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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Playing truant

left ear
I like impromptu decisions. On Wednesday I went with Yuriko, KiKi, Ling and AhWin to Endah Parade. The main reason was for AhWin to get his hair cut, and while we were discussing it in class, I thought hey, why not get my piercings as well since I have sufficient cash (at that time). As we arrived in Endah Parade, we headed straight for Top One Silver while AhWin went to E&M alone. I got my piercings in less than a minute. I now have 8 piercings (one more till the same number as Uruha-sama~ XD) - left ear: one stretched, the other on the lobe normal and a helix; right ear - two helixes and three lobes. ~~~~~

Call me crazy, whatever. My sis calls me crazy, my unc calls me crazy, everyone calls me crazy (except maybe those who share the same interests that I do). Thursday was mostly uneventful, unless you count the photographic session after school with Wai Lun and three uncanny models (you can screw me all you want for saying this, but personally I don't like Yang Yang and Wai Ken, they creep me out =P), along with XY.

After the photograpic session, I used XY's DSLR to get a few shots of the makeup contest going on in the dewan. C'mon, in the dewan? With the FUCKING CRAPPY LIGHTING?! You could over-blush under that kind of light, though I don't think anyone would consider that OVER-blushing. Most of the models and/or makeup artists were Malay or Indian (Pey Shan and another girl being the only Chinese models aside from Tania), and knowing the darker-skinned races (yes, I'm racist, sue me) love liquid foundations and powder than are NOT matching to their skin. I took some close ups of Tania, and Siti had her face caked with powder. C'mon, makeup is supposed to enhance the natural features, not to cover up you face. =P

After biting my tongue to prevent loud negative commenting on the makeup (themed 'beautiful and elegant' by the way), I tried downloading the merentas taman pics and the freshly taken pics into the Editorial computer, but everytime I put XY's memory card in, it hangs... =X I rushed to KFC (a storm was brewing already) to return XY's DSLR, then rushed home, took my bath, then practiced my guitar till mum came back.

FreshLook Colorblends in Amethyst~

At long last, I have my lenses~! There's one teeny problem though - I don't know how long they're supposed to last. =s Anyways, the first thing I did when I got them was - grab the nearest hi-def camera (in this case it's my video-cam) and took lots of shots of the wonder. XD I like purple, and the second character of my Chinese name means 'purple' (which is also a royal color, by the way XD), so my lens are in Amethyst.

By right, cosmetic lenses (or any lenses, I think) are supposed to be soaked in the lens solution for at least six hours before being put on. I did just that, and the temptation was too great - I tried putting them on at the 2nd and 3rd hour. The actual lens diameter is actually 14.5mm, but the colored ring is smaller than the actual size of the lens. Everytime I tried to put it in my eye, there was actually a small air pocket at the base of my lens. o.O I gave up after the second try, then got ready for the big day~ XD

从此开始,我将会用华语写完这个post。其实我本身觉得要读华语部落格超闲的,但是万一某某人发现了我这个部落格,爆了我的事情,我就可以死美美了~~ 我们一早都计划好了要去TS逛街,顺便看戏买礼物,我就在星期五的前一天细心准备了第二天要用到的东西。平时早上闹钟响了都会赖床,但星期五早上闹钟一响,整个人就很精神的起床了~

除了带了lens之外,我都以平实的习惯梳洗,等巴士。到了学校,就等阿玲一起去点心档吃点心。我们俩就在那里根阿嗨和琦琦会面,吃了早餐,换衣服就搭计程车去LRT站。经过Endah Parade的时候真的是紧张到我手掌都冒冷汗了。=P 买票,等阿嗨换衣,我们就上拥挤的LRT去Hang Tuah。真的是够叼 - 人多到屁,然后又有咸猪手来 “抽水” >~<

我们超早到的,连大门也还没开。我们就在Starbucks(有钱到~~ 我没喝,家里自己冲咖啡更好喝 =P)等到大概9.30am。大门还没开,旁边有个小门,有两个保安人员站在那里。赌榄到,说没到十点,不是在那栋楼里做工的一律不能进。就等啰,等到试点他终于开门了。好心,进到去第一件事情就是找厕所。OK吗?
我们买了票才开始逛街。今天,我们看的是《枪王之王》,吴彦祖(超帅的~XD)和古天乐主演。买了票,就去Borders看有没有我要的书(Yakuza Moon: Memoirs of a Yakuza's Daughter)。他们有卖那本书,但是暂时没有货。=_= 逛逛下,阿嗨说要看化妆品,然后要我叫她化妆(应该是化烟熏妆吧,因为她选的颜色是黑色~)我们在SASA逗留了一下,等嗨试假睫毛,我却去试粉红色的眼线笔~ XD


之后去到一间饰品店,在那里用尽他的化妆品(眼线、眼影、睫毛膏),买了一小罐bling的深灰眼影,就再次去厕所(阿嗨卸妆)在帮她化眼影~ 我们还没进场就去戏院里面的厕所拍照(灯光很美哼~)
故事其实没什么特别,应该刺激的画面不是说很刺激的…一个字——闲。看Backup Plan更好~XD 看完戏出来,冷到屁酱~第一件事情就是去找厕所,上完厕所就去找Gasoline吃午餐。我在数杂志里看过Gasoline被推荐,外面看起来的内部设计与装饰也蛮特别的,问题是食物的presentation不算presentation,服务又烂到屁(之后还有5%服务税咧 >~<)。
吃完了就去一层一层地逛,到了i-SOCKS那一层,我下定了决心——毕业后等成绩时要在那里找一份工,把自己非主流化~XD(但是我看我不会成功到哪里去=P)。逛到大概四点多(琦琦买到她的包包了~ (=)就启程回家。我跟琦琦搭LRT达到Seri Petaling站,在那里遇到安丽、丰蝶和欣旖。琦琦的爸爸在我回家以后就冲凉、吃晚餐and then补习补到十点,写部落格写到半夜一点,看书看到三点多才睡~XD
As for my lens, I think I'll do it in another post, 'cause I currently can't find the cable that connects my videocam to my PC... =x

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