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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Stretched piercings - yay or nay?

The week started off pretty good. From what I could remember the week was terribly boring, in school, that is. Monday Sejarah, I was determined to pay attention for once. Unfortunately, Miss Dew's droning voice could put anyone to sleep. Anyways, Monday's tuition was pretty lonely - the girls weren't going there for Physics and Chem anymore and Sherman was absent, and I left my file of notes in my desk drawer. =P

Then the days went by, and I had a few questions regarding the school photos. Miss Liew was out to SJK(C) Chung Hwa for a ping pong tournament that lasted for three days (Mon-Wed), so we had to wait for her to get back. Purchased a CD from pasar malam - Rock Ballad Hits 2010. All the CD stalls didn't sell Tokio Hotel. I so want Humanoid... XP

I've made the decision to stretch one of my piercings, apart from the decisions that I'll definitely get 3 more piercings and maybe a lip and/or brow piercing. XD And let's not forget tattoos. Anyways, let's focus on the present first. On Wednesday we went to Endah Parade - Ling and Yiee wanted their hair cut and I wanted to ask about the piercing stretching stuffs.

Had McD for lunch, then went to look at the jewellery stalls with Torng. Since nothing we found were suitable or within our budget, went up to Top One Silver where the pretty girl who used to sit in the same bus as me during her high school years told me that they didn't sell the early-stage stretching accessories, and that I'll have to start off with stuffing retainers. To date (I started today =P) there are 4 retainers in my left ear piercing.

We went to La'Fiil, where Yiee and Ling got their hair cut. Yiee's was more of just a trim, while Ling went full scale LENGZAI~!!! But all that changed when she washed her hair and showed up at school the next day. While at La'Fiil on the same day, Torng, Yiee, Hui and Yuriko played with hair extensions. I never seen extensions being applied (dunno what the right word is =P), so it was an experience. Yuriko also got a tutorial on how she could tie her hair. And the way the stylist tied it, she seriously looked much better. =D
Thursday we went back to Endah Parade. We had lunch at Uncle Chong's Kopitiam. The stuff was cheap enough, but it didn't taste very nice. I ordered the Curry Mee Special and a hot Nanyang Milk Tea (totalled up to RM5.80) - a skin formed on the surface of the tea after I left it for a long time; the curry mee was mediocre, the soup was drowning everything, the spiciness was overwhelming (though after a while your tongue gets used to the heat) and the clams looked and tasted like they had been in storage for over a fortnight.
I got my retainers from Top One Silver (RM5 for 2 packets, each containing around ≤10 pieces) before lunch, then after lunch we went upstairs to enquire about the driving lessons. The lady at the desk was scary - her eyes were already goldfish eyes, and then she added pretty thick eyeliner, and her circle lens were like an OMFG-freakin'-scary-looking blue. She was YouTube-ing when we went in. XD
First to E&M for Sherman to get his hair cut. After leaving him in the hands of Teckson (I think) and kidnapping his school bag, we went over to La'Fiil again 'cause Yuriko wanted a cut and another tutorial and Ling wanted to ask how to make her hair look like how it looked like right after it was cut. The lady (I think her name was Pauline) told her to buy some wax and she'd teach Ling styling.
So off we went on many to-and-fro trips from La'Fiil, Guardian and Caring, most frequently to Guardian. We first went to Guardian (Pauline had specified Gatsby/mat) and took some pictures (illegally) then went to Caring, the choices there were extremely limited, not to mention the stock. Back to La'Fiil, Pauline was out and Jane (I think) surveyed the Lucido-L Edgy Move (which costed freakin' RM18.90 from Guardian) with a sour face. Went back to Guardian and bought a Gatsby styling clay (RM7.80).
Before we went to get the Gatsby, we picked Sherman up from E&M and his hair was hot~! XD But it was the same case for him as it was with Ling. After that we went back to La'Fiil and waited for Yuriko to finish her cut. I had to get back before 5pm, so I left at 4.30pm.
Friday, I retrieved the photos from Miss Liew during recess. The photos were chaotic. After school went to Yat Yat Lai to buy lunch. Stupid fried kuay teow - oily, tasteless, an not worth RM4.50. Teh-O ais from Asfar Maju, RM1.30. Then Chem group study in my class, while Xinyi sorted the photos.

Found this pic on Google just now while looking for the stretched piercing pic featuring Ruki and the papillon. The caption said Ruki, he looks a bit like Ruki, but then there's something off.

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