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Monday, November 30, 2009


The GazettE's guitarist Uruha (real name Takashima Kouyou~)
Nokia N97 smartphone~~~
Last but not least, Taylor Lautner~ XD

Saturday, November 28, 2009

It's suddenly illegal to express your opinions among your family members.
How unfair can this world get?
They say being the eldest is the hardest because of the responsibility.
They say being the youngest is the hardest because you get bullied by the elder ones.
Anyone ever think about the ones stuck in the middle?
Temperament towards you from the eldest depends on their current mood.
Do anything to upset the younger one and the adults will defend them without question.
What kind of fucking world is this?
Both of them get to go out, have sleepovers, go to friends' birthday parties.
I just got home late from a party and I was banned to ever go to any parties again.
They can get failing grades and just get a few words of nagging.
I get a grade lower than A and I get a whole apocalypse coming at me.
Even my choice of career isn't exactly ideal for them.
Everything about me is criticized - my hair, my idols, my choice of music.
So what if I'm deeply obssessed with Japanese gutarists who wear lots of makeup?
So what if I like black and wear it all the time?
So what if I like my fringe long?
So what if I wanna get helix piercings?
They get taunted and teased for liking a guy or having a boyfriend.
I get disapproving looks and negative comments.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Uncontented might be the word

It's been one whole week since the holidays started (for me anyway). A few friends and I started our holidays a little earlier with a little adventurous trip to Times Square. My helix has done fine dunring the first week, but it's still a little swollen (according to Sam =P). Tea tree oil before and after sleep, then disinfecting during my afternoon/evening bath, which has left my hair smelling of the disinfectant despite the shampooing and conditioning.

A few days back mum came home in an OK mood, but after she changed and came down to do her stuff, her mood hit near rock bottom. Apparently (I only knew today) that it was because my sis got a speeding ticket, but she couldn't have got that ticket 'cause at that time and date, she was in class. Sam's now asking a friend to help her get it settled in Penang. By the way, he's cooking tonight... XD

Godparents were supposed to come this morning, but yesterday mum suddenly called back (MX got the phone) and said they weren't coming back after all, 'cause godfather had some work to attend to. This morning woke up at 7+am (o.0) and tried to sleep till around 9.15am (mum said to be ready by 10am) and quickly got ready. I felt the slight temptation to slab on lots of eyeshadow like when I'm experimenting with the shadow palette while I was washing my face, but thought better of it... XD Instead just a little lash-curling and some mascara, plus some lipgloss.

Some perfume, grabbed my avies and some cash then waited as mum refilled the radiator. Grandma was supposed to be going for mahjong games at Cheras, but before we got out of the house she was already out of the house buying numbers. Mum found some grease-like substance on the engine casings (which aren't supposed to be there) and called a few people, among which were her mechanic, who said that the problem might be and air-conditioner pipe burst. She arranged for an appointment at Leong's Air Conditioners (in Puchong, by the way, give it a shot, really good place =D) the next morning. After a while of waiting and cat-watching (3 rather heavy-looking cats), grandma finally emerged from the crowd of morning-coffee drinkers.

We dropped her at Cheras, then went off to find a Shell station 'cause the 'tank empty' light was on. The nearest one (along the highway opposite Bandar Tasik Selatan LRT station) was closed, so we had to go along the whole stretch of highway back to Seri Petaling. We set off to the city centre after that. Had lunch at Nando's before we started to do any shopping at all. How is it that chips aren't ready at 11+am 'cause the oil is not hot enough yet?!

We went in search of a boutique called Bilberry Fashion, where I got my new jeans (argh... I haven't got a photoshoot yet...) in search of more jeans... =__= We stopped at some deco shops on the search. We (CK & I) were mostly looking at bags, tote bags in particular. She needed one, I seriously craved one (it's a female thing... XD) There were lots and lots of'em, many of which were really nice. Unfortunately, I only brought RM25, and the bag I really, really liked (from Bilberry) was RM38.

Mum wasn't going to fork out on anything but clothes for me 'cause we already had bags, and since we didn't exactly give them good temperament, no new bags from her. There was a sale in Times Square where lots of tote bags were on sale (Yeani bought one) and saw a few that were really, really, really (x 9999) nice, and I had the cash, but then what would mum say if I suddenly came home late with a brand new bag? Surely I couldn't pass it off as a late birthday present (although it did happen at one point to some one), so I passed the opportunity. Since then, I've been bugging sis about that. XD

Anyway, they got a belt, some jeans and a nice ruffled halter neck top for my mum's colleague's wedding. I already have more than enough pairs of jeans (3 in total, actually), so why want more? We went around Petaling Street looking mainly at bags and more dressy dresses (oh, those beautiful shoes... ~>w<~), then waited for mum to buy some delicious spongerusks from Washington Cakehouse, got some lily bulbs (?) from an Indian who spoke perfect Cantonese and some flowers for decorating the altar.

Upon arriving home, mum arranged the flowers while CK took pictures of them. After that we showed mum Miss Q-Mar's vids and the Punjabi Bhangra version of Jingle Bells (seriously funny... XD). At around 5.30pm before I took my bath, I played around with the Elizabeth Arden shadow palette that Carol-san gave us and the Maybelline New York Tri-Colour Palette in Three Chocolate.

Waited for the maids to go home only did I start cooking my dinner (around 8pm) - Heinz Iron-Enriched Pasta Shaped with Campbell's Cream of Mushroom Potage. Kinda sickening, actually. Somehow the taste of Campbell's has become a little weird (to me). And although I cooked the pasta for 10+ minutes as per the instructions on the box, the pasta seemed a little undercooked. Lucky thing I wasn't cooking for CK and/or Sam, if not I'll have a handful of constructive criticisms thrown at me...

Hoping for more makeup tutorials on BlushBerry (I'll wait for Miss Haze to finish upgrading her blog =D) and Makeup Piggy .

Monday, November 23, 2009

So much for happy holidays... It's only the first Monday of the first week of the last term holidays and I'm already bored. Usually it takes me a while to get suited to the daily routine, which was waking at 12, playing games, watching TV, eating, playing, then sleeping at around 3 in the morning. These days I'm sleeping at 11 and waking up at 8. WTH...

According to some sites, using salted water to soak or wash the helix will help with disinfection and healing whereas alchohol and hydrogen peroxide (I think) would help disinfect but would prolong the healing process. Wonder if tea tree oil helps, XY told me when I was Form 1 that it helps, but what it helps with still remains a mystery. My ear's now swollen, thanks to my accidental brush with my hand while washing my hair. Ouch.

Wonder if the girls are planning to go anywhere during the hols. Previously Yeanchi said they were planning the go roller skating at Endah Parade, and I thought I would go along to get my piercing since the going-home-at-around-6pm Times Square trip sounded impossible (temptation got the better of me in the end). So I guess I'll skip that one and try to round up a date to go watch New Moon or Ninja Assassin, or both, preferably with Chiuyee and Yuning.

I so want to go to Cameron's with the girls again... The experience was nice - playing cards together, having a nice warm dinner on a chilly raining evening, sharing strawberries, and laughing like a maniac for over half an hour (that would be me XD). Oh yeah, and freezing at night 'cause Yeanchi was rolling the sheets off me... XD

The S'pore trip still has to wait for around a month, and then my secret will be blown. We'll be going swimming, tennis, dinners, etc that requires a ponytail, or there's no way to hide the helix. The secret's bound to come to light soon, anyway, I'll just have to keep it out of sight for as long as possible. Keeping the original piercing stud on for 4 months seems inpossible, seeing that I only have around a month + a week of school holidays (darn, I thought I only had to keep it on for 2 months... grr...).

Jus watched Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince last night with sis and Sam. They edited and cut out so many parts that I doubt whether they followed the book at all. Usually the water works come on when a character dies, but when Snape killed Dumbledore in the movie I was barely bored... Searching for GazettE tracks with sis' Ares. Rather slow... =x

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Yesterday was the best and considerably worst day of my life...

After a few days of planning, we finally planned our outing to Berjaya Times Square, mainly to watch the well awaited 2012. The party? - Yeanchi, her sis, Yuriko, Hui, Ling, Hsinyiee, Xinyi, Qing, Hongshi and moi. Ling and Hui were supposed to arrive at my place to wait for Yeanchi to pick us up althogether, but just te previous night of the outing they calcelled it 'cause... =x So next morning only Hsinyiee showed up at my place around 9+am, then we waited (while playing with mascara XD) till around 10am then went out to the street junction to wait for Yeanchi to arrive. Since I told everyone at home that I was off to school to help the teachers organize the returned books, I had to put up a small show. I wore the school carnival T-shirt over my black tank with my black jacket in my bag.

Yeanchi's dad dropped us off at the Bukit Jalil LRT station, then we got our tickets from a grouchy 'why-don't-you-buy-your-tickets-all-at-once' counter guy, then hung around to wait for Anneyeng, during which we met Khamun's group of 4. Around 11am, Anneyeng finally arrived (and also after I've took off the black carnival T-shirt and had everyone staring and teasing while I didn't cover up with the jacket =x). Another reason we were going to TS was 'cause Yuriko had sorta a date with his BF. XD She rushed out of the Hang Tuah LRT station and disappeared from our sight within a short time as her BF had already arrived there since we boarded, which was around 20 minutes ago...

We first went to the cinema on the 3rd floor to collect our tickets, then went around separately to shop. My main objectives was to get my helix and find a good quality eyeliner brush, and of course, have a good time with my buddies 'cause we might not meet till next year. We went around boutiques looking at bags, T-shirts, etc... Some of the girls got themselves some nice T-shirts, while I followed them around buying nothing as it will prove that I've been there and done that. XD We passed by a makeup shop, but I gave up the chance of going in and I couldn't find it after that.

McD was for lunch, right beside the roller coaste track... *shivers~* Ling suddenly disappeared for some time while we were eating and returned from the restrooms due to regurgitation of her breakfast. After we were all done, the whole gang went to the bathroom to relieve our bladders and freshen up. Yeanchi changed her sharp blue plastic point-toed flats to slippers 'cause it gave her blisters, while I had to endure mine, 'cause I didn't have any other 'suitable' shoes. We got out, then saw Yuriko with her BF in front of McD. =____= He sorta reminded me of Chan Hoong and Lance - around Yuriko's height, he could be considered short, but according to Yuriko, he worked as a chef (if my memory serves me correct), so that compensated for the height... XD

We then walked around again, and at around 2pm we started calling on the others to gather at the cinema. During which we stopped at a 4th floor stall to get my piercing. The stall worker was so casual that I really almost lost it. Within a few seconds, the deed was done - I GOT MY HELIX!!! So for now I have 6 piercings, although I plan to have, like Uruha-sama, 9 in total, I can only go for 8. >_<

We entered the cinema just in time, realizing that there was another escalator somewhere further from the ticket counter. We watched some really nice trailers, then the movie started and lasted for supposedly 2 1/2 hours, during which I was labelled as 'missing' by both my sisters and my mum, and Sam. After the movie Liyen called me to ask me where I was and told me that my sis was looking for me. Many phone calls and messages were made and sent respectively in pursuit of my location by my mum and Sam and Liyen.

We arrived at the Hang Tuah station and waited for the next train as the first was was filled to the brim including the long-forgotten Galvin Wong and his buddies, but I was in no mood to have reunions. My mum was calling me, inquiring my location and I just told her that I was at Liyen's place, and had went there since around 6pm. Yeanchi, her sis and I hitched a ride with Yuriko to Endah Parade to pick up her brother from roller skating. Then I hitched a ride back home with Yeanchi.

While I made my way into the house, I prepared myself for the worse - phone confiscation, grounded from going out for x months, Internet ban, etc, but to my greatest relief she believed my story that I was watching a movie at Liyen's house (what I told her during the past few days ahd some elements of truth in them, that I was going to be out of the house with some friends, that I was watching a movie, etc), and I only got a short lecture from her telling me that I have to tell her when I was going where the next time. My secret was safe with Sam, the only person I told yesterday during my rush back home.

The only thing now is to hide my helix as long as possible, but it won't be long before my bubble bursts.
Expenses for the day:
- LRT -- RM3.80
- GSC ticket <2012> -- RM13
- McDonald's lunch -- RM8.35
- Helix - RM12
Grand total = RM37.15#
Spent even less here than going to MV... =x
Camwhoring... =x
Friends for life - QiQi & Chean~
To JW: does this look like BeiBei or not? XD

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Chocolate frenzy

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate~ Easily the most sinful snack you could eat, despite the calming and destressing effects and so on. It's more or less these effects that make you crave more, although the sweetness and utter creamy-ness of the chocolate could be a contributing factor. XD
Here's a simple recipe for my Sinful Chocolate Paste. I ate this as it is, but other variations should be alright. XD
4 squares Van Houten Baking Chocolate
1 1/2 tablespoons fresh milk
1 tablespoon unsalted butter
1-2 tablespoons sugar
Melt the chocolate with the cream in a bowl over a simmering pot of water. Stir with a wire whisk, then add butter and cook till well combined. Add the sugar and stir till all melted into chocolate mixture. Remove from heat when a glossy mixture is obatained. Chill till slightly firm. Enjoy~!
Anyways, I made this three times and the second attempt was the most satisfying. I finally got round to going down to the Via Infinito below Bevelle in Final Fantasy X-2 to get the Cat Nip accessory in order to defeat the Angry Mainyu in Bikanel Desert. After several tries in several cloisters, I finally got it the first time, but then I met a stupid Mega Tonberry which killed my three characters with a few flares and a few Chef's Knives. Grr... Anyway, I've got my Cat Nip accessory and I'm down to cloister 50+, after the stupid Concherer which kept Megatron Press-ing and attacking my characters with its snaily tongue. Yuck~!
So obsessed with hyde now. You gotta give it to the guy - singer, guitarist, rocker, composer, lyricist, husband, dad ... seriously. And I'm finally watching 命中注定我爱你 - on YouTube, with super-slow loading and rather fuzzy visual. It's a good drama, although I've only watched till episode 4.
I love this look, and it has my fave colors~! =3

Friday, November 13, 2009

I am a bad student =P

Rules of the game:
Once you are tagged, you MUST DO this quiz and tag 16 friends, including the person who tagged you. Copy and paste everything, do it and repost the title with whatever rank you were given. Ranks are given at the bottom of this note. If you have done something in this school which is indicated by the sentence, mark the [ ] on the left side of the thing you have done with a x.
Let the game begin.

Level 1:
[x]Sleep in class
[x]Talked in class
[x]Not seating at your own place in class
[x]Scolded by a teacher
[x]Litter the classroom
[x]Did not do your homework
[x]Submitted your homework
[x]put nail polish
[x] lepaking
[x]Did not pay attention in class
[x]dreaming in class
[x]goofing around in class
[x]Copied other people's homework
[x]Played a trick on your classmates

My Total: 14/14

Level 2:
[x]walking around
[x]late in class
[x]was abit naughty
[ ]shouted at the top of your voice during lesson time
[x]scolding vulgarities in class
[x]spotted hairstyle deemed unacceptable by the school
[x]used a school facility without school's permission
[x]play in class
[ ]singing loudly during lesson
[ ]walking around the class aimlessly during lesson time
[x]did not greet the teacher properly
[x]went to the toilet during lesson time without permission
[x]say bad about teacher
[ ]used the teacher's table as a rubbish dump

My Total: 10/14

Level 3:
[x]made a fool out of morning assembly
[ ]wasted the school's toilet paper
[ ]sabotaged someone
[x]irritated someone

My Total: 2/4

Level 4:
[x]forged your parent's signature
[ ]forged a classmate's signature

My Total: 1/2

Level 5:
[x]fiddling with your handphone during lesson time
[x]using school computer to play games without a teacher's permission
[x]listened to an MP3 player in school

My Total: 3/3

Level 6:
[x]vandalise the school property
[x]used the internet
[ ]fought with someone in school

My Total: 2/3

Level 7:
[x]cheated in a class test
[x]cheated in a school examination
[x]Lied to your teacher

My Total: 3/3

Level 8:
[ ]set fire to something in the school
[ ]locked the teacher out of the classroom
[ ]played truancy just after coming to school just to take attendance

My Total: -/3

Level 9:
[ ]refused to pay school fees
[ ]cheated the school money
[ ]stole things which belonged to the school
[ ]bullied someone in school
[ ]pranked called your school

My Total: -/5

Level 10:
[x]raised your voice/shouted against a student leader
[ ]raised your voice/shouted against a teacher
[ ]raised your voice/shouted against your discipline master/mistress
[ ]raised your voice/shouted against your vice-principal
[ ]raised your voice/shouted against your principal

My Total: 1/5

Level 11:
[ ]brought weapons to the school
[ ]brought real firearms to the school
[ ]brought a real bomb to the school
[ ]fired a real weapon in the school with the motive to frighten/kill
[ ]dressed up as a terrorist to school

My Total: -/5

Grand total :

If you are between 0-15 -------------{I am a good student}
If you are between 16-20------------{I am a good student but with occasional trouble}
If you are between 21-30------------{I am an average student}
If you are between 31-40------------{I am a bad student}
If you are between 41-50------------{I am a very bad student}
If you are between 51-60------------{I should have been caned by the discipline master}
If you are between 61-65------------{I should have been expelled from school}
If you are between 66-75------------{I should have been sent to a reformatory centre }

I tagged: anyone and everyone~!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Add maths

OMG... There's still one more week of exams to go... Grr... Add maths, the killer subject, worse than nukes or plagues. I blanked most of my paper 1 sheet, my paper 2 answer sheet was absolutely blank except for a few lines of Japanese writing... =x So that is a definite fail... I got, for my standards, alright marks for Chinese, and there's nothing to comment about English... MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA~!! XD

So after a two-year hiatus (if you could call it that since I didn't play it very often in the first place =x), I finally went for a not-so-serious basketball game with both my sis' and Sam (older sis' BF). Though it was a last minute decision (sis just got back from school and was rushing out), it was fun, and I got the exercise I wanted, well, part of it anyway. =P

Today was nice, except for the add maths exam part. We had a group discussion about various stuff and people, and my favourite part was the Times Square/Mid Valley part. Since our exams finish on the 19th and we're returning our borrowed textbooks on that day as well, many of us are flunking the last school day of the year... XP Some decided to make use of that day and have a day out. We had two alternatives - one, Mid Valley if it's gonna be movies; two, Times Square if it's gonna be shopping. Another point of going is 'cause someone's BF is going to Johor on that day, so they're planning to spend some time together before that, and I'm gonna be the upgraded version of the 140 watt halogen bulb... Yay~! The plans are not specific yet, so they'll have to wait till next week... O.o

MY DEAR XINYI~~~ *muackzzz~* <3
NINGZZZ AKA JOSIE~~~ *muackzzz~* <3

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Eyeliner crisis

OMG... Dinner with mum's ex-colleagues last night was alright, the food was nothing to shout about. The menu - 2 servings of veggies, fried chicken wings, salted egg crab, BBQed fish, bamboo clams (I think this is what they call it), marmite ribs, and that's all I could remember. We were to arrive at Kwai Lam Seafood Restaurant somewhere in Subang (took a long time and lots of calls for correct directions to get there) at around 7pm, so we were to be ready to leave at 6. Around 5.45, sis was in the bathroom taking her own sweet time in there while the other bathroom was otherwise occupied as well. By the time she got out, it was nearing 6pm and mum would blow an artery if one of us were late.

Flash-bathed, brushed my teeth, quickly rummaged through my chest of drawers for a colored (not black) top to go with my new jeans. Pulled everything on within half a minute then went to mum's room for makeup and moisturizer (my nose peels like tree bark). Usually it would take me around 10-15 minutes to get everything to perfection, but I was crunched for time and managed to do it decently within 5. I forgot mascara while trying desperately to apply my eyeliner (Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Eyeliner in #2 Sepia Ink) with a makeup brush... Grrr... Anyway, the whole thing turned out quite well, assuming that I more or less just slapped everything on my face.

Got home, camwhored for around half an hour =x then went to sleep after makeup removal and a quick shower...

Saturday, November 7, 2009

One word - BORED

Despite the exam frenzy going on, I really repel studying. And thus, I'm bored to death at home, althought there is a little activity going on tonight - dinner with mum's friends. My life is sorta getting a little monotonous again... Grr... Now about my first time going to a cybercafe actually to use a PC, and my first time was alone. Yeah, this is pretty normal for most people, including OS 'cause she used to skip class to play. Anyways, payed for 2 hours, then was bored for the 2nd hour, 'cause MapleSEA's character page required a 2nd password to proceed. Grr... After that went to Mirasaa for roti telur and teh tarik, and ordered two thosai take away and a teh tarik for sis and her friend.

Sis has been wanting me to teach her how to do basic makeup for the past month (I think), but till now she hasn't given me the chance. She went for a dinner last night (using her laptop while she was gone), and came back with Sam, all lovey-dovey. I was curious, I thought she had her 'panda'. Anyway after a while she more or less explained that she broke up with 'panda'. Ogei...

Listened to some good classics last night - Celine Dion, Selena, Whitney Houston... Love them.

Please comment on my lame camwhore attemps... =x

Friday, November 6, 2009

Final exam crisis

Of all times for my sis to find out that I lost her cam, I had to do it a night before the Chinese exam. Talk about bad luck. Anyways, the first week of the crappy final exams are finally over. There's chem on Monday, and I'm already dead with History, I left 90% of my subjective and essay paper blank.

I hate exams...

Gotta save up for new cam for sis. Gotta give her the SD card soon, preferably today... =x