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Saturday, May 22, 2010

I'm running out of titles =P

The exams has begun again, and I still haven't wrapped up the photo collection yet... I'm so screwed... Anyways, BM and BI were alright, but on Monday is CHEMISTRY. Obviously enough, I haven't studied, and I'm gonna die. The tuition has helped a bit, but still...

I should change my name to Heartless Heartbreaker, seriously. And also, I already have 24 retainers on the 21st day. I literally forced the 24th one in. =P My mum didn't know about this initially, and when she found out last night she was absolutely disgusted, just what I was targting for~ Muahahahahaha~!

DARKER THAN BLACK has been devoured. I can't watch my Mitsuganae 'cause there's something wrong with either the player or the disc. I'm going to MV on Thursday to get DARKER THAN BLACK Season 2 and to see whether there are any cheap flesh tunnels there. I can't stay on retainers for so long.

My new lenses are on their way - FreshLook Colorblends Amethyst. I actually wanted the Geo Freaky Lens cateyes or the silver one, but anyways, how often am I gonna use them? My Princess Nudy Purples are going to be disposed soon, since I can't wear both of them for long periods of time anyways, and they're starting to get a little uncomfortable.

I got the marshmallows, I got the chocolate, I don't have the freakin' recipe. Speaking of which I also have to find the gratin recipe for AhWin and Xinyi. Ogei...

Youtube lags, Facebook lags, everything lags... Sheesh... And plus more it DCs 5 minutes before a call comes in. What kind of stupid system logic is that? I just can't wait for Thursday, it's 3 events in one day~! Finally I have an excuse to touch my tools - my makeup, that is. XD And now Youtube hangs my browser. Fuck it.

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