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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Totally obsessed!

So totally obsessed...

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Christmas signifies the memory of the birth of Jesus Christ, usually celebrated extremely festively around the world. On the eve of Christmas, people usually gather at one place to countdown for Christmas, then exchange presents, which is one part of the holiday that many people look forward to.

I got my Christmas presents from Takashimaya (The Wallet Shop gym bag =]) and a few others from a few other people. XD On 23rd while tending to my virtual farm, Kenneth suddenly sent me a Facebook message telling me that there would be a countdown at his place and should make sure that I told XY... XD

Next morning woke up at around 8am, then got ready and walked to school for the PMR results retrieval event. As school magazine photographer, I was supposed to be present for events like this, take pictures and all that, but I had no camera and the teacher in charge didn't have the key to the editorial room, so the pictures had to be taken with my 2MP phone camera. =P

I waited till around lunch time only did I make my way home after picking up a few things from S&L. The walk to and fro school gave me a huge blister on my left foot. Oh yeah, I spotted a Ruki-impersonator at school.

Upon getting home my legs were killing me, seriously. I played a bit of Pizza Frenzy, ate some pan mee, then took a nice long bath. Near 7pm mum got home and I got ready for the countdown party, just B&W beach pants and my pink T-shirt. We picked Yeanchi up from her place, then headed to Kenneth's house at Taman Naga Emas. The party included Hong Shi, Pui Yee, Kha Mun, Jo Ann, Ee Von, Siew Ping, Kenneth, Wai Ken, Chiee Leong, Rong Sen, Xin Jie, Zhan Sheng, Yan Shan, Ting Sen, Jonathan, Tee Yen, Kok Ken, Ann Li, Yean Chi, Wan Qing & moi.

Mystery mocktail ingredients =P

For some reason, we went there way too early - Kenneth said 7pm, so we got there 7pm, but there was nothing to do except to wait for 12am and listen to him and Wai Ken jam on Wai Ken's electric guitar. Soon, the pizza Kenneth ordered had arrived - 2 royal masalas, 3 Hawaiian chickens and 2 pepperonis. After eating, we had a round of truth or dare, although since some of us weren't all that familiar with each other, the game was pretty much boring.

Near 12am, they started trading ghost stories while I played with Skippy, Kenneth's Yorkshire terrier (most likely, it looks like one =P) After 12, we walked to the nearby 7-11 to watch birds, supposedly. Once we were out of the house, we started calling people like XY & McD, shouting 'Merry Christmas' as they picked up the phone. We did the same thing in 7-11, which kinda surprised the employees there. XD Mum picked Yeanchi & me from 7-11 and we reached home at 1am, after a short trip in the car which involved a rather long lecture about the things that might have happened if we were caught by people, da da da...

Woke up the next morning, finding my godparents invading my room. XP We went out to MidValley (once again) to shop for the Christmas presents. =) I got my new school shoes, but couldn't find some nice but cheap sneaks like the pair I currently own. Concealer was also a no-go 'cause the only one I found was in Sasa, in the kind of lipstick pack, but priced at RM42.90, for a rather small tube. =P We had Nando's for lunch, did a little bit more shopping, then got some sundaes from McD then headed home.

CK started making a mushroom and bacon quiche by the time we got home. Dinner was as usual, except that CK was busy making her quiche. Just after dinner, godpa came home with one of his old classmates, bringing some ice-kacang home as well. We all had ice-kacangs, bits of quiche and a couple of baths before starting 'Anastasia'.

Breakfast was initially at The Nyonya 'One', but the place wasn't open, so we made a small detour and had our brunch at Old Town Kopitiam. I had a dry curry noodle and hazelnut milk tea, which was so heavy on the hazelnut that it was overwhelming to the point of nausea, seriously. Some PC time after arriving home, then got ready for dinner with godpa's old classmates from '69, I think. We were ready at 6pm, godpa got back at 7.

We went all the way to USJ for a fish head dinner at F4. Godma wasn't really enthusiasted. =P I felt seriously overdressed - V-neck top & jeans, boots, my gym bag XD, hoop earring on my left ear and chain mail earring on my right plus a biased ponytail. The dinner lasted till around 10, then we went to a classmates house at USJ5 (all bungalows, no joke man). We listened to the men talk about politics and other crappy stuff till 11, then went home.

Had some mango, some guitar serenading, then off to bed, although I had some difficulties falling asleep as I had a snoring choir on my right. =P Woken up rather unceremoniously to see my godparents off. Deraisined some banana walnut cake, saw them off, then went back to sleep till mum woke me up for lunch at Yang Kee (beef noodles =D).

Right now I'm trying to convert Bella's Lullabye's piano score into a guitar score, but to no avail. Some of the notes are too high, and there are not enough frets on my fretboard to accomodate those notes. =P

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas shopping?


I went to church today (Abundant Life Baptist Church I think) with our hosts. We had hymns, worshipping, fellowship, etc. Saw Unc Patrick, Auntie Theresa (I think it's spelled like that =x), Joshua and Lydia for the first time in a few years there. It seems Lydia wasn't eating well and was malnutritioned (correct vocab?). Anyways, after church we had lunch at Foster's. I had a lunch set - Hokubee Fillet Steak (with walnut sauce~), soup of the day (clam chowder), dessert (orange crepes with fruits and ice cream) and coffee, all for S$16.80. We went home, did a little swimming at around 5+pm, then went for dinner at Boon Tong Kee in Katong. We had tofu, chicken, veggies, the typical Chinese dinner. While waiting for seats outside, Unc TW and I chatted about the cosplay stuff. XD It's so popular and yet I didn't know about it - there are cosplay events at Suntec City every Sunday. I'm gonna find the nearest cliff and throw myself off of it. =P



On to Daiso @ IMM~! You could say that this is my fave shop in S'pore - everything in there is sold at a fixed price of S$2, which is RM4.90 after the exchange rate, and trust me, most things in there are well worth the money. We (popo, mum, MX, KW Unc TW & moi) got loads and loads of stuff, mine were a black striped beanie and my mocha cupcake~ XD For lunch we got a table just opposite Daiso's checkout counters, called Hong Kong something. =P I had pork chop cheese baked rice, which was absolutely deelish, but my desert was more or less ruined - I ordered a honeydew sago dessert, but I got my cousin's mango pudding with sago and pomelo (too rich with too much sago). Grr... We then drove around to a mall near city hall (forgot the name, but the shops there are mostly wholesale stores). We browsed around and got some stuff - I got myself a black umbrella that doubles as a self-defense weapon.

We walked on to the next door Funan Digitalife Mall. We checked out the Sony Ericsson Aino (which was Unc TW and my dream phone~ XD We had some soya drinks at Jollibean (J Freeze coffee soya for me~), then went on to Excelsior Shopping Centre to check out the guitars. The moment I stepped in, I was like OMBMFG... It's a guitarist's heaven~! They got load of music shops, most of them specializing in guitars. We checked out Music Theme and Dave's Guitar the most, 'cause Unc TW just found out that I was planning to take up the electric after finishing the classic courses. We met Eunice there, then drove straight to LTN at Siglap for dinner after a stop at home for refreshments. XD

I had just realized that it was Monday when we were jamming in the living room. I tried to call Ammonite to tell them I was gonna bail, but just couldn't. It was only after we had finished dinner around 9.30pm (the time my class starts) that I finally found a way to call Ammonite. I felt like throwing myself off the tallest building then. Oh yeah, we had loads of stuff for dinner tonight, the highlight being the salted egg yolk crab and the black pepper crab~~



Godma took leave today and took us to Ngee An City for shopping. We had breakfast at Imperial Palace Nan Bei Restaurant - dimsum and such. After breakfast we shopped around in Takashimaya - Christmas present budget = S$50. I more or less only accompanied the people looking at stuff. And I noticed that the really good looking guys (those who fit in my category anyways XD) and those working there and not those shopping there. I think in a way that's a good thing, that means that the good looking ones are actually earning money to spend for themselves and not swiping away their parents' money. XDXDXD

I got myself a gym/tote bag which took up S$36 of my Christmas present budget, leaving me with S$14 more to spend. XD While walking to Paragon across the street after shopping at Takashimaya, we stopped by the ice cream stall right in front of the main entrance and had the party's favourite - ice cream sandwich, with bread. =) I had ripple while others had blueberry and chocolate respectively.

We shopped around Metro in Paragon, godma and mum got a couple new tops, while I was eyeing the maxi dresses. Something about maxi dresses captures my attention, maybe it's 'cause of the length of it... Anyways, I didn't get my dress, 'cause I wouldn't wear it all that often anyway, I was thinking of it as a CNY dress. We shopped till around dinner time, then drove to Old Hong Kong Kitchen at Novena. We got lost a couple of times 'cause the only direction we got was from godma, and she's not a driver. For dinner was really authentic and deelish Cantonese cuisine. Since the Kitchen didn't have the mango pudding with sago and pomelo dessert, we drove to Katong's Old HK Tea House for it. =)



I was woken at 5+am this morning to get ready to pick up the little bundle of joy from Clementi Ave 2. When we arrived at Natasha's unit, the parents weren't awake yet. My cousin woke up to find his bedroom raided by his parents. XD We waited till around 7am for the hot mom to pack everything Natasha needed for the whole day at nana's place. =) I dozed off during the trip back, then slept till 12pm when we got back. She wasn't used to the new play pen her nana got for her, so everytime she was put in it, a bout of crying was expected. By the time I was refreshed mum said we should go get lunch from LTN - cheap and nice and well worth the price.

We had our economical rice (mine was tofu, beans and fish cake~) at home, then spent the rest of the day at home as well as we had a little adorable girl with us. We went to the Clementi Food Centre for dinner - fish soup with rice, satay and otak-otak~! After dinner we went to browse a clearance sale - rock bottom prices of S$1-S$10. I got a tank, canvas pants and beach shorts, in gold. XD



We had little Natasha with us for another day, this time someone else was assigned to go help pick her up, 'cause I was just to tired. =x I had awaken near lunch time (again) and we were to go to Swensen's at Terminal 2 of Changi Airport for lunch. I had a Breaded Chicken Meuniere (more breading than actually chicken, honestly speaking), and the fish and chips were nice~ We had dessert, ice creams, so to speak. Mum and MX had Sticky Chewy Chocolates, KW and godma had banana splits, and I had myself a Frosty something. Of all things to forget I forget it's name, anyways, it's mocha (I think) ice cream, melted chocolate, chocolate chips, chocolate coated biscuit balls with whipped cream and a chocolate dipped wafer to top it off. Heavenly, but I preferred the Cookie Summit I had the previous visit~ =)

We walked around once again, stopping at The Body Shop and Periwinkle to browse. I want a concealer, but the one I saw at The Body Shop didn't have a price. >_< Dinner at Paradise Inn at last~! Located at Funan Digitalife Mall, the food there's deelish, that is, if you have the cash. =x My fave there's the salted egg yolk prawns and the coffee ribs~ Absolutely heavenly~~~



Last day here, so we were going for the infamour DuckTours at Suntec City. We had brunch from Toast Box at Food Republic, then went to the restrooms before the tour. To Singaporean citizens who don't know this: you get a 40% discount off the total amount you have to pay! Flash your ID cards~!!! Althought the tour was limited to the few places around Suntec City, there were actually many thing we didn't know about Singapore - the Singapore Flyer was once the tallest ferris wheel in the world, but is now replaced by the one in Beijing; the Saint Andrew's Cathedral was rebuilt twice as the first to buildings were struck by lightning; there are no rooms in the Raffles Hotel, but the Presidential Suite, complete with a butler, and a one night stay costs around S$8000, etc. The tour lasted for an hour, after that we had lunch at Food Republic again. I had a curry laksa and some stolen pork and century egg porridge and carrot cake. XD

What other to do but shop? XD We headed to Centrepoint and Orchard Centre on Orchard Road for shopping and some cooling coffee at Coffee Bean. We took the MRT home, then had a quick swim as MX hadn't swam at all 'cause of her monthly friend. =x It was Friday and there were some gatherings around the pool - a group of college kids chatting beside the pool and some freshmen or sophomores playing around at the staircase. Splish-splash and swimming competitions with vulgar language was more or less rather common nowadays, but when it came to bath time... OMG... Gals went to guy's showers and guys went to gal's showers. While MX and I were already dressing, the guys suddenly turned off all the lights in the shower, and those idiotic girls went screaming their heads off. So much to giving in to your enemies. =P

Before setting off for dinner at LTN, godma complained about those guys at the pool to the guard house. It seems that it was a teacher who brought them here. What happened to adult supervision? Anyways, we had a lovely dinner, then went to Hong Kong Tea House for a final round of mango sago pudding with pomelo. This round I tried the cream of walnut, didn't taste all that good till I added sugar. XP What I would give to actually live in Singapore - even the guys are my type. XDXDXD



I just remembered that I didn't exactly practice what I should have practiced on the guitar. My insides were churning. We started our trip home at around 11am. Before that KW suffered big time for having wet the bed. She slowly ate her noodles and I finished what was left of the log cake godma brought back. Some last minute packing and goodbyes and we were off. I slept from the time we passed Malaysian immigration, till around 2pm. We weren't 3/4 way there! There were traffic jams almost all the way 'cause it was raining and there were accidents, one of them a flipped car. O.O We reached home at around 4pm, then flash unpacked.

CK came home from 'work' then told mum that she was gonna go for some kind of reunion dinner with Amelia and Wisely. Wisely reminded me of Princess Ai, then I asked him whether he could pass the comics to CK. Initially he didn't know that CK was gonna go as well, but he passed them anyways. Thanks, Wisely~! XD

My dinner? Thin pasta with triple mushroom pasta sauce, straight from the pot. Watched the Rape of Europe till around 1am. That wraps it up. My Facebook photo uploader ain't working, so I'll post the pics later~ =)

Ps. Pics link here :

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Shopping spree~!

In my case, it's a definite shopping spree. It's been a really long time since I've bought so many things at such high prices. XD We arrived at MidValley (once again) at around 9am. The main objective was to do some Christmas shopping and to get a playpen for my little niece~~
We shopped around and had lunch before going to Jusco to get the Graco playpen. There was the same one at Mothercare (along with many other cheap looking, overpriced playpens), but at Jusco we got rebates in the form of points. We went to The Face Shop to get some facial wash, makeup brushes and eyeliners. Then to Sasa to check out the palettes, but the brands were unheard of, so we passed. We got some Christmas presents from L'Occitane, and as we passed by Shu Uemura, we got the eyelid primer (at long last), although on the pack it said that it was cream eyeshadow. I went to Sasa and told the shop assistant that I wanted eyelid primer, what she showed me was lip balms. Bobbi Brown is really brown - most of the shadow palettes were in shades of brown and tan.
Before that in Jusco, we got some underwear and tops. My seamless brassiers (I finally upgraded to C-cup~!) were the most comfortable brassiers I've ever worn in my life. I got another top from T:IZED Ladies again, but this time in red other than black. I have to get some more colour in my wardrobe, seriously. I'm getting a pink dress for my CNY new clothes... XD
We started our journey to Singapore this morning at 10am, after around an hour of last minute confirmations and boot stuffing. We arrived at around 2pm. After that we more or less just lolled around, waiting for the little princess to arrive with her cool dad and hot mom. XD We set up the playpen before they arrived, and the hot mom was thrilled with the amount of baby clothes that mum brought for her.
We watched TV till Unc TW called and said he had another half hour till he reaches home, take a bath then drive to Bayshore Park. I took my bath, then -- MAKEUP~! I know, you're thinking 'again?'. ;D This time I have my angled brush and gel liner brush~ And also my eyelid primer~~
MidValley's expenses for the day:
UNDERWEAR - 4 FOR RM118 + 2xRM10
TOTAL = RM328.93#
I really love my aviators. I wore them for the whole trip today~ XD For dinner tonight was West Coast Mall's Dian Xiao Er which specializes in roast duck. We got there a little later than James, so the food had arrived before the people. I had little Natasha right beside me, the hyperactive little girl~~ Today's wardrobe? My new top and my miniskirt. I pulled the skirt right down to my hips to cover up my thunder thighs, ugh... My 2" hoop earrings and my usual wrist accessories. I'll post a pic later, I'm waiting for the bathroom and mum's gonna come out at any time. Let's hope there's makeup remover somewhere in the house. =P
Well, gotta go, I'll post pics later~~

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I had a real weird dream last night, involving Ivan from PetVille and a Kevin Costner-like character, and a pair of blond, British twins. It started with an evil king like character showing the evil stuff around his castle to the twins, then suddenly I was told by some guy to swim to an island with a bright red light if I wanted to keep my life.

Then it suddenly fast forwarded a few years, I was in America with my lover XD (I would like to think of this character as Uruha, but he was blond and sported a close shave =x) who was something like a ranked person in the army and was great friends with the Lieutenant (something like that, this is the Kevin Costner-like character =P) and his dear wife.

On a nice sunny day, there were suddenly bomber planes flying through the sky (they looked Nazi-ish to me XD). We were told to evacuate to the neighboring island, swimming accross the stretch of sea. We (my partner, Kevin Costner and his wife) arrived on the island together and was suddenly shampooing in a concrete stair corridor thingy. o.O

Then it was suddenly like a vision, Ivan (PetVille =x) and some other people who were outside were bring mercilessly slaughtered by Asians. Then suddenly Kevin Costner was on the stair landing with a sword in his abdomen.

Fast forward to a girl's schooldays. This girl was called Andrea and was related to Kevin Costner. She was kinda like on social lockdown, very tough and strong. I'm assuming that whoever who was on the killing spree somehow spared the wife, then gave birth to Kevin Costner's daughter, something like that.

This is more or less the weirdest dream I've ever had. =x

Monday, December 7, 2009



1. You & your ex – are over
2. What are you listening to - MapleSEA Sleepywood soundtrack
3. Maybe I should – get a life
4. I love – Uruha~!
5. I don't understand – why god treats me so unfairly
6. I have lost my respect for – doing the most embarassing things in front of the biggest of crowds
7. I last ate – fried noodles


1. Is your hair wet? - no
2. Is your cell phone right by you? - yea, right next to my left hand
3. Do you miss someone? - I dunno
4. Are you wearing chap stick? - nope, I'm at home
5. Are you tired? - kinda
6. Are you wearing pajamas? - it's 5pm, what do you think?
7. Are you mad? - I'm crazy

Are you shy?
I have that kind of shy kid syndrome thingy

Could things get any better?
I dunno

Did you wake up in the middle of the night last night?

Has there been anyone particular on your mind at all today?
me + my pathetic life

Do you ever crack your knuckles/ back/ ankles/ wrists/ etc
Many times a day

Could you date someone taller than you?
Sure, why not?

Do you need to say anything to someone?
Yea, I gotta tell mum about my helix piercing

Honestly, does your crush like you back?
My crush is a visual kei guitarist, what do you think?

Do you think anyone has feelings for you?
Don't know, don't care

Do you wear glasses?

Lyrics from the song you're listening to?
MapleSEA soundtrack doesn't have lyrics

Did you go outside for more than 30 minutes today?
Would love to, but locked in all day

Honestly, what's running through your mind?
I dunno

Have you ever asked a girl for advice?
Most of my problems can only be understood by girls =x

Ever kissed under water?
Nope and not looking forward to it

When was the last time you were told you were cute?
Don't care

How late did you stay up last night?
Around 12+am

Do you think boys truly understand girls?

What is one word you seem to always misspell that you know you shouldn't?

What was the last movie you watched?
Ice Age 3

Last song played more than three times?
Chizuru by the GazettE

Last person to fall asleep with?

Ever skip class?
I'm a bad student, what do you think?

What color is your room?
Beige-ish white?

Who'd you have lunch with?
My girlies

Have you ever kissed someone you weren't dating?
My family?

Are you ticklish?

Does your ex have a job?
Don't know, don't care

How many piercings do you have?
6 in total - 2 on left, 3 lobes + 1 helix on right, 2 more helixes coming up next year XD

Have you held hands with anybody in the past week?
My teddy bear

Do you want any tattoos?

Will you cry at your wedding?
Hard to say

Are you wearing any clothes that don’t belong to you?

What are your plans for the weekend?
4 hour drive to S'pore, sleep, then dinner with relatives~~

You have to get a facial piercing, what do you get?
Lip or brow

Do you have a little sister?
A fact of life -I do

Do you like Taylor Swift?
A little

Last time you were heart broken?
When I was 13

Do you sleep with the door open or closed?

Have you ever dated a soccer player?
Nope, but I do hope to date a guitarist or makeup artist

Do you hope your children are like you one day?
In the positive ways, yes

Do you take walks often?

Needles aren't so horrible?

Do you like meeting new people?
Depends on my mood

Would you rather have long or short hair?

Favorite book that was made into a movie?

Do you like tattoos and piercings?

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Auspicious day for weddings *blek~*

Oh yeah, it's a real auspicious day. Woke up at 5.30am this morning when I set my alarm at 6am. Got out of bed, drank my morning coffee, got cleaned up and freshened, then ... MAKEUP TIME~!! My mum helped me pick out a top for the day, which happened to be my rahter old green and purple stained criss-cross necked top. After that, I put together a look to match the top, which meant using green and purple shadows. Light brown and brown for the base, highlighted brow bones (white), then smokey bright green on the upper lid crease and a rather deep purple on the outer 1/3 of the lower lash line. After that, a little eyeliner on the outer lower lash line and smoke some purple there so it looks like a rather light smokey eye makeup. Forgive the messy hair and poor color contrast of the pic. Here's what it looks like after around 5 hours. XD

Aunt Lily came to pick us (mum, CK, Sam, MX and I) from our place, then went to Kepong for bak kut teh breakfast at Kim Tek Bak Kut Teh. Fully loaded with Chinese herbs and fatty pork legs. I just couldn't get used to Aunt Lily's driving - her speed ranged from 40-75 km/h, while mum usually drives at 80-90+ km/h if the speed limit's that high. Around 8+ we got to the bride's house, in this case mum's colleague Ai Ling. We were among the earliest to arrive there, the groom's bridal cars arriving right after us. As the whole group of said relatives hadn't arrived yet, the cameramen (namely me and CK, me using Handycam), we waited at a table and talked about Chinese wedding elements, like the auspicious words to be said during whatever, whenever and the things to be done, who drinks the tea first, etc. We were treated to a nice view of drying underwear. =x

At around 9 the relatives finally arrived, and the bargaining and ceremonies could start. I've finally had some real experience being a cameramen - ignorant bystanders who treat you like a stretch of wall, noisy kids who run around screaming and shouting, people squeezing past right the very spot which has the best angle, etc. Plus, I was standing right next to the table with the joss sticks and burning candles, ventilation in the house was horrible. Anyways, they finished up the tea-drinking and angpow-giving rites, then back to the car to head to the groom's place. The BMW was so fast almost everyone couldn't catch up, including us. XD On the way there, we spotted around 2-3 more wedding cars.

The groom's place was badly setup for photography. Auspicious as it is to have the altar facing the doorway, seriously bad for photography. Since it was around 11am, the sun was bright, and the newly weds had their back against the light, and people were crowded around the places with the best angles. Grrr... Anyways, it was all tea-drinking and angpau-giving all over again, but this time to the relatives on the groom's side. The kids were actually real cute, but a teensy bit annoying. Finally, my job as cameraman (or girl, in this case) was done. I sat around in the front yard sipping Coke and listening to conversations, at the same time observing the bride's makeup. Bridal makeup is really neutral, a little unfortunately, 'cause you can't express your imaginativity like usual. XD

We finally made our way home, mum went out for facial... Oh yeah, I finally tied my hair up. I hadn't tied up my hair since 20th November (TS trip XD) 'cause of the helix piercing. Aunt Lily also brought up the piercings topic during our morning chat, and she's gonna know sooner or later anyway, so why wait any longer?

We're gonna have banana walnut cake today~

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Obssession is a strong feel of liking or something like that towards something or someone. In my case, this feeling applies to lots of stuff and people - chocolate, puppies, ice cream, cookies, Uruha, Miyavi, Gackt, hyde, visual kei, J-rock, eyeshadow palettes, eyeliners, movies, going out with my girls, ridiculously high heels (which I don't own yet), black, piercings, tattoos (even temporary ones XD), mobile phones, sleek and stylish laptops/notebooks (don't own that yet either), etc... Truthfully speaking, the list could go on and on and on and on, but for now all this is what I could come up with. XD
Been listening to Chizuru, Guren, Defective Tragedy and Cassis all the time lately. Been paying special attention to Ruki's lyrics and Uruha & Aoi's guitars. I really love the GazettE. Obssessed, actually. Also been listening to some older songs on YouTube lately, among them Britney Spears' Stronger, but the video was loading so slowly I didn't bother. What caught my eye was Britney's eye makeup in the music video. I was like, 'Ooookay, I like that...' I searched YouTube for a tutorial on said makeup. Found one by a gorgeous South American lady (I think), who gave a step by step tutorial on the whole thing, stating the products used and demonstrating how to apply and blend, etc. My favourite video tutorial to date. XD My favourite tutorial ever is the Cool Eye Makeup tutorial by Haze Long on BlushBerry. She's updating to BBv2 right now. =)
I've planned my makeup for Chinese New Year~! I know it's not even Christmas yet, but it's a good opportunity to show off a bit... XD I'll try to start planning my Christmas look, but I doubt that I'll have any chance to use that look as I don't think I'll be going anywhere on Christmas except celebrating it at home till late at night. The colours I'm using for my CNY look are the auspicious colours like gold and red (pink, actually, don't have red pigments at home =x). Makeup also needs matches, so I'm thinking of looking for a pink (or near that colour) dress or top while shopping for CNY clothes next year. I'll try mixing green and red and white for my Christmas look... XD
Speaking of which, I should look for a good eyelid primer and eyeliner pencil/eyeliner brush. My shadows tend to fade just a while after application, and I can't keep using liquid liner. It's better to use pencil liner first then only go over the pencil with the liquid (right?). I do have an eyeliner 'pencil' at home, but it's more like a crayon to me. The bits of pigment just break off from the main piece. As for the existing Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner in #2 Sepia Ink (a dark brownish), I only have an eye makeup brush as an applicator and I don't have a proper angled brush yet (my current angled brush is what was left over from my old childish ways when I was 10, the bristles are extremely short). I've more or less gotten used to applying my gel liner with the eye makeup brush, but the lines are thick, and I need to liner my upper lid sometimes. ARRRRGGGGHHHHHH~!!
Here's my Christmas wishlist (although only one of them might come true =P):
= Coastal Scents 88 Palette =
= Tote bag =
= Strappy heels (for all occassions XD) =
= A day out with my girlies =
= Chocolate mousse XD =