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Thursday, July 29, 2010


SMKBBSP's 'carnival' this year is much more low-key than last year's. This time, it's limited to only the students and the people they bring. And this year, a purchase of minimum RM20 of coupons are compulsory.
Weather is getting extremely unpredictable lately - when the sky is cloudy in the morning, it might be mercilessly sunny just when I start my walk home; it could be as clear as heaven, but then it'll rain like hell.
Addicted to mobile games lately, especially Hotel Tycoon and House MD. Previously it was Tattoo Tycoon, until the challenges became pretty impossible (customers enter a tattoo shop and expect drink vendors and poster stands). Get Cookin' was finished within a week, I went from US to Mexico to China to France. All missions done.
I'm determined to become stronger. I'm determined to become thinner.

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