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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Makeup tag~~

* What's your Favorite Makeup Look???

A dark brown smokey eye, strong fierce-looking brows, pinkish-nude lips, minimal blush and my wacky personality XD

* What part of your Body do you Love??

Er.. I think it would be my eyes, if not my hands. I'm blessed with bright eyes (though they're getting more and more panda-like now) and long fingers~

* Who is your beauty Icon??

MissChievous and Michelle Phan. They're tutorials on makeup, beauty and hairstyling are awesome!

* What Beauty Product makes you Feel instantly Good???

A pore-refining mask. My skin feels beautifully, blissfully matte and smooth after using it~

* How do you look after your skin??

I have a morning and night regimen. In the morning I do the usual plus sunblock. I only wash my face in the afternoon and use a mask every once in a while. At night after cleansing and toner, I use a detox serum, then moisturizer and eye-cream.

* What is your Signature Scent!!??

I have no idea. I wear L'Occitane's Cherry Blossom Solid Perfume and Gucci Envy to school, depending on the time I have on my hands. For events and shopping trips etc, I use Ferragamo Incanto Shine or Lancome Tresor.

* What's your hair care secrets?

Always use conditioner and comb your hair, preferably with a cherry wood comb (can be found in special Chinese shops and stalls) then a fine toothed comb. I only blow dry my hair with cool air. And every morning before going out I apply some hair-smoothing serum.

* How do you pamper yourself?

I'm not sure

* Finally How do you have a Beauty Philosophy??

Less is more. Don't pile on the makeup just to look like .................... (insert name). You're you, there's no point dressing up into someone you're not. Always only focus the makeup (that doesn't include the face, keep use of foundation to a minimum) to a certain feature on the face, which is the eyes or the lips, doing both would makeup you look either like a clown or a drag queen.

If your reading this, then i tag you! :)

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