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Monday, November 23, 2009

So much for happy holidays... It's only the first Monday of the first week of the last term holidays and I'm already bored. Usually it takes me a while to get suited to the daily routine, which was waking at 12, playing games, watching TV, eating, playing, then sleeping at around 3 in the morning. These days I'm sleeping at 11 and waking up at 8. WTH...

According to some sites, using salted water to soak or wash the helix will help with disinfection and healing whereas alchohol and hydrogen peroxide (I think) would help disinfect but would prolong the healing process. Wonder if tea tree oil helps, XY told me when I was Form 1 that it helps, but what it helps with still remains a mystery. My ear's now swollen, thanks to my accidental brush with my hand while washing my hair. Ouch.

Wonder if the girls are planning to go anywhere during the hols. Previously Yeanchi said they were planning the go roller skating at Endah Parade, and I thought I would go along to get my piercing since the going-home-at-around-6pm Times Square trip sounded impossible (temptation got the better of me in the end). So I guess I'll skip that one and try to round up a date to go watch New Moon or Ninja Assassin, or both, preferably with Chiuyee and Yuning.

I so want to go to Cameron's with the girls again... The experience was nice - playing cards together, having a nice warm dinner on a chilly raining evening, sharing strawberries, and laughing like a maniac for over half an hour (that would be me XD). Oh yeah, and freezing at night 'cause Yeanchi was rolling the sheets off me... XD

The S'pore trip still has to wait for around a month, and then my secret will be blown. We'll be going swimming, tennis, dinners, etc that requires a ponytail, or there's no way to hide the helix. The secret's bound to come to light soon, anyway, I'll just have to keep it out of sight for as long as possible. Keeping the original piercing stud on for 4 months seems inpossible, seeing that I only have around a month + a week of school holidays (darn, I thought I only had to keep it on for 2 months... grr...).

Jus watched Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince last night with sis and Sam. They edited and cut out so many parts that I doubt whether they followed the book at all. Usually the water works come on when a character dies, but when Snape killed Dumbledore in the movie I was barely bored... Searching for GazettE tracks with sis' Ares. Rather slow... =x

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