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Friday, April 2, 2010


There's no exact way to describe the colour, but here goes - brownish nude pinkish with gold shimmer. There. As usual, I got this from my aunt, who bought it and then thought that the colour was too young. =P I dunno where she got it, most probably a drugstore in Singapore. It's made in USA, but I couldn't find the pic on Google.

The most important thing next to the colour of nail lacquer is the consistency. Some lacquers are thicker, some are thinner. In my opinion, you should get a slightly thinner than usual consistency, 'cause you could apply one layer, then if it's not enough then only apply an extra layer. If you leave a bottle of lacquer for a long time it tends to thickens, this can be solved by adding some nail lacquer solvent into it. Thick nail lacquer is hardest to apply.

Back to the main subject. Thin-enough consistency, and it's colour tends to shift from a nudish brown to a nudish pink in different lights and angles. Another plus is that you get that pretty glam look to your nails 'cause the gold shimmer in the polish gives it that really nice reflect. Another plus, it isn't very obvious when it chips.

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