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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Once-in-a-blue-moon trip...

Oho... School has reopened and I missed the orientation. Drat. First day of school and they dumped the whole pile of textbooks on us, like the first day of school isn't busy enough. I dropped almost all of my books on the bus. Gawd, I felt like throwing myself off a cliff then.

The rest of the week was just like any other days in my life. It was only during the 2nd time we had Biology that I Yuriko spilled her guts to me. Not telling you what. =P We're having our first exams on 18th January, and since I'm gonna face my SPM this year, I gotta perk up.

On Saturday morning, mum woke me up to go to Sg Wang to shop for MX's winterboots. Oho... Went from shop to shop to shop until she finally found a pair that fitted her giant feet. They cost... I dunno how much they cost, I didn't ask. then went around and around looking at clothes that might be suitable for CNY. Unfortunately all the pretty dresses were so fucking short. The boots and shoes were oh-so-desirable if it weren't for the absurd height. My main target? - gladiator wedges, but still too tall.

So, so, so, we looked around, suddenly remembering that I wanted to get a chainlink belt. Stopped by E*Jewellery to go through a whole rotating rack of chainlink belts of all designs. I chose one that was simple yet classy (in my opinion) and was easy to match.

Walk, walk, walk, and oh, there's a Daiso Japan in Sg Wang, what are the odds. The price was pretty much the same: S$2=RM4.95. Here the price is RM5 per item, 5 sen difference. The main things on the shopping list: charcoal mask and microfibre cloths. No mask, but there were cloths, and there were also shadow palettes. We got three, one blue themed, one green themed and one 12-color palette. On the way back to the carpark, I got my new sneaks! Fitting size this time. XD
Home, home, home we went then got ready for dinner at Fatty Mok at around 6.45pm. Before that I played with black eyeshadow and my angled brush. Since I don't have liquid liner and don't know how to use liquid liner, I had to use something else. XD It turned out quite good, using black eyeshadow as liquid liner (although it's not as sharp as liquid), but I didn't take pics. Drat. Had oh-so-deelish curry noodles, got home, did homework, sleep...

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