-uniform names is 'cause I don't remember some of the URLs (I follow these blogs) and I've confused some URL's position of the hyphens, etc. =P Seriously, these are some of the really good blogs (by awesome bloggers) and they are updated regularly.

I shall revise my review on makeup removers. I currently have these few in store - Bioelements Gentle Eye Makeup Remover, Daiso Charcoal Cleansing Cream, L'Occitane Milk Makeup Remover, TheFaceShop Migamsu makeup remover and Dermalogica's Precleanse. I absolutely HATE the Bioelements - the description says removes all traces of eye makeup and mascara without tingling, stinging, etc. Here's my say - it can't even remove high pigment eyeshadow. The L'Occitane one also has kinda of a hard time removing high pigment eye shadows, but removes mascara and eyeliner perfectly.

I change my comment on Dermalogica's Precleanse. I previously stated that it stripped the skin of the natural moisture, etc., I now have much bette reviews for it. I love, love, LOVE the scent and the silky oil (though the packaging could be improved). It removes eyeliner, mascara AND high pigment eyeshadows thoroughly on FIRST application. Others like TheFaceShop and Charcoal sometimes take 2-4 applications before EVERYTHING is removed. But I still stick to my comment that the Dermalogica stings the eyes (if it gets into your eye), so I would still stick to using the charcoal to remove tightlining and waterlining. =)

Now there's something I just HAVE to get off of my chest - waffle vs wafer. We (KL teenagers) seldom use the word 'wafer', 'cause it usually is called 'biscuit' or 'chocolate' if the wafer is coated with chocolate. Now, waffles are sold individually, usually slathered with chocolate, butter, peanut butter, jam, etc. How do they pronounce 'waffle'? I think you know - 'wafer'. Even the person-behind-the-counter pronounces it 'wafer'. Hello! You don't even know what you're selling?! Go get an electronic dictionary or just go ask your English teacher - 'waffle' or 'wafer'?

Skin care and hair care is not just about having your hair looking beautiful, but also keeping healthy for the years to come. Now think in the long run, you dye your hair, perm it, etc, but at the end of the day, it gets damaged, and you ask 'How did this happen?' For hair, natural is best, but if you really do want to get it coloured/bleached or permed, you have to do treatment, and not only in salons. Xiaxue has some tips on hair care, 'cause her hair is constantly bleached and permed. If you want natural, shiny hair, invest in a good hair mask, shine serum and a cherry wood comb. These all add shine to your hair. =)

As for skin care, you see the old ladies on the street? Some look younger than they really are, and some look older. The reason? The time and money they spend on their skin, as well as how they eat. Ladies with younger looking skin doesn't necessarily use more products, but the right products. And I'm not only referring to the face here, I'm referring to the arms, the legs, the neck, etc. One of the most economic investments to maintaining healthy skin and preventing it from wrinkling prematurely is to use a lotion every night, as well as keeping up a regular skin care routine. This helps make your skin flawless (more or less =P) in the short run and keeps it young in the long run.

You're going out for a semi-formal event or an event that requires dressing up to some point, eg meeting some old friends, meeting your future in-laws, etc. You know that it's important that you present yourself nicely, but you're just not in the mood for dresses. What do you do? Dress casually (not over-casually) as in wear your usual jeans and a more decent looking top that doesn't resemble a T-shirt as much as possible.

Play along with your body shape - if you're more on the heavy side, please, please, PLEASE don't wear baggy clothes, they'll just add to the visual weight. Usually when you're slightly heavier (than the stick thin girls on the street), you'll have more curves, and be proud of it, 'cause curves = sexy. Seriously. Wear some loosely fitting tops or some geometric tops, which means it does cling to your figure, but isn't too tight that your 'layers' are visible with every little move you make.

Wear a skirt, or boots cut jeans/pants that look nice. The skirt should be (in my case, anyways) long enough to cover till the midpart of your thighs, or just slightly longer. A layered skirt would look nice, and no tight-fitting clothes please. Now that you've dressed casual, now to play things up. Just remember what event/occasion you're going to and it'll be easier for you to put your outfit together. When I say outfit I mean clothes, shoes, accessories and makeup.

As for accessories, use them according to what you're wearing - if your outfit has lots of designs or layering, go for more simple ones like a simple charm bracelet and/or a simple necklace; if your outfit is simple, go for the more dramatic stuff. The good part of dressing simple is that you can funk out your whole look with funky accessories. Makeup depends on time - night, dramatic; day, simple. Play with colours and go easy on the liner (unless you're going for a goth/cosplay meeting). Perfectly define your brows, add some colour to your cheeks and lips, take some time to style your hair (not over-dramatic, thank you).

Here's what happened this morning - I woke up early to see my godparents off, and I was wondering why my piercing hurt so much even when I didn't touch it. It turned out that the small raindrop shaped end of the retained had made it's way INTO my piercing and I was like 'OMFG'. I pulled it out from the back (and hurt like hell), put in back into the now slightly larger hole, got a tissue and blotted away the blood before getting some tea tree oil. I love tea tree oil.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Uber-short update

Went for karaoke today (oh yeah~) and gonna have tuition till afternoon tomorrow. Gonna complete this update post tomorrow, or day after tomorrow, or the day after that, or ... you get the picture. =)