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Saturday, January 23, 2010


You could say that I kinda don't like school, but anyway, who doesn't? Except for some sick wackos who actually like school 'cause there are lots of things to learn. If it weren't for my buddies, I would have already become a nerd, or worse, died from boredom.
I'm reminiscing. I'm listening to old Gackt songs. I just found out that Phantasmagoria more or less disbanded a while ago... That means no more goth singles... T__T Riku joined a band called Chariots. So far I've only listened to Doku and Ware, but both were good. I like the band members, reminds me a bit of γ‚«γ‚Όγƒƒγƒˆ... XD
I ate at Yogurt Boyz for the first time one Wednesday with the girls + Sherman. It looked like the McD vanilla sundae, but it tasted kinda nice. I had the original, with Koko Krunch and marshmallows, choc sauce and a very light sprinkle of coloured rice. It was goooood... *drools*
Then there was the trip to Penang (again) with aunt. It's amazing how nature works. I don't think you often see such a large dog actually playing with a Min-Pin.
Still with the Penang trip, we had lunch at Komtar at a place called ... I forgot the name. =P I had a laksa with an iced white coffee... To be truthful I never really knew how to appreciate white coffee, till now... XD Speaking of coffee, if you ever drop by Old Town Kopitiam, be sure to avoid the hazelnut white coffee. The nut flavour overpowers the coffee, and it's kinda nauseating. That's for the Seri Petaling branch, I dunno about other branches.

My second trip to Capri Cuisine with the girls, plus Ken Min and Sherman. I had Set A2, plus an extra coffee pudding with chocolate sauce. It was more or less only the chocolate sauce that I tasted, but the pudding was nice and firm. Deelish, for RM4.30.
We had out Chinese paper today, on a Saturday. The mobile phone fair at The Store is gonna end tomorrow, yet I still don't have my Aino... T____T

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