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Saturday, November 28, 2009

It's suddenly illegal to express your opinions among your family members.
How unfair can this world get?
They say being the eldest is the hardest because of the responsibility.
They say being the youngest is the hardest because you get bullied by the elder ones.
Anyone ever think about the ones stuck in the middle?
Temperament towards you from the eldest depends on their current mood.
Do anything to upset the younger one and the adults will defend them without question.
What kind of fucking world is this?
Both of them get to go out, have sleepovers, go to friends' birthday parties.
I just got home late from a party and I was banned to ever go to any parties again.
They can get failing grades and just get a few words of nagging.
I get a grade lower than A and I get a whole apocalypse coming at me.
Even my choice of career isn't exactly ideal for them.
Everything about me is criticized - my hair, my idols, my choice of music.
So what if I'm deeply obssessed with Japanese gutarists who wear lots of makeup?
So what if I like black and wear it all the time?
So what if I like my fringe long?
So what if I wanna get helix piercings?
They get taunted and teased for liking a guy or having a boyfriend.
I get disapproving looks and negative comments.

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