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Saturday, October 10, 2009


Arrived at school as usual then waited for Estee* opposite school. I had breakfast at the mamak then changed clothes. We walked back to our school area and flagged a cab. Arrived at the LRT station, got our tickets, then changed trains to KTM and straight to MV. We arrived there fairly early, the shops weren't open yet, so we hung out for a while on a bench near Nichii.

At around 10, went around the place looking at random stuff. At one point we went to Sinma to check out the accessories, and coincidentally spotted the makeup rack. Since the makeup tutorials I've seen mostly involves liquid liner, I thought I'd get one to experiment, but the Korean one in Sinma was RM23, but I didn't check SASA's liner price, I'll see when I get the chance, then I'll go have a little peek. Went to FOS and also looked at accessories, but since we were on a tight budget, we didn't get anything...yet. Walk, walk, walk... Walked to Bata to check out canvas sneaks, unfortunately, none of them caught my eye as the pair I currently own has caught mine. Then passed by Bonita when Estee suddenly pulled me over there. The big promotional "3 for RM10" sign for earrings was, as for most women, irresistible. I chose three pairs in fulfilment of the promotion - cross ones which caught my eye at a stall near McD, but they were RM8 each, fork-and-spoon ones for OS and starry ones for Yuriko.
Walked back up to the stalls near World of Feng Shui so Estee could get her watch. After that had lunch at McD opposite GSC, then went home by LRT, KTM and by foot. Arrived home at around 1.35pm. So, today's expenses:
Taxi = RM5.70/2 = RM2.85
LRT + KTM = RM1.70 x 2 = RM3.40
Breakfast @ mamak = RM2.50
Lunch @ McD = RM7.95 + 5% tax = RM8.35
Earrings from Bonita = RM10/=

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