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Saturday, August 28, 2010

A disappointing meal

27th August 2010 we went to Victoria Station in PJ for my sis' birthday celebration. All the times we went there, we treated the occasion as a fine-dining experience, close to something like that anyways. Here's my review~

The highlight of the meal - V.S. Escargots (please take note that these are imported) at RM30.90 per dozen. We had ordered two dozens~ (we're escargots-monsters). For those of you who don't know what escargots are, they are actually grilled French garden snails. It's not a bizarre food, it's actually a delicacy~

Being a Japan addict, I naturally love wasabi (in moderate quantities, mind you). I noted the new menu and the new menu contents. This is the V.S. Wasawasabi Steak (the name could sound a little less cheesy though) which costed around RM40.90. The first bite (purposely dipped in the green sauce) and I was like 'What wasabi?', it's more like a cream sauce with green colouring. I know the taste of wasabi and it tasted exactly like the brown sauce. I ordered medium rare, and they gave me a rare steak, so it was swimming in blood after the second cut.

The steak came with three pieces of carrots (perfectly done), a branch of broccoli, a small, almost non-existent stalk of cauliflower and a foil-wrapped baked potato, which was to be served with sour cream, bacon bits and spring onions. They changed the bacon bits into what seemed like chicken stock cube powder, and the inexperienced waitress not only dressed my potato, but my sauce and veggies as well.

The meal was far from enjoyable - firstly, the waiter (again, inexperienced) overfilled my water. Perhaps his eyes were directed somewhere he wasn't supposed to. You can't blame testosterone. MY ASS. If you're a waiter, you do your job - AS PERFECTLY AS POSSIBLE.

Secondly, the staff were chatting even louder than we were, not to mention inefficient. The platform manager was asked whether they had a gin mojito, and he was like 'Excuse me? Some fruit juice, perhaps?' I'll juice your brains, arse!

Being a steakhouse (or similar, in this case), service should be a notch above the rest, if not best. We were finished, all of our cutlery were crossed on our plates already, and they were still chatting the night away. My sis said it was because it's almost closing time. I don't care, until it's on-the-dot closing time you keep your service quality at maximum.

As for dessert, it's actually home made. My sis made her own birthday cake - strawberry shortcake, improved version. The previous time she made it, the sponge collapsed and the cream was overwhelming ('cause she had it on the sides as well). The filling was also tastier, due to the fact that she didn't only spread home-made strawberry jam between the sponge, there were also slices of strawberries. The writing was made from melted chocolate (the little brown bits).

Victoria Station should buck up and improve service, food quality and ambience. The experience that was always something like a fine dining experience has become something like a trip to a regular restaurant that had steak on it's menu. The management should improve service quality, and maybe some renovation or maintenance could be done for the tables, rugs, walls (for the train area) and the lighting. The water feature outside could use a little water changing. And I would suggest doing it soon, 'cause if VS encounters some very *ahem* high-expectant people (like my godmother), you're due to close down. =)

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