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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Recent events...

So we start from last week, when we went to S'pore to celebrate Natasha's first birthday. We started at 5am, around an hour later than our initial plan to leave the house at 4am, 'cause CK got up late and everyone else was dawdling. Anyways we arrived at S'pore immigrations at around 8+am. Note: I hadn't slept since the previous morning, Friday 6am, till Sunday early morning 1+am. My eyes were surrounded by dark circles and I couldn't get my smokey eyes done just because it would make me look like a zombie.

We had a hotel room booked for us (courtesy of my cousin) at Swissotel the Stamford, near Raffles City Mall, the Suntec area. According to my unc, Swissotel is a 5-star hotel, but my cous got a corporate rate (he works for Coca-Cola XD). Our hotel room (on the 35th floor o.O) overlooked the St Andrew's Cathedral and the Esplanade, as well as the new hotel and casino. We had went to Poh Heng at Parkway Parade to get something for my little niece - a heart-shaped pendant. We had waited for around an hour before we actually checked in to the hotel, due to the chaotic management. =P

CK and my unc had went for a cycling trip at East Coast Park and we waited for them at the hotel, asking my unc to collect the cream cake that was ordered for the little girl's birthday. He got a few other kinds of cakes as well - 2x chocolate cake, 2x American cheese (I think, I don't remember, but it tasted weird) and 2x Tiramisu (absolutely the best~!), all from 7th Manna at Tanjong Katong (

We had lunch at Paradise Inn at Funan, but we didn't order the coffee ribs... ~>_<~ We then went up to Challenger to get CK's memory card for her DSLR and her new headphones. My feet were already killing me - I was wearing my sis' size 8 wedges, while my feet were size 7. I was wearing them since we left the house. I traded shoes with my sis (she was wearing her running shoes XP).

We took the MRT to Dhoby Ghaut (one stop away, we were at City Hall =P) to Plaza Singapura to take a look in Daiso. Among the few times that we've visited Daiso (we went to the one in IMM), CK never got a chance 'cause she was busy with studies. This Daiso was almost as big as the one at IMM, but was still slightly understocked compared, and freakin' crowded, too. We all did our only bit of shopping there (I love flat-price shops~ ♥ ), I got my blending brush, a funky white ring, an eyebrow stencil (for the next time I do CK's brows, I screwed up a bit last time =P) and a good luck pendant for him.

We went back to the hotel at around 4pm, after spending some time overlooking the Body Shop sale going on the ground floor. The birthday dinner was at 7.30pm, but they only told that to us at 7.30pm. We were rushing like mad, I screwed up my smokey eyes (if you can call it that =P), the walked to Imperial Treasures at Suntec City Mall. Damn global warming and the SEA humidity.

Our dinner was far from delicious - it was OK, don't get me wrong, but according to CK, they used the same sauce for three different dishes, and many of the dishes were finished. We cut the cake and had some champagne - Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin 1772 Brut. XD We walked back to the hotel, then watched TV till around 1am before passing out on the nice, soft bed~~

Next morning woke up at around 10am and had McDonald's breakfast in bed. XD Checked out at 1pm, after much argument at the reception counter 'cause we didn't get complimentary parking due to the reason that 'thr Raffles City Mall parking is not part of Swissotel'. Anyway, we walked to Carlton Hotel (!!!) for dim sum at Wah Lok. Loved everything from the polo buns to the porridge~~

After that we went to the Raffles City Mall to do some shopping. Initially I wanted to get something nice for mum for Mothers' Day, but one: I was broke; two, it seemed that either she had everything or she disliked everything. Yeesh, talk about difficult. Anyways, I settled for a card from NBC (we spent most of our remaining time there).

We had some problems getting out of the car park - we had already passed the barrier and mum reversed to get the receipt, but then the bar came down. =__= We spent around 15 minutes in there debating with security guards who obviously haven't encountered something like that before... =P

We stopped at Kallang Leisure Park to have some frozen yogurt at Yoguberry. It seems a bit like Yogurt Boyz back in Seri Petaling, but according to unc, there were only two branches of Yoguberry in the whole country (S'pore). There are two main yogurt flavours - original and Yoguberry (blueberry~~). As for toppings - Kit Kat crumbs, Oreo crumbs, blueberries, strawberries, Fruity Loops and a few others. I prefer the Berry to the ori. XD

We passed the Tuas checkpoint at 5.30pm. And arrived home at around 9pm, an hour later than scheduled due to a stupid speed trap which jammed up the highway for god-knows how long.

Anyways, back to present. On Monday I was called to the office and Miss Liew gave me the photos and I was like OMFG!!! The pile was huge, and my team of 5 (make that 3, I didn't ask the juniors to help out, so next year they'll porbably wonder what to do xD) is supposed to distribute, brief every single monitor/society chairman/teacher about what to do and when to hand in the order form and the cash.

By Tuesday I had distributed everything and on Thursday I started collecting them, together with Xinyi. I'm wondering, is there something wrong with people's hearing or understanding abilities? I told them in four languages that they have to hand it in latest, latest, LATEST by FRIDAY, and you know what they tell me? 'I haven't finished collecting the money yet, I'll give it to you on Monday.' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What the freakin' hell?! It's understandable if it's the afternoon session students who does that, but from F3-F5 99% of them?! For the whole day Friday I spent time in the Edi room calculating the money collected. I'm afraid I've lost some RMs and maybe a few order forms, but what the heck, I'm gonna fill in the missing numbers from my own pocket. =P

I just got banned from seeing my dear. =P All that happened was I told mum that I was going out for MAYBE around a half hour and returned one and a half hours late, and it wasn't even 10pm yet. Damn stupid child biasing, sibling rivalry and curfews. =P

Now for some pics~~:

7th Manna Mango Tropicana fresh cream cake - BEFORE

7th Manna Mango Tropicana fresh cream cake - AFTER

My funky ring from Daiso~~

My souvenir from aunt from Japan

They had a Moet et Chandon promo at the hotel... >~< People like me melt at the sight of such an adorable kid. XD

Tried to focus on me with the champagne glass - failed big time... =P

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