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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Food post

I've wanted to do this post for ages, but just haven't got down to doing it. Here I'm gonna post pics of food I've eaten or come across in various places. If I can, I'll list down the price and place (though I can't provide accurate addresses). Enjoy~

Three-flavoured chicken rice - chicken pieces cooked in a special sauce. From Dragon Pearl Restaurant (same row as Home Pet, Seri Petaling, near SMK Seri Saujana, a few doors down from Super Food) - RM6

Stewed beef belly with radish. The name says it all, special dish at Yang Kee, those of you who know the OUG area should know where it is, it's near the OUG market, but if you want it you better get there early. Price currently unknown.

Beef noodles, also from Yang Kee. You can order your choice of beef or pork noodles, plus the type of (Chinese) noodles you want. It's a fixed price for every bowl of noodles, I think. If you don't like beef OR pork, there's yong tau foo available, so it's suitable for the entire family~ XD

Tom yam fried rice, also from Dragon Pearl Restaurant. There are three sizes, small, medium and large. Unless you're sharing, I wouldn't recommend ordering this (of course, unless your appetite is big enough). This is the small sized one and it's a really large amount. - RM6/8 =P

If you really like fish head bee hoon, then this is for you. The restaurant is located in Taman Desa, a few blocks away from the 100Yen shop. Each bowl of noodles (this is the fish paste bee hoon, medium-sized) costs RM6.50, economical as opposed to Dragon Pearl's RM7 and Man Sifu's RM7.30+.

My first vegetarian meal out of the house, vegetarian pan mee. I never knew how much this costed, 'cause my aunt suddenly turned up while I was eating and paid for it despite my declines. =P The estaurant is located on the same row as Nalanda Book Cafe, after the Seri Petaling Police Station.

Curry noodles and milk tea from Uncle Chong's Kopitiam in Endah Parade (right beside where the ship was). The curry noodles too spicy for one to taste anything else and the clams were unfresh. The milk tea was mediocre. - RM4.50 (curry noodles), RM1.30 (milk tea)

This is the tuna sandwich from Green Apple (The Store, opposite Leo's). There was barely tuna and I could've made a better one myself at home. =P - RM2.50/RM3.50

Green Apple tom yam noodles, with a selection of noodles to choose from. Great if you're looking for something real spicy. XD - approx. RM6.20

I had this a few months back in Pasta Zanmai, Mid Valley Megamall (east wing, next to Madam Kwan's). It was the dessert of the month, which is the Tofu Cheesecake. It may sound weird, and it tasted a bit weird, but I liked it. It has the mild taste of tofu while the cheesecake is put in by thin layers, so you just get that bite of cheesecake. - RM15+

KFC's (at that time) new product, the Toasted Pocketful. It's something like that roll thingy earlier on, chicken fillet in a tortilla with bits of tacos and cheese. This is the X-Meal set, which includes the new product, a piece of chicken, a drink (default is Mountain Dew) and a Cheezy Wedges. - RM12.40 (RM0.50 tax)

Home-made strawberry shortcake. =) I never liked strawberry flavoured stuff, but this cake captured my heart. Sponge cake bottom, a layer of home-made strawberry jam, the other half of a sliced-in-half sponge cake, whipped cream with (icing) sugar and for deco a strawberry (optional). =)

I've heard of shrunken heads, but have you heard of shrunken KFC? I bet you haven't, it's the newest thing! It's like the regular KFC, the chicken burger, the fries, etc, but in miniature size! Small as in really small. Fuck Seri Petaling branch KFC.

I've been wanting to taste this cake for ages. The Classic cheese cake from Secret Recipe. - RM7+

Home-made cream of pumpkin soup, and trust me, you'll fall in love with it. XD

I thought roti chocolate as in melted chocolate, I didn't know it meant chocolate powder. Available at Asfar Maju Restaurant (mamak). - RM1.50+

Sorry for the weird alignment. =P If you live in Singapore, it's most likely that you've heard of a chain of restaurants and cafes by the name of Old Hong Kong. The Old Hong Kong Teahouse is located in Tanjong Katong, next to the old Katong Mall (it's to be demolished, I've heard). Deelish and perfect if you like floats and need a wake up call, though Maroon 5 could also do that. XD

Old Town Kopitiam's Coffee Lava. It's basically coffee, a scoop of vanilla ice cream and chocolate powder on top.

It's not from outer space, it's nyonya teh tarik. A little twist to the Malaysian favourite available at The Nyonya One (opposite Shell Station in Seri Petaling). =)

My favourite, favourite, FAVOURITE cheesecake on earth, Morozoff's white cheesecake (translation from the large container) with cake sauce. =) Morozoff is a confectionery company (I think) in Japan. They also sell cookies (langue de chat cookies and white/milk chocolate). The sauce comes is mango, blueberry and strawberry.

This is actually a regular bowl of noodles, don't be fooled by the mushroom. It so happened that I wanted Mamee tom yam noodles and had some mushrooms and crabsticks in store, so I made use of them. =D

Best of both worlds, peach and lemon shandy. =)

McD's Hotcakes. It's basically just pancakes, you can make this at home by yourself. XD - RM4 (plus a coffee/tea)

Hotplate curry chicken rice. Available somewhere in PJ. XDXDXD

Home-made wantan noodles. Soup made using water, minimal seasonings and maximum natural flavours like veggies and pork slices. The noodles are actually dumpling skins. XD

Random fried spaghetti. Cook your spaghetti, put it in a wok and add your desired stuffs. =)

Super easy fried chicken with mashed potato. Season the chicken, coat it with (salt or flour, I forgot), then deep fry. Adding some (fresh) dill to the potatoes will improve the flavour. =)

This is the day I watched 'Despicable Me' (Gru~). The last slice of pizza was cut in half, and this is what happened.

Fizzy Mango from Green Apple. - RM3

Home-made double chocolate cake. What I put in was a whole bar of chocolate chunks. XD

Dory and potato gratin, again, home-made.

Deep fried brinjal from Wah Sing. It's in a building opposite the Guiness Anchor Berhad factory in PJ.

This restaurant is also in Katong (I think)... It's called Different Taste, and this is the curry fish head~~~~~

Cornflakes coated with chocolate in cups. =)

Another Japanese product - Champs de Shizuoka. It's actually a wafer with (??????) filling.

Ate this at Domino's Pizza - it's carbonara baked rice~

Dunno what cookie. It tastes buttery and has chocolate rice all over the top.

Bloody banana cracker. XD

Black pepper chicken chop with rice at Secret Recipe~~

First time eating tang yuan, and inside is deelish melted heavenly chocolate~ This is before chocolate. (it's soya milk)
This is after chocolate. I took a bite and the chocolate oozed out and into the soya milk. XD

Anglia shandy or Seasons Soya milk? You decide.

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