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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy 2010!

Yet another year has passed. By the end of the year, I'll be taking my qualifying exams, hopefully I can summon up the will power to study and prepare for the exam ahead.

Thursday, I went to XY's place for New Year's countdown event. Yay! Steamboat, fondue, and lots of shandy! The steamboat was delicious, courtesy of XY, Kern Wei and their parents. =) We chatted, played, and watched TV while enjoying the delish and nutty fondue. *drools* We had a brief game of Malaysian version Monopoly. At 12am we went out for the official countdown, and that was it. The guys went out to see fireworks, and I stayed back to wait for my ride home.

We went to Penang on Friday to drop CK off at Daniel's place. We had Dave's Deli lunch at Queensbay Mall, then Daniel guided mum to his place. We unloaded CK's stuff, then went to our hotel - Evergreen Laurel Hotel - to spend the rest of the day and night. We all - except mum - had our share of a soak in the tub. XD

We then watched the front part of the Pink Panther 2 (I love it when Aishwarya Rai came into the team so unexpectedly), then went out to look for dinner. There was Coffee Bean, Roadhouse Grill, a few other restaurants and Subway to choose from. We decided on Subway. Our first experience with Subway was a disaster - we had lunch there after shopping around Amcorp Mall. The food there sucked. We chose our submarine sandwiches (I think that's what they call them, correct me if I'm wrong), then sat down to savour the flavour. I had steak and cheese with cucumbers, tomatoes and BBQ sauce on Italian bread. All in all, 6/10 stars, but it is a little pricey.

We stayed up till around maybe 1+am, 'cause we all couldn't sleep. We watched Nim's Island and Bedtime Stories. I was supposed to accompany mum out to buy breakfast this morning, but she didn't wake me up. Grrr.. =x We then prepared to go check out, get some stuff from Giant near Daniel's, then straight to Daniel's place to drop CK. We made our way home, me falling asleep after a while 'cause I just couldn't keep my eyes open. =P

Got home, bathed, cleaned my piercings, cooked some pasta, packed my bag ready for Monday, and now here I am. =)

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