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Friday, March 26, 2010

OMG... Gomen nasai... =>~<=

Yeesh, how many times does my dog want to bite people... OMFG... I'm seriously feeling so guilty I feel like throwing myself off a cliff. Ugh... They were like, playing~ playing~ then suddenly Duke sank his teeth into his fingers. AARRGGGHHH!!

Have finally found the GazettE's Nakigahara video on YouTube. It's so nice, and the pics are even nicer... XD

Technically, it's a school day. The accounts and art classes are having their Science exams today and we don't have exams, so it's sure to say that most of us skipped school today. Of the approximate 40 people of 5H, 28 were present; of the 25 people of 5F, only 4 were present, and from what I heard from Poh Yan, Miss Sim is seriously pissed. I don't think all the other teachers are all that happy anyway, so I don't see what Poh Yan and Mun You are fussing about.

I slept at around 1am and woke up around 7-8am the next morning, to feed Princess and help mum transfer the China trip pics into my initially-should-be-at-home 4GB SD card which belongs to my sis, unfortunately she brought it to Penang with her... =__= So I spent the day editing photos, but since he arrived at my house I only could surf Facebook and read blogs, could write. Eye makeup tutorial coming up, by the way~! =) Keep reading~ =D

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