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Monday, August 30, 2010

Issues issues

Being teenagers, some would think we'd be oblivious to national, social, etc issues that's happening. We're teenagers, not children, we do pay a certain amount of attention to issues like these.

I think most Malaysian would have already heard about the headmistress (Siti Inshah) telling the Chinese to 'go back to China'. The story (I read from The Star) went like this: now is the month that the Muslims fast (Bulan Ramadan, forgotten what it's for), so during recess at schools, only the Chinese and Indians (non-Muslims, anyways) go down for recess. Supposedly, Siti Inshah told off the Chinese students for eating within the school compound (the school is a government school). That's why I like Namewee's new song - FUCK RACISM NAH SUCKS BANANA.

As for social issues, I hate people who seeth and point at tattoos and piercings with a clear look of disgust on their faces. I read in the sports section of The Star (26th August) about this sportswoman, tattooed and pierced, who just wanted to have fun playing badminton. The person doing the interview actually asked whether all that is to strike fear into her opponents' heart. FUCK YOU. It's only piercings and tattoos. There are many successful, hardworking, etc people who have tattoos and piercings. Angelina Jolie has tattoos, did you see her hijacking a plane? The celebrity chef from 'Chuck's day off', he has tattoos, he hasn't stabbed anyone, and I reckon he won't for the rest of his life. SO STOP GRIMACING AT MY STRAW!

1Malaysia. The supposed 'perfect' concept to bring Malaysia together, and perhaps drive some people 'back to where they belong' you say? Alright then, if you want us to go back to China, then you should go back to Indonesia. AND PLEASE STOP ADDRESSING RACISM ISSUES ALREADY! My tuition teacher met a flasher (usually a guy who flashes his dick at you) just last week - he was Malay AND IT'S BULAN RAMADAN, man!!

As for my personal issues - RESULTS. EXAMS. These two have imprisoned all students of all ages and levels, internationally. It seems that parents these days only concern about these two and very few other things, excluding getting mugged, kidnapped, raped, murdered, etc. What happened to 'going out and experiencing the world'? My relatives told me not to get married so early so that I could do that, and also to cherish my teenage years. What teenage years? The years where I'm locked up at home or at school studying for a subject that I'm not likely make use of in my future career? AND WHAT HAPPENED TO PARENTAL SUPPORT? Some examples are:

- I wanted to be a makeup artist. My mum said that only makeup is very limited. So I widened it to becoming an aesthetician. Then my dad calls up and says being an aesthetician doesn't earn a lot and you could learn that anytime in life as it's just a skill, and told me to think of other stuffs. Now I focus on getting qualifications for studying mass communication, and I want to go to IACT College, then my sis butts in and says that her college is better in this field and tells my mum that I should go to Taylors. Hello? It's MY future, can't I even decide which college I enter?

- Mr J wants to be a chef, so naturally he would study culinary arts (if not hotel management) to realize that ambition. Supposedly (I read on his blog and this is how I interpreted the situation), his parents think that he should go for a course that has a wider range of possibilities than just cooking and owning a restaurant. I was like 'WTF?'

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