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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Lazy lazy lazy... Lazy to do every damn thing, but still have to do it...

Wanna play with makeup, but then I dread the thought of applying everything then having to use half the amount of time that I used to apply it. =P And now I'm trying to bully my sis into washing the dog's pee tray for me (it's actually my job, but she doesn't do anything anyway =P).

The Bulan Puasa (fasting month) for Muslims have just started today, and we all got off from classes at 12.30pm. For an entire month from now, we'll be let off from school earlier, even if we have days which classes last till 1.40pm usually. We got a preaching this morning about the 'purity' of the fasting month. Yes, you fast and it's the most sacred thing to do of the year. It's you people who tell us that we want to achieve the 1Malaysia vision, so stop preaching.

Same to those of you who are Christians. Not that I'm racist or have religious biases, but it's just too much! It's good to be extremely dedicated and loyal to the god you worship, but there's no necessity in trying to make people do the same. I'll stop here before I go into full throttle mode... =P

Everyone's a hypocrite at some point, there's no point denying that. So before you start scolding people fo being unattentive and noisy in class, please have a look at yourself. Although you do pay attention in class and ask questions endlessly (也不就是擦鞋咯), half the day you're asleep, and you also talk in class. You know who I'm talking about, so there's no need to be doubtful. =)

Hate my life right now...

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