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Friday, July 16, 2010


I've turned into a real lazy bum - I wanna write elaborate posts, yet when I sit down to do it, I end up doing other stuff and spend more than two hours to finish one post. And as for photo uploads, Blogger's image uploader isn't helping me much. =P

Nothing happens recently, except that I have much more frequent mood swings nowadays for no apparent reason, and that I have finally got 海派甜心 from Hsinyiee and have just finished the second chapter today. Slow, I know...

And another piece of good news to share - I've been selected for NS~! We were to send 'PLKN SEMAK to 15888 at 9am, but we waited till 10am before getting our replies. My message came back as this 'PLKN: Tahniah! 93101910xxxx terpilih menyertai PKN Siri 8/2011. Penempatan pelatih akan dimaklumkan kemudian'. Before this became all the rage, I was already hoping that I wouldbe chosen (think of it as an experience), so you could imagine my mood swing when I received that message~~

Tomorrow I'm going to Bon Odori, taking the bus with Kenmin then meeting Kiki there. The problem now is breaking it to my mum - she's none too happy with me going, but I'm going anyways.

I've a sudden obsession for visual kei makeup again... Just a few days ago I discovered Hitsugi of Nightmare - the most extreme visual kei look (apart from Phantasmagoria and a few others) I've ever seen. I nailed down a makeup tutorial on YouTube and am planning to try it out tomorrow.

And now I'm watching visual kei videos - Female J-rockers/visual kei bands, Top 10 visual kei J-rockers, Top 20 sexy men of visual kei, Top 10 J-rock songs and Top 10 of gazette~~

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