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Monday, June 28, 2010

Shoe crisis

If you go out, mainly places where some businesswomen would be, like the bank, offices, or just look out for ladies who like to wear high heels/stilettos (not wedges) - some of them tend to have the price tag still stuck on the back of the shoe, where the heel is joined with the shoe body. I doubt that you would want to let the whole world know how much you paid for the shoes you're wearing, and if it's not a very pretty pair, even worse. So girls, remember, take off the price tags off ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that you're just purchased before putting it on your body.

And a word of advice - if you ever have to rush a 20-minute walk anywhere, DO NOT wear slippers if you don't drag your slippers. I'm the kind that holds on to my slippers with my toes, and I just rushed to tuition (within 15 minutes =P) and now I've got a ruptured blister on my foot which hurts like hell, especially when it came in contact with water.

And as for those >3" shoe-lovers, NEVER EVER wear those shoes out for a whole-day shopping trip unless you've trained your legs with the lower ones. The reason(s)? For one, you're gonna get real-deal blisters; two, you get cramps after you wear them all day; three, your calf muscles are gonna swell (think, body builder swell) like crap.

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