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Friday, July 30, 2010

That was a first...

I went to school with a box full of makeup again today, and seriously, I did something I never thought I'd do at school - I actually played with makeup in class, with the teacher in the classroom.

Yuriko brought an issue of Mina to school and there were natural makeup tutorials, and they all chidded that I wasn't the type to do natural makeup. Huh. For a natural look, you could get some tips from Michelle Phan's L'Oreal-sponsored makeup tutorial ( which tutors you on how to highlight key points on your eyes to bring out your natural glow. I used a few techniques from this video and kinda twisted it to suit myself.

Products used: (no pic...)
- Biotherm Sun SPF50 Sensitve Skin Sun Cream Multi-Protection
- L'Occitane Fresh Powder Foundation SPF27 PA++ in Fresh
- Laneige Sliding Pact_EX SPF25v PA++ (Snow Crystal) in #1 Transluscent Skin Tone (as highlighter - applied on T-zone, the top of the cheeks and the chin)
- Bobbi Brown Blush in Blushed

- any brown eyeshadow darker than your skin tone will work (use a medium-sized fluffy brush, make a fish face and gently apply from the ear down to the line formed, don't apply too near the lips; use an small angled brush, using the same brown, draw to lines on each side of your nose, starting from the eyebrow following the length of the nose and gently curved towards the centre at the end of the nose)

- Artistry eyeshadow in Chocolate and Java (use angled brush, start from arch, working your way in)

- Shu Uemura Cream eyeshadow in beige
- (optional) Maybelline Color Wear Trio Eyeshadow in #04 Three Chocolate (second color lightly on the outer corner; third color on the outer quarter of the lower lashline <>)
- Elianto Stay-On eyeliner in Black (tightline only, which means you line only your lashline very thinly, to create fuller-looking lashes)
- Revlon Double Twist mascara in Blackest Black (curl lashes first)

- L'Occitane Cherry Blossom lip gloss

I've finally found a way to make rather pouty lips XD without having overly intense lip color and still look natural (enough). Get a light-ish berry pink lip color (I use Silkygirl's Moisture Rich lipstick in #20 Playful), blot off the excess color with a tissue, then overlay with a layer of lip gloss on top. This will give the lips color and shine, without being over-the-top (in my opinion, anyways). If you want fuller, more juicy looking lips, go for a thicker later of gloss; if your lips are already pretty pouty and want just a highlight to your lips, go for a thinner layer.

Back to the natural look incident at school. I started playing with makeup 'cause 75% of the class was doing preparations for tomorrow's school sale (come if you want, stalls open at 9am), so our BM teacher went on with candy packaging for her stall. The natural look became my night-time smokey eye (forgot to take picture of the natural look, JW recorded video). My night-time smokey eye became a request look for JW's Jenny from Gossip Girl (correct me if I'm wrong). According to his description, her eyes were a completely smokey black. Here's what happened:

Products used:
  • Shu Uemura Cream eyeshadow in Beige
  • Artistry eyeshadow in Cognac and Ash Black
  • Maybelline Color Wear Trio Eyeshadow in #04 Three Chocolate (lightest shade)
  • TheFaceShop Shimmer Liner Pencil in White (highlighter for the inner lower lashline and brow bone)
  • Abon Creme Eyeshadow in Antique Gold
  • Revlon Double Twist mascara in Blackest Black

I've gotta throw out my Revlon mascara soon, it's drying up and getting clumpy. It's the school's sale tomorrow (more of a mini-carnival) and today was supposed to be the day of the makeup contest (that's the reason why I lugged everything to school in the first place). At 12.30pm I waited outside the bilik jahitan, for 10 minutes and there was no one there. I got pissed and left. C'mon, you tell me 12.30 then be there at 12.35 max. Even if you do have classes and got other stuff on hand, you could've set the event slightly later just to be safe, right?

Somehow I'm starting to hate Blogger. I do some formatting to the text then I can't do a single passage space, everything goes automatically to skipped space. (This is my PC language XD) I found this picture on the internet:

And I copied the look with the limited products I have with a teeny twist of my own:

Instead of a sharp canary yellow, I used a gold eyeshadow from Elizbeth Arden's Color Opulence palette. Instead of an intense aquamarine, I used a metallic cobalt blue eyeshadow, also from EA's palette. I dramaticized the eyeliner a bit, making it more obvious on the lower lashline. The gold doesn't to show much on camera (I mean ANY camera), but it looks intense enough in person. I should've used that RM5 for some eyeshadow instead of the yellow nailpolish from Elianto (RM5 per bottle).

Thursday, July 29, 2010


SMKBBSP's 'carnival' this year is much more low-key than last year's. This time, it's limited to only the students and the people they bring. And this year, a purchase of minimum RM20 of coupons are compulsory.
Weather is getting extremely unpredictable lately - when the sky is cloudy in the morning, it might be mercilessly sunny just when I start my walk home; it could be as clear as heaven, but then it'll rain like hell.
Addicted to mobile games lately, especially Hotel Tycoon and House MD. Previously it was Tattoo Tycoon, until the challenges became pretty impossible (customers enter a tattoo shop and expect drink vendors and poster stands). Get Cookin' was finished within a week, I went from US to Mexico to China to France. All missions done.
I'm determined to become stronger. I'm determined to become thinner.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Again, makeup related~ =)

And I've been so looking forward to the makeup contest - it was postponed 'cause there were only two participants from the afternoon session and me from the morning session. Sucks, huh? XD Anyways, it was because of this contest that I went to Endah Parade's Elianto in the first place~ =)

I'm falling head over heels in love with Elianto - the products are of good quality, they last long and they're inexpensive. Actually I just went straight there and purchased a liquid liner (I don't really like it, it's a little too runny, or are you supposed to layer it?) The eyeshadows costs RM6 each, nail polishes at ... RM5-7 (forgot the exact price =P), and gorgeous shimmer sticks (can be used as eyeshadow base~) at RM18. Well, it's less expensive than my Shu Uemura... =__=

While we were looking through the stuffs, we tried on the nail polishes as well. Being a visual kei fanatic, I see guys with pink, yellow, electric blue (all three which are usually seen with oshare artistes) and intricately designed nails (eg: Aicle.). Since most VK artistes sport black nails (I even have a picture of Uruha-sama painting his nails XD), I usually look out for black polishes, though they are available in stores like Sasa, but those are usually unknown Chinese or Korean brands, which thicken up within a couple of weeks.

The colours I tried were: #39 (I think) Deep Purple, Yellow, and a pale pink colour which its name I did not check. =P The deep purple would look like a plain, slightly shimmery black in normal light; but in bright light it turns a beautifully gorgeous shimmery dark indigo that captured my heart in seconds~ As for the yellow, it reminds me of Takeru from SuG~ =D The pale pink would be a very lolita colour, cute and demure. XD

Upon getting home on the very same day, I went straight to my room and started colouring. Colour what, you ask? My eyelids, of course! This time, I was desperate - the next day was the contest and I haven't come up with a solid look yet... Anyways, this is what I came up with:

Products used:
  • Shu Uemura Cream eyeshadow in Beige (as primer, it helps make the colour more vibrant and last longer)
  • Daiso blue fairy eyes eyeshadow quad in Shade 2 and 3 (inner corner and outer wing)
  • Elizabeth Arden Colour Opulence palette in sky blue (between the other blues)
  • Daiso green layered eyeshadow in Shade 1 and 4 (for browbone highlight and lower lashline)
  • Abon Creme eyeshadow in White (layered gently on sky blue and applied between the second and third wing)
  • Elianto Stay-On eyeliner in black
  • Elianto Stay-On liquid eyeliner in black
  • Revlon Double Twist mascara in Blackest Black
Products used:
  • Shu Uemura Cream eyeshadow in Beige
  • Daiso green layered eyeshadow in Shade 1, 3 and 4
  • Daiso blue fairy eyes quad in Shade 2 and 3
  • Elianto Stay-On eyeliner in black
  • Elianto Stay-On liquid eyeliner in black
  • TheFaceShop eyeliner in Shimmering White
  • Abon Creme eyeshadow in bronze, purple, gold and orange
  • Revlon Double Twist mascara in Blackest Black

Seriously speaking, I don't remember exactly what colours of eyeshadows I used, but it's always those few colours (I want the CS 88 palette~ >~<). I'm currently not a huge fan of Opera Volume Control mascara and the recently purchased Elianto liquid liner. One of the reasons that apply to both is that they come off in tiny little bits (think 'exfoliant' and 'microbeads', but those that won't ever dissolve =P) during makeup removing. I've been informed in advance about that particular effect, but it really bugs me; plus, the thing needs water to remove, sometimes I can't remove it with remover... =P

As for the pictures I gathered the previous night for some last-minute revision, these are the only two that are mild enough but still oozes the futuristic look. =)

I've just found the existence of Petrilude on YouTube and I LOVE HIM! All prejudices aside, he knows his stuff, which is mainly makeup. He has tutorials on how to shape your brows, contour your face and also conceal your brows for the more dramatic looks. =) The next thing I love about him is .............. guess it .......................... got the answer? .................... Here's a hint: I have eight of them. .................................. It's piercings, man! He actually has a stretched piercing on both ears, a vertical industrial piercing on the right ear and a nose piercing~~~~~
And Wisely recently tagged me in a video - the making of the GazettE's Shiver PV. Being more into makeup than music lately, I kinda neglected the progress of my dears over time. Miyavi got married around, what, last year? And I knew about it only around May this year. I have no idea what Gackt and hyde are up to right now, and I just saw the drastic GazettE change.
Ruki has brown curls and looks pretty much the same as always (he changes his look rather frequently); Kai chopped his hair and dyed it brown (it was in dreadlocks and it was black); Aoi also chopped his long hair to a shoulder-length layer-bob thingy and it made him look mediocre; Reita looked more muscly and his hair was brown-ish, but still looking good; Uruha's transformation was by far the most dramatic - his blonde hair was dyed a bronze-ish color and super-teased, and instead of the usual outward points, it was parted from the left side of his head, even his eye makeup is different (he usually sports fake-crease makeup, but now it's changed to a really dark smokey eye).

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Completely makeup-related

There's a(nother) makeup contest at school this Friday, this time for the Technical and Vocational week. The theme? Futuristic. I was like, that's a challenge, better than the previous one (beautiful and elegant =P). Anyways, the first thing that popped into my head was Hitsugi's makeup (it's more of a current obsession actually XD), but then that would be gothic and not futuristic, so why not give it a twist, at the same time I could create another look. =)

Products used:
  • Biotherm White Detox Bio-A[2] Whitening Pen Immediate Spot Corrector (as concealer)
  • L'Occitane Fresh Powder Foundation SPF27 PA++ in Fresh
  • Laneige Sliding Pact_Ex SPF25 PA++ [Snow Crystal] in #1 Translucent Skin Tone

Here's the first one on my left eye. I meant to block out my brows, but I didn't have gluestick/spirit gum & brow wax, so I tried to just settle with using the concealer and full coverage foundation, but it didn't work... T__T This one is inspired mainly by Hitsugi (you can find his pics a few posts down) and Michelle Phan's Avatar-inspired look (, and a little bit from the bird of paradise flower. Please tell me if it looks 'futuristic' enough~ ^w^

Products used:
  • Artistry eyeshadow in Ash Black
  • Daiso 12-color eyeshadow in Shade 2, 4 and 8 (that's what the pack said =P)
  • Elizabeth Arden Colour Opulence eyeshadow in Cobalt Blue
  • Abon Creme eyeshadow in purple, orange, gold and bronze (Korean)
  • Daiso Layered eyeshadow (green) in Shade 1
  • Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Sepia Ink
  • Revlon Double Twist mascara
  • Opera Volume Control mascara
  • Gold eyeliner pencil (from Sabrina's Secrets)

This one was more of an improvisation look thrown together with a little reference from MakeupPiggy's Purple Fantasy look ( (though this ain't very purple, and definitely not as intense an detailed =P)

Products used:
  • Daiso Layered eyeshadow (green) in Shade 3 and 4
  • Daiso 12 color eyeshadow in Shade 7 and 8
  • Elizabeth Arden Colour Opulence eyeshadow in Cobalt Blue
  • Elianto Stay-On eyeliner in black
  • Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel eyeliner in Sepia Ink
  • Gold eyeliner pencil (from Sabrina's Secrets)
I did this before I took my shower after school on Wednesday (it makes me more comfortable knowing that I don't have to wash my face again after my bath XD). I was still wearing my one and only pair of lenses (FreshLook Colorblends in Amethyst). I didn't do my brows in these two looks (forgot to, actually).

Hope you guys like it. =)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hitsugi makeup~~~~~

So, I've watched the Hitsugi makeup tutorial video on YouTube (, and I've done an improvisation of it, though it didn't turn out successful 'cause I didn't have the circle lenses and liquid liner (I used black shadow >_<). Here's the result:

I added a bit of purple to try to give it that magician look, but from the looks of it I sorta failed. Products used: FreshLook Colorblends in Amethyst, Shu Uemura Cream Eyeshadow in Beige (as primer), rose and black eyeshadow from Artistry palette, indigo eyeshadow from Daiso 1 color palette, Daiso fluffy eye makeup brush and TheFaceShop angled brush.

Here's the original makeup on Hitsugi himself:
Don't ask, the thing in his mouth is probably a bunch of necklaces.

And for the record, this is him without all the makeup:

I went to the Bon Odori last night, and just when I thought it would be a night to remember, I hated every minute of it. Upon agreement Kenmin was supposed to accompany me there on the bus then I was to meet Kiki there. We were on separate lists and so we were on separate buses, inevitable, so moving on.
When we got there, Kiki said she would only arrive there at 9pm max. So I waited, and waited, and waited, till I finally called Josie to accompany if she could since she lived in Shah Alam as well, but somehow she bailed (but Eclipse date still on~ XD). I waited till 8pm+, I was thirsty and hungry, so I went in to have a look. Boy, was the place crowded. I think the whole of Selangor and KL must have been there.
I couldn't get near the stall 'cause there were just too many people. By the time I got near enough to a stall, everything was sold out. =__= So, fine. I went to an outside (completely NON-Japanese) and got myself an orange juice, and that summed up my dinner for the night (and that fucking bottle costed me RM3 =s)
I wandered to where there were small stone dividers (think mini pillars) and sat there for the rest of the night, thinking that Kiki would call me when she got there. At around 9.45pm she texted me, saying that she was back home already (officially gonna boycot you). So, FINE! Be it. If I'm not a good enough friend for you to even think about then don't be my friend.
I moped around till 10.40, then went out to wait for the whole bus of people. When I got out, Shinmei called me and said they were already on the bus making their way back, WITHOUT ME!!! I was like cursing under my breath and yelling at people who called me asking me where I was, and I repeated the same line - 'I'M STILL AT THE DOOR OF THE FUCKING STADIUM!'
Anyways, I called my mum and she came to pick me up at the stadium. And I got safely home. There were all sorts of people at the Bon Odori - Japanese fanatics, wannabes, and the most eye-catching of all were people with bright colored hair, namely green. =) Call me crazy, but I kinda like it, it has a little cosplay touch to it. XD
So the next day I woke up at 10am+, cleaned up then went out to MV with sisters. Main objective was for CK to get her digital scales, and watch Eclipse. =P We had pizza at Pizza Hut for lunch (to the staff working at the Seri Petaling branch - FUCK YOU for giving crappy service and still charging us for it, the staff at MV branch knew their stuff - polite, clear, efficient =D).
We watched our movies at 2.15pm. I say movies 'cause I made a date for Eclipse and I don't want to watch the same movie twice in two weeks, so while they watched Eclipse, I watched Despicable Me, though I was wanting to watch either Inception or Predators, or even better, 9 Temples: Death Ghost (I think the name was this, all I know is that it's a gruesome horror film... MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA~!)
After the movie, I waited outside McD and Carl's Junior for them to finish their movie. While waiting, I saw lots of WCG staff/participants there. I was like 'WCG is actually HERE?' I'm not exactly a cybergame junkie, but I do obsess over a few select games (which I haven't played for a really, really, really long time) and want to try out some others.
We went to Ace Hardware to check out the scale prices, then returned to Jusco to get CK's scales, 'cause according to her, a one-for-all-functions button isn't good. We went down to LG floor just to take a look at Isis, in front of Bread Talk. Rings and selected hairclips are sold at 3 for RM10 there. I got myself a cross and (seemingly) spider ring, while my sis got a dolphin. =__=
When we got home, under much milder light, I noticed that my (seemingly) spider ring was actually an ant. *curse* At least it looks enough like a spider if you don't look at it closely~ XD
Perhaps from now on I'll try replicating visual kei looks based on only pictures. =)

Friday, July 16, 2010


I've turned into a real lazy bum - I wanna write elaborate posts, yet when I sit down to do it, I end up doing other stuff and spend more than two hours to finish one post. And as for photo uploads, Blogger's image uploader isn't helping me much. =P

Nothing happens recently, except that I have much more frequent mood swings nowadays for no apparent reason, and that I have finally got 海派甜心 from Hsinyiee and have just finished the second chapter today. Slow, I know...

And another piece of good news to share - I've been selected for NS~! We were to send 'PLKN SEMAK to 15888 at 9am, but we waited till 10am before getting our replies. My message came back as this 'PLKN: Tahniah! 93101910xxxx terpilih menyertai PKN Siri 8/2011. Penempatan pelatih akan dimaklumkan kemudian'. Before this became all the rage, I was already hoping that I wouldbe chosen (think of it as an experience), so you could imagine my mood swing when I received that message~~

Tomorrow I'm going to Bon Odori, taking the bus with Kenmin then meeting Kiki there. The problem now is breaking it to my mum - she's none too happy with me going, but I'm going anyways.

I've a sudden obsession for visual kei makeup again... Just a few days ago I discovered Hitsugi of Nightmare - the most extreme visual kei look (apart from Phantasmagoria and a few others) I've ever seen. I nailed down a makeup tutorial on YouTube and am planning to try it out tomorrow.

And now I'm watching visual kei videos - Female J-rockers/visual kei bands, Top 10 visual kei J-rockers, Top 20 sexy men of visual kei, Top 10 J-rock songs and Top 10 of gazette~~

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Editorial Candid

On last week's editorial meeting, we started talking about the not-yet-done candid shots for the Editorial Board. On Wednesday we agreed (more or less was informed) that we do it on Saturday. Theme? Black and white, those without black trousers or slacks can wear jeans (which is what most of them wore). Photographer? Well, it was more of a take-turns between XY and me, but Dina helped as well~ XD

On Friday night everyone was worrying about what to wear. XY didn't have a white top, so she asked whether I had anything (what she said was actually 'I have nothing to wear'), so I looked through my wardrobe and my mum's wardrobe and found only 2 suitable white tops - the first one more of something like a trench dress, but would look decent with skinny jeans; the other one male cut long-sleeved white shirt. I was gonna wear my white ribbon chiffon dress... =P

The next morning I woke up at 6, wondering why my phone's alarm didn't go off. Thinking that I didn't need to be awake at such an early hour, I set my clock to 6.30, but it still didn't ring. Then I only noticed that I set the alarm to ring only on weekdays. =P Anyways spent half an hour in the bathroom (including the contact lens ordeal) then tried to get everything done as quickly as possible.

Today's makeup look was the blue smokey (though it looks more like shimmery gunmetal after mixing with my primer and mascara/liner =X) with really messy liner and overdid brows... =s Smoothed my hair with the serum then wore my maple leaf earrings (mistakenly put the left-hand side one in the stretched piercing =__=)

My sis fetched me to school, and I was like ....... oh MF crap, I forgot that there were other school programmes on today. Anyways, I waited with Nih Tha, Jeffrey and Xiao Torng at the bus stop for the others to arrive, and get this - the editors were third latest to arrive. Anyway, it seemed that the trench dress was not to be used at all. We started with the designers' department, and they said girls were indecisive. Ugh...

The whole photography session (including the overall group photo) took around an hour in total, which by then I already got around 6 blisters and numerous mosquito bites on my calves. I stayed back with Xiao Torng, who was gonna go for some mamak at Maju with Jeffrey and Poh Kien. I went out with them (holding the trench dress with two hangers =x=x=x=x=x) at around 10+am.

We ate at Maju, and for the first time in my life, I had a real chat with all three of them for over an hour, and all we did was chat - about practically everything, from the school stuff to the jobs we had over the years. We did just that, till some guy's cologne overwhelmed us. By just doing that, I noticed things about people that I never really noticed before.

We walked back to school and chatted a while, then I went home, finding my sis' classmate in the kitchen, my sis making a birthday cake for Kok Fei. After a while, Amelia, Mark Tan, and Kok Fei were all in the house, and I was like ... OMG, I feel like I'm Form 1 again... =__= So now I'm gonna write some sentimental stuff... XD

At one particular editorial meeting, I didn't really believe what Miss Liew had said - '... this is also a very good opportunity to socialize and meet new people'. I'm very judgmental - I judge about everyone I see on the street, firstly based on the way the present themselves, next by the way they act then by the way the look at other people. It turns out that you can't do that.

Despite these judgments, I try to socialize and talk with them, and with some of them it's surprisingly easy to. And there are actually lots of things you don't know about a person unless you communicate with them.

The definition of friends is people who will accept you for everything that you are, always be there for you and actually are concerned for your welfare. They'll be honest enough with you, but they know the limits and will help you through your life. But there are some people who label their friends differently. These so-called 'friends' tell them to change who they are, change what they like, change them into people that they aren't.

Some regard friends as the people they always go out with, but have a very limited conversation range. Some people even hate their own 'friends', but stick with them anyway 'cause they're afraid that they'll never be accepted into the 'crowd'. Here's the gist of it - if they don't accept you for who you are, look for some other people, there's bound to be some people who would accept you.

Alright, my sentimental-ness is done, now I'm gonna YouTube and makeup my head off~~~~ XD

Friday, July 9, 2010


May I introduce Hitsugi of Japanese rock band Nightmare. Nightmare gained fame through the WORLD in anime series Death Note. Hitsugi here is the rhythm guitarist. If you actually Google his pictures, he looks really normal (we're not looking at the piercings here, he's not Riku). To be honest, this is the most extreme visual kei makeup looks I've ever seen, even Kisaki looks normal. =P

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Japanese craze

Everyone is in a sudden Japanese craze now, perhaps it's because of the upcoming Bon Odori. Even Nicole and GlitterGeek is in the craze. Since it's gonna be my last year with the gang, I thought I'd go for the event (which I only came to know about last year =P). What my mum said when I asked for her permission was, 'I'd rather you didn't go, but if you insist on going, whatever happens is your business.' C'mon, can't you trust me enough? Ugh...

Eclipse is to premier in KL and I've read the book...again. I've read the entire series three times through (Harry Potter 5 times). I've more or less had the story memorized in my head already, but I still shake with laughter at the funny parts. the surprising thing is - when you reread a book, you actually find yourself in a situation where you're like reading the book all over again, 'cause the first time you more or less just tried to finish the book ASAP and missed out on some of the parts.

The school's Chinese Language Society is organizing a singing competition, but the society being a Chinese Languange one, only Chinese songs are allowed. Well, crap then. I thought that since this is the last year I'd give it a go, but when I heard only Chinese, the rest was history.

The school photos have arrived after x years of work to collect, and now the task is to distribute them and get the remaining seating lists that are missing. Problem is - we all have class, 2 are librarians, one is a prefect, and the other just doesn't come to school every day. And the extra dilemma is that no one wants to stay back to do the distribution or collection.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Lecturing? I don't think so...

So more than 60% of morning session students were called to the tiny school hall today. Reason? It's something to do with our attendance on Friday (Open Day). The most innocent ones (in my opinion) were those whose parents didn't want to come because the teachers say the same things over and over again (which includes AhWin's).

Those who, like me, played truant (though maybe at home), sat there in silence. I was in for it bad (actually) - I had two earrings on (from my piercings, keep them on for at least 2 months before removing if they're helixes), my hair was completely against (their) school rules, my bag was in the canteen and I was wearing cosmetic lenses (though they're not very obvious).

You wanna tell us off about not attending school on a school day, tell us off, there's no need to add more points, we're not exactly writing essays here (it would total up to around 1000+ words if the topic was about attendance at school).


Firstly, to Mr Siva - my dad is in China, my mum works in PJ, my sis is in college - THERE IS NO ONE TO GET MY RESULTS FOR ME! Have you ever tried driving to PJ during peak hours? No, I don't think you have, and I seriously doubt that my mum would take half a days leave just to attend something that's gonna last half an hour at the most then drive all the way to work. Definitely not.


Second, to Mr Talib, we've been taught honestly since we started knowing how to talk. And if you tell us that we have to say something that's against the truth, then there's no point in teaching us that moral value. Yes, the school isn't crappy through and through, but in some ways its less functional than other schools (not including schools is rural areas). Just look at the size of our school hall (if you can even call it that)! And the state of our field! Sometime ago the headmistress said that a sum of money has been given by the government to repair our field (no more puddles and more even surface), but to no avail! The field still floods (though not as seriously as before) and the surface is quite uneven.

And try thinking about WHY many graduates would rather work overseas than in their own home country. Firstly, the bumiputera status for Malays do not exist in many other countries. Secondly, the pay is much higher, and the jobs are more challenging, securing a bright future. Thirdly, according to what I've heard and read, unless you have completely top marks, you don't get scholarships in the local universities, while univesities overseas offer scholarships for even lower qualifications. It's not that we're not patriotic, it's just that life overseas provide a brighter future.


Third, to Pn Rohana, there's no need to try tough love and try to force us into shame that our school ranks 1600+ among all the schools in Malaysia. Try loosening up a little - lower the disciplinary bar just a little, then maybe students would come to school again. Better hair and spectacle problems than attendance problems, don't you think?

Something else - those of you who are prejudiced against cosmetic lenses and stretched piercings, just keep your comments to yourself. To some, it's a form of self-expression (though you might think who would want to express themselves by pulling a large hole in their earlobe?) Yes, I'm not long- or short-sighted or have astigmtism, but that doesn't stop lots of people on Earth from wearing cosmetic lenses.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Playing truant

left ear
I like impromptu decisions. On Wednesday I went with Yuriko, KiKi, Ling and AhWin to Endah Parade. The main reason was for AhWin to get his hair cut, and while we were discussing it in class, I thought hey, why not get my piercings as well since I have sufficient cash (at that time). As we arrived in Endah Parade, we headed straight for Top One Silver while AhWin went to E&M alone. I got my piercings in less than a minute. I now have 8 piercings (one more till the same number as Uruha-sama~ XD) - left ear: one stretched, the other on the lobe normal and a helix; right ear - two helixes and three lobes. ~~~~~

Call me crazy, whatever. My sis calls me crazy, my unc calls me crazy, everyone calls me crazy (except maybe those who share the same interests that I do). Thursday was mostly uneventful, unless you count the photographic session after school with Wai Lun and three uncanny models (you can screw me all you want for saying this, but personally I don't like Yang Yang and Wai Ken, they creep me out =P), along with XY.

After the photograpic session, I used XY's DSLR to get a few shots of the makeup contest going on in the dewan. C'mon, in the dewan? With the FUCKING CRAPPY LIGHTING?! You could over-blush under that kind of light, though I don't think anyone would consider that OVER-blushing. Most of the models and/or makeup artists were Malay or Indian (Pey Shan and another girl being the only Chinese models aside from Tania), and knowing the darker-skinned races (yes, I'm racist, sue me) love liquid foundations and powder than are NOT matching to their skin. I took some close ups of Tania, and Siti had her face caked with powder. C'mon, makeup is supposed to enhance the natural features, not to cover up you face. =P

After biting my tongue to prevent loud negative commenting on the makeup (themed 'beautiful and elegant' by the way), I tried downloading the merentas taman pics and the freshly taken pics into the Editorial computer, but everytime I put XY's memory card in, it hangs... =X I rushed to KFC (a storm was brewing already) to return XY's DSLR, then rushed home, took my bath, then practiced my guitar till mum came back.

FreshLook Colorblends in Amethyst~

At long last, I have my lenses~! There's one teeny problem though - I don't know how long they're supposed to last. =s Anyways, the first thing I did when I got them was - grab the nearest hi-def camera (in this case it's my video-cam) and took lots of shots of the wonder. XD I like purple, and the second character of my Chinese name means 'purple' (which is also a royal color, by the way XD), so my lens are in Amethyst.

By right, cosmetic lenses (or any lenses, I think) are supposed to be soaked in the lens solution for at least six hours before being put on. I did just that, and the temptation was too great - I tried putting them on at the 2nd and 3rd hour. The actual lens diameter is actually 14.5mm, but the colored ring is smaller than the actual size of the lens. Everytime I tried to put it in my eye, there was actually a small air pocket at the base of my lens. o.O I gave up after the second try, then got ready for the big day~ XD

从此开始,我将会用华语写完这个post。其实我本身觉得要读华语部落格超闲的,但是万一某某人发现了我这个部落格,爆了我的事情,我就可以死美美了~~ 我们一早都计划好了要去TS逛街,顺便看戏买礼物,我就在星期五的前一天细心准备了第二天要用到的东西。平时早上闹钟响了都会赖床,但星期五早上闹钟一响,整个人就很精神的起床了~

除了带了lens之外,我都以平实的习惯梳洗,等巴士。到了学校,就等阿玲一起去点心档吃点心。我们俩就在那里根阿嗨和琦琦会面,吃了早餐,换衣服就搭计程车去LRT站。经过Endah Parade的时候真的是紧张到我手掌都冒冷汗了。=P 买票,等阿嗨换衣,我们就上拥挤的LRT去Hang Tuah。真的是够叼 - 人多到屁,然后又有咸猪手来 “抽水” >~<

我们超早到的,连大门也还没开。我们就在Starbucks(有钱到~~ 我没喝,家里自己冲咖啡更好喝 =P)等到大概9.30am。大门还没开,旁边有个小门,有两个保安人员站在那里。赌榄到,说没到十点,不是在那栋楼里做工的一律不能进。就等啰,等到试点他终于开门了。好心,进到去第一件事情就是找厕所。OK吗?
我们买了票才开始逛街。今天,我们看的是《枪王之王》,吴彦祖(超帅的~XD)和古天乐主演。买了票,就去Borders看有没有我要的书(Yakuza Moon: Memoirs of a Yakuza's Daughter)。他们有卖那本书,但是暂时没有货。=_= 逛逛下,阿嗨说要看化妆品,然后要我叫她化妆(应该是化烟熏妆吧,因为她选的颜色是黑色~)我们在SASA逗留了一下,等嗨试假睫毛,我却去试粉红色的眼线笔~ XD


之后去到一间饰品店,在那里用尽他的化妆品(眼线、眼影、睫毛膏),买了一小罐bling的深灰眼影,就再次去厕所(阿嗨卸妆)在帮她化眼影~ 我们还没进场就去戏院里面的厕所拍照(灯光很美哼~)
故事其实没什么特别,应该刺激的画面不是说很刺激的…一个字——闲。看Backup Plan更好~XD 看完戏出来,冷到屁酱~第一件事情就是去找厕所,上完厕所就去找Gasoline吃午餐。我在数杂志里看过Gasoline被推荐,外面看起来的内部设计与装饰也蛮特别的,问题是食物的presentation不算presentation,服务又烂到屁(之后还有5%服务税咧 >~<)。
吃完了就去一层一层地逛,到了i-SOCKS那一层,我下定了决心——毕业后等成绩时要在那里找一份工,把自己非主流化~XD(但是我看我不会成功到哪里去=P)。逛到大概四点多(琦琦买到她的包包了~ (=)就启程回家。我跟琦琦搭LRT达到Seri Petaling站,在那里遇到安丽、丰蝶和欣旖。琦琦的爸爸在我回家以后就冲凉、吃晚餐and then补习补到十点,写部落格写到半夜一点,看书看到三点多才睡~XD
As for my lens, I think I'll do it in another post, 'cause I currently can't find the cable that connects my videocam to my PC... =x