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Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I had a real weird dream last night, involving Ivan from PetVille and a Kevin Costner-like character, and a pair of blond, British twins. It started with an evil king like character showing the evil stuff around his castle to the twins, then suddenly I was told by some guy to swim to an island with a bright red light if I wanted to keep my life.

Then it suddenly fast forwarded a few years, I was in America with my lover XD (I would like to think of this character as Uruha, but he was blond and sported a close shave =x) who was something like a ranked person in the army and was great friends with the Lieutenant (something like that, this is the Kevin Costner-like character =P) and his dear wife.

On a nice sunny day, there were suddenly bomber planes flying through the sky (they looked Nazi-ish to me XD). We were told to evacuate to the neighboring island, swimming accross the stretch of sea. We (my partner, Kevin Costner and his wife) arrived on the island together and was suddenly shampooing in a concrete stair corridor thingy. o.O

Then it was suddenly like a vision, Ivan (PetVille =x) and some other people who were outside were bring mercilessly slaughtered by Asians. Then suddenly Kevin Costner was on the stair landing with a sword in his abdomen.

Fast forward to a girl's schooldays. This girl was called Andrea and was related to Kevin Costner. She was kinda like on social lockdown, very tough and strong. I'm assuming that whoever who was on the killing spree somehow spared the wife, then gave birth to Kevin Costner's daughter, something like that.

This is more or less the weirdest dream I've ever had. =x

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