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Sunday, August 22, 2010

New start

You'll see this is many people's blogs/social site profiles/etc. = New hair/hairstyle, new life. I wouldn't say it's a new life, but more of a step back into the time when we didn't have Duke in the house. Duke was taken away yesterday (21 August) at 5pm. I woke up this morning to find that the familiar baby gate at the kitchen stairs was gone, and his area was now where the single-seater rattan chairs were. It's so weird, not having him in the house only after three years.

I went to La'fiil to get my hair cut to day by Si Lu Jie Jie~ I wanted a punky short cut, but was determined to keep my face-framers. What she did was cut the back to how short a pixie cut would be, and just trimmed my face-framers a little bit. A small 'cavity' was cut at my right ear (all the better to show off my piercings~ XD), and voila~ Now all I have to do is style it according to occasion and blow it straight after everytime that I wash my hair.

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