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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Completely makeup-related

There's a(nother) makeup contest at school this Friday, this time for the Technical and Vocational week. The theme? Futuristic. I was like, that's a challenge, better than the previous one (beautiful and elegant =P). Anyways, the first thing that popped into my head was Hitsugi's makeup (it's more of a current obsession actually XD), but then that would be gothic and not futuristic, so why not give it a twist, at the same time I could create another look. =)

Products used:
  • Biotherm White Detox Bio-A[2] Whitening Pen Immediate Spot Corrector (as concealer)
  • L'Occitane Fresh Powder Foundation SPF27 PA++ in Fresh
  • Laneige Sliding Pact_Ex SPF25 PA++ [Snow Crystal] in #1 Translucent Skin Tone

Here's the first one on my left eye. I meant to block out my brows, but I didn't have gluestick/spirit gum & brow wax, so I tried to just settle with using the concealer and full coverage foundation, but it didn't work... T__T This one is inspired mainly by Hitsugi (you can find his pics a few posts down) and Michelle Phan's Avatar-inspired look (, and a little bit from the bird of paradise flower. Please tell me if it looks 'futuristic' enough~ ^w^

Products used:
  • Artistry eyeshadow in Ash Black
  • Daiso 12-color eyeshadow in Shade 2, 4 and 8 (that's what the pack said =P)
  • Elizabeth Arden Colour Opulence eyeshadow in Cobalt Blue
  • Abon Creme eyeshadow in purple, orange, gold and bronze (Korean)
  • Daiso Layered eyeshadow (green) in Shade 1
  • Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Sepia Ink
  • Revlon Double Twist mascara
  • Opera Volume Control mascara
  • Gold eyeliner pencil (from Sabrina's Secrets)

This one was more of an improvisation look thrown together with a little reference from MakeupPiggy's Purple Fantasy look ( (though this ain't very purple, and definitely not as intense an detailed =P)

Products used:
  • Daiso Layered eyeshadow (green) in Shade 3 and 4
  • Daiso 12 color eyeshadow in Shade 7 and 8
  • Elizabeth Arden Colour Opulence eyeshadow in Cobalt Blue
  • Elianto Stay-On eyeliner in black
  • Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel eyeliner in Sepia Ink
  • Gold eyeliner pencil (from Sabrina's Secrets)
I did this before I took my shower after school on Wednesday (it makes me more comfortable knowing that I don't have to wash my face again after my bath XD). I was still wearing my one and only pair of lenses (FreshLook Colorblends in Amethyst). I didn't do my brows in these two looks (forgot to, actually).

Hope you guys like it. =)

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