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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hitsugi makeup~~~~~

So, I've watched the Hitsugi makeup tutorial video on YouTube (, and I've done an improvisation of it, though it didn't turn out successful 'cause I didn't have the circle lenses and liquid liner (I used black shadow >_<). Here's the result:

I added a bit of purple to try to give it that magician look, but from the looks of it I sorta failed. Products used: FreshLook Colorblends in Amethyst, Shu Uemura Cream Eyeshadow in Beige (as primer), rose and black eyeshadow from Artistry palette, indigo eyeshadow from Daiso 1 color palette, Daiso fluffy eye makeup brush and TheFaceShop angled brush.

Here's the original makeup on Hitsugi himself:
Don't ask, the thing in his mouth is probably a bunch of necklaces.

And for the record, this is him without all the makeup:

I went to the Bon Odori last night, and just when I thought it would be a night to remember, I hated every minute of it. Upon agreement Kenmin was supposed to accompany me there on the bus then I was to meet Kiki there. We were on separate lists and so we were on separate buses, inevitable, so moving on.
When we got there, Kiki said she would only arrive there at 9pm max. So I waited, and waited, and waited, till I finally called Josie to accompany if she could since she lived in Shah Alam as well, but somehow she bailed (but Eclipse date still on~ XD). I waited till 8pm+, I was thirsty and hungry, so I went in to have a look. Boy, was the place crowded. I think the whole of Selangor and KL must have been there.
I couldn't get near the stall 'cause there were just too many people. By the time I got near enough to a stall, everything was sold out. =__= So, fine. I went to an outside (completely NON-Japanese) and got myself an orange juice, and that summed up my dinner for the night (and that fucking bottle costed me RM3 =s)
I wandered to where there were small stone dividers (think mini pillars) and sat there for the rest of the night, thinking that Kiki would call me when she got there. At around 9.45pm she texted me, saying that she was back home already (officially gonna boycot you). So, FINE! Be it. If I'm not a good enough friend for you to even think about then don't be my friend.
I moped around till 10.40, then went out to wait for the whole bus of people. When I got out, Shinmei called me and said they were already on the bus making their way back, WITHOUT ME!!! I was like cursing under my breath and yelling at people who called me asking me where I was, and I repeated the same line - 'I'M STILL AT THE DOOR OF THE FUCKING STADIUM!'
Anyways, I called my mum and she came to pick me up at the stadium. And I got safely home. There were all sorts of people at the Bon Odori - Japanese fanatics, wannabes, and the most eye-catching of all were people with bright colored hair, namely green. =) Call me crazy, but I kinda like it, it has a little cosplay touch to it. XD
So the next day I woke up at 10am+, cleaned up then went out to MV with sisters. Main objective was for CK to get her digital scales, and watch Eclipse. =P We had pizza at Pizza Hut for lunch (to the staff working at the Seri Petaling branch - FUCK YOU for giving crappy service and still charging us for it, the staff at MV branch knew their stuff - polite, clear, efficient =D).
We watched our movies at 2.15pm. I say movies 'cause I made a date for Eclipse and I don't want to watch the same movie twice in two weeks, so while they watched Eclipse, I watched Despicable Me, though I was wanting to watch either Inception or Predators, or even better, 9 Temples: Death Ghost (I think the name was this, all I know is that it's a gruesome horror film... MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA~!)
After the movie, I waited outside McD and Carl's Junior for them to finish their movie. While waiting, I saw lots of WCG staff/participants there. I was like 'WCG is actually HERE?' I'm not exactly a cybergame junkie, but I do obsess over a few select games (which I haven't played for a really, really, really long time) and want to try out some others.
We went to Ace Hardware to check out the scale prices, then returned to Jusco to get CK's scales, 'cause according to her, a one-for-all-functions button isn't good. We went down to LG floor just to take a look at Isis, in front of Bread Talk. Rings and selected hairclips are sold at 3 for RM10 there. I got myself a cross and (seemingly) spider ring, while my sis got a dolphin. =__=
When we got home, under much milder light, I noticed that my (seemingly) spider ring was actually an ant. *curse* At least it looks enough like a spider if you don't look at it closely~ XD
Perhaps from now on I'll try replicating visual kei looks based on only pictures. =)

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