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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Random tips I

Ever watched/read/listened to a real tear-jerker at night and wake up with oh-my-gawd puffy eyes? Here's what you can do - wash your face like normal, then after applying your toner (make sure there's enough toner on the cotton pad [never apply directly to your face], it should feel just moist) and put it over your eye for a minute or so. The coolness of the toner will help reduce the puffiness. I use Dermalogica's Multi-Active Toner which contains skin-repairing aloe, moisture-binding humectants plus soothing lavender, balm mint and amica. Another option is to get an ice cube, whether plain or made from fruit juice or tea (green tea is good), wrap it in a hanky (or any other clean cloth) and gently apply it to the affected area(s). If those two still don't work, your last resort is makeup. =)

Here's a little recipe for your homemade thousand island sauce. In my opinion, it's more economical and delicious compared to store-bought thousand island sauce. Take two hugigantic tablespoonfuls of mayonnaise (I used Lady's Choice Real Mayo), two rather level tablespoonfuls of ketchup (I used Heinz Ketchup) and around a teaspoon of chilli sauce. The red sauces can be adjusted to suit individual tastes. You could also use the packet sauces you get when you order or take-away at fast food restaurants (in Malaysia and Singapore anyways).

You want a healthier lifestyle but don't want to live like a rabbit. This pasta salad would be perfect for everyone (seriously, everyone). 500g of cooked macaroni (I used elbows, but other would do fine =]), oil-drizzled and chilled; one portion of the thousand island sauce (refer to recipe above); one can of tna flakes/chunks in oil (vegetarians can omit this, and for full flavour avoid light or white tuna); two to three bell peppers, seeded and diced; lettuce leaves (as green as possible), shredded; one or two Japanese cucumbers, seeded and diced; two to three tomatoes, seeded and diced. Make sure everything is chilled, then mix everything together (remember to flake the tuna if it's chunked), chill another while and voila~!

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