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Sunday, May 16, 2010

15 retainers already...

Somehow I hate my life... Maybe that's why I want so many piercings. And not only do I want lots of piercings, I want a STRETCHED piercing. Everyone says I'm nuts, but I'm still proceeding with it. I started about a week ago, and I'm currently pausing at the 15th one 'cause I put in a few more retainers that possible, so my skin has torn a bit... =P It's almost healed already, so tomorrow I'll try putting in the 16th one~ =)

It's a whole week of birthdays~! The 12th was Sheau Hui's, and the 16th is my sis. For Sheau Hui's birthday, we went to Capri Dessert to celebrate, complete with a teddy bear coin bank, a multicolored card and a tiramisu cake from TK. I spent RM17.70 on my lunch alone there - RM12.90 for my baked cheese pork rice and RM4.30 for my coffee pudding with chocolate sauce, plus about 50-60 sen for service charge.

As for my sis, well, she's having a birthday party today, and let's hope those kids keep their comments to theirselves. =P The menu - pasta salad, konnyaku jelly, nuggets, and candy... =P In the morning I was the chef, chopping stuff - cucumbers, bell peppers, tomatoes, filament sticks and butterhead lettuce. And I made the dressing - according to my sis, 3 parts mayo (Lady's Choice Real Mayo), 2 parts tomato sauce/ketchup (Heinz) and 1 part chilli sauce (used those packet ones we looted from KFC and other fast food outlets XD).

Right now, I'm hooked on DARKER THAN BLACK 黒の契約者 (this translates into 'the black contractor'). Honestly speaking, I don't know what the story exactly tells about, but it involves Contractors (killers who have special powers but has to pay obeisances after using their powers, each one differs from another), something called the Hell's Gate (which is rumored to have triggered the appearance of Contractors) and an agency called PANDORA (which investigates and does research on Hell's Gate).
According to -
Ten years ago, an inscrutable and abnormal territory known as Hell's Gate appeared in Tokyo, altering the sky and wreaking havoc on the landscape. The real stars disappeared, replaced by false stars. During this time, people possessing various special abilities emerged, each capable of different supernatural feats - these are known as Contractors.
Each fake star has a corresponding Contractor, which reacts to their activities. As such, Contractors are usually identified by their star's Messier catalogue number. Kept secret from the masses, these individuals are known to murder in cold blood, smothering unnecessary emotions with logic and rationale.
Their incredible abilities, however, are gained at the cost of their humanity - Contractors are thus named because of an involuntary compulsion to "pay the price" each time their power is used, which can range from eating particular foods and completing meaningless tasks, to self-harm and having their bodies change in peculiar ways. Various nations and organizations around the world train and utilize Contractors as spies and assassins, resulting in violent battles for valuable objects and information.
There's a season 2, I think, but I haven't even finished the first one yet... =P Arrgghh... Haven't touched my brushes and palettes for god knows how long already... Maybe I should start preparing~ XD The 5Gs say that they're planning a graduation prom for the Form 5s after SPM, and the theme might be James Bond, but how I hope they'll change it to Cosplay~ XDXDXD Then I can flaunt my Uruha eyes. =P

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