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Friday, July 30, 2010

That was a first...

I went to school with a box full of makeup again today, and seriously, I did something I never thought I'd do at school - I actually played with makeup in class, with the teacher in the classroom.

Yuriko brought an issue of Mina to school and there were natural makeup tutorials, and they all chidded that I wasn't the type to do natural makeup. Huh. For a natural look, you could get some tips from Michelle Phan's L'Oreal-sponsored makeup tutorial ( which tutors you on how to highlight key points on your eyes to bring out your natural glow. I used a few techniques from this video and kinda twisted it to suit myself.

Products used: (no pic...)
- Biotherm Sun SPF50 Sensitve Skin Sun Cream Multi-Protection
- L'Occitane Fresh Powder Foundation SPF27 PA++ in Fresh
- Laneige Sliding Pact_EX SPF25v PA++ (Snow Crystal) in #1 Transluscent Skin Tone (as highlighter - applied on T-zone, the top of the cheeks and the chin)
- Bobbi Brown Blush in Blushed

- any brown eyeshadow darker than your skin tone will work (use a medium-sized fluffy brush, make a fish face and gently apply from the ear down to the line formed, don't apply too near the lips; use an small angled brush, using the same brown, draw to lines on each side of your nose, starting from the eyebrow following the length of the nose and gently curved towards the centre at the end of the nose)

- Artistry eyeshadow in Chocolate and Java (use angled brush, start from arch, working your way in)

- Shu Uemura Cream eyeshadow in beige
- (optional) Maybelline Color Wear Trio Eyeshadow in #04 Three Chocolate (second color lightly on the outer corner; third color on the outer quarter of the lower lashline <>)
- Elianto Stay-On eyeliner in Black (tightline only, which means you line only your lashline very thinly, to create fuller-looking lashes)
- Revlon Double Twist mascara in Blackest Black (curl lashes first)

- L'Occitane Cherry Blossom lip gloss

I've finally found a way to make rather pouty lips XD without having overly intense lip color and still look natural (enough). Get a light-ish berry pink lip color (I use Silkygirl's Moisture Rich lipstick in #20 Playful), blot off the excess color with a tissue, then overlay with a layer of lip gloss on top. This will give the lips color and shine, without being over-the-top (in my opinion, anyways). If you want fuller, more juicy looking lips, go for a thicker later of gloss; if your lips are already pretty pouty and want just a highlight to your lips, go for a thinner layer.

Back to the natural look incident at school. I started playing with makeup 'cause 75% of the class was doing preparations for tomorrow's school sale (come if you want, stalls open at 9am), so our BM teacher went on with candy packaging for her stall. The natural look became my night-time smokey eye (forgot to take picture of the natural look, JW recorded video). My night-time smokey eye became a request look for JW's Jenny from Gossip Girl (correct me if I'm wrong). According to his description, her eyes were a completely smokey black. Here's what happened:

Products used:
  • Shu Uemura Cream eyeshadow in Beige
  • Artistry eyeshadow in Cognac and Ash Black
  • Maybelline Color Wear Trio Eyeshadow in #04 Three Chocolate (lightest shade)
  • TheFaceShop Shimmer Liner Pencil in White (highlighter for the inner lower lashline and brow bone)
  • Abon Creme Eyeshadow in Antique Gold
  • Revlon Double Twist mascara in Blackest Black

I've gotta throw out my Revlon mascara soon, it's drying up and getting clumpy. It's the school's sale tomorrow (more of a mini-carnival) and today was supposed to be the day of the makeup contest (that's the reason why I lugged everything to school in the first place). At 12.30pm I waited outside the bilik jahitan, for 10 minutes and there was no one there. I got pissed and left. C'mon, you tell me 12.30 then be there at 12.35 max. Even if you do have classes and got other stuff on hand, you could've set the event slightly later just to be safe, right?

Somehow I'm starting to hate Blogger. I do some formatting to the text then I can't do a single passage space, everything goes automatically to skipped space. (This is my PC language XD) I found this picture on the internet:

And I copied the look with the limited products I have with a teeny twist of my own:

Instead of a sharp canary yellow, I used a gold eyeshadow from Elizbeth Arden's Color Opulence palette. Instead of an intense aquamarine, I used a metallic cobalt blue eyeshadow, also from EA's palette. I dramaticized the eyeliner a bit, making it more obvious on the lower lashline. The gold doesn't to show much on camera (I mean ANY camera), but it looks intense enough in person. I should've used that RM5 for some eyeshadow instead of the yellow nailpolish from Elianto (RM5 per bottle).

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