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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Auspicious day for weddings *blek~*

Oh yeah, it's a real auspicious day. Woke up at 5.30am this morning when I set my alarm at 6am. Got out of bed, drank my morning coffee, got cleaned up and freshened, then ... MAKEUP TIME~!! My mum helped me pick out a top for the day, which happened to be my rahter old green and purple stained criss-cross necked top. After that, I put together a look to match the top, which meant using green and purple shadows. Light brown and brown for the base, highlighted brow bones (white), then smokey bright green on the upper lid crease and a rather deep purple on the outer 1/3 of the lower lash line. After that, a little eyeliner on the outer lower lash line and smoke some purple there so it looks like a rather light smokey eye makeup. Forgive the messy hair and poor color contrast of the pic. Here's what it looks like after around 5 hours. XD

Aunt Lily came to pick us (mum, CK, Sam, MX and I) from our place, then went to Kepong for bak kut teh breakfast at Kim Tek Bak Kut Teh. Fully loaded with Chinese herbs and fatty pork legs. I just couldn't get used to Aunt Lily's driving - her speed ranged from 40-75 km/h, while mum usually drives at 80-90+ km/h if the speed limit's that high. Around 8+ we got to the bride's house, in this case mum's colleague Ai Ling. We were among the earliest to arrive there, the groom's bridal cars arriving right after us. As the whole group of said relatives hadn't arrived yet, the cameramen (namely me and CK, me using Handycam), we waited at a table and talked about Chinese wedding elements, like the auspicious words to be said during whatever, whenever and the things to be done, who drinks the tea first, etc. We were treated to a nice view of drying underwear. =x

At around 9 the relatives finally arrived, and the bargaining and ceremonies could start. I've finally had some real experience being a cameramen - ignorant bystanders who treat you like a stretch of wall, noisy kids who run around screaming and shouting, people squeezing past right the very spot which has the best angle, etc. Plus, I was standing right next to the table with the joss sticks and burning candles, ventilation in the house was horrible. Anyways, they finished up the tea-drinking and angpow-giving rites, then back to the car to head to the groom's place. The BMW was so fast almost everyone couldn't catch up, including us. XD On the way there, we spotted around 2-3 more wedding cars.

The groom's place was badly setup for photography. Auspicious as it is to have the altar facing the doorway, seriously bad for photography. Since it was around 11am, the sun was bright, and the newly weds had their back against the light, and people were crowded around the places with the best angles. Grrr... Anyways, it was all tea-drinking and angpau-giving all over again, but this time to the relatives on the groom's side. The kids were actually real cute, but a teensy bit annoying. Finally, my job as cameraman (or girl, in this case) was done. I sat around in the front yard sipping Coke and listening to conversations, at the same time observing the bride's makeup. Bridal makeup is really neutral, a little unfortunately, 'cause you can't express your imaginativity like usual. XD

We finally made our way home, mum went out for facial... Oh yeah, I finally tied my hair up. I hadn't tied up my hair since 20th November (TS trip XD) 'cause of the helix piercing. Aunt Lily also brought up the piercings topic during our morning chat, and she's gonna know sooner or later anyway, so why wait any longer?

We're gonna have banana walnut cake today~

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