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Friday, January 15, 2010


It's my turn to be a senior, again. I've been working as hard as I can to do all my homework and read everything the teacher instructed. I really kinda regret wasting last year away sleeping in class. I don't understand simultaneous equations, logarithms, and most other basic stuff. Especially those questions which tell you to express this equation in terms of something. Grr... Been thinking of taking tuition, but I haven't really got round to doing it yet, gotta hurry up... =P

I'm so not used to the current lifestyle - no PC. Last year there was CK's laptop, but now she's in Penand doing industrial training, so I'll have to wait till weekends before I can use the PC. We're going for another trip to Penang, this time with the gods. They're driving up from S'pore, then we're driving up to Penang.

I lost and found my sunnies, but I still can't find my socks. Oh well... I'm reading this Malay novel called Konserto Terakhir, which is about this guy going to the city to get a job with the help of his long-time-no-see, rich and prestegious uncle and everything that happened consecutively. In a way it's pretty interesting, but the Malay literature is a little too much for my brains.

I stayed back for the photography club meeting today and the attendance was miserable compared to the Interact Club's meeting next door. The meeting was cancelled and I had to walk home. On the way I saw "flower"'s brother, who kinda hid behind a pillar when he saw me, giving me the feeling that I was being stalked. =P I just downloaded the Nausea and Shudder concert vid from Wisely, but it can't be played on my phone. T___T Oh how I crave for the Aino...

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