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Monday, July 5, 2010

Lecturing? I don't think so...

So more than 60% of morning session students were called to the tiny school hall today. Reason? It's something to do with our attendance on Friday (Open Day). The most innocent ones (in my opinion) were those whose parents didn't want to come because the teachers say the same things over and over again (which includes AhWin's).

Those who, like me, played truant (though maybe at home), sat there in silence. I was in for it bad (actually) - I had two earrings on (from my piercings, keep them on for at least 2 months before removing if they're helixes), my hair was completely against (their) school rules, my bag was in the canteen and I was wearing cosmetic lenses (though they're not very obvious).

You wanna tell us off about not attending school on a school day, tell us off, there's no need to add more points, we're not exactly writing essays here (it would total up to around 1000+ words if the topic was about attendance at school).


Firstly, to Mr Siva - my dad is in China, my mum works in PJ, my sis is in college - THERE IS NO ONE TO GET MY RESULTS FOR ME! Have you ever tried driving to PJ during peak hours? No, I don't think you have, and I seriously doubt that my mum would take half a days leave just to attend something that's gonna last half an hour at the most then drive all the way to work. Definitely not.


Second, to Mr Talib, we've been taught honestly since we started knowing how to talk. And if you tell us that we have to say something that's against the truth, then there's no point in teaching us that moral value. Yes, the school isn't crappy through and through, but in some ways its less functional than other schools (not including schools is rural areas). Just look at the size of our school hall (if you can even call it that)! And the state of our field! Sometime ago the headmistress said that a sum of money has been given by the government to repair our field (no more puddles and more even surface), but to no avail! The field still floods (though not as seriously as before) and the surface is quite uneven.

And try thinking about WHY many graduates would rather work overseas than in their own home country. Firstly, the bumiputera status for Malays do not exist in many other countries. Secondly, the pay is much higher, and the jobs are more challenging, securing a bright future. Thirdly, according to what I've heard and read, unless you have completely top marks, you don't get scholarships in the local universities, while univesities overseas offer scholarships for even lower qualifications. It's not that we're not patriotic, it's just that life overseas provide a brighter future.


Third, to Pn Rohana, there's no need to try tough love and try to force us into shame that our school ranks 1600+ among all the schools in Malaysia. Try loosening up a little - lower the disciplinary bar just a little, then maybe students would come to school again. Better hair and spectacle problems than attendance problems, don't you think?

Something else - those of you who are prejudiced against cosmetic lenses and stretched piercings, just keep your comments to yourself. To some, it's a form of self-expression (though you might think who would want to express themselves by pulling a large hole in their earlobe?) Yes, I'm not long- or short-sighted or have astigmtism, but that doesn't stop lots of people on Earth from wearing cosmetic lenses.

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