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Thursday, October 15, 2009

=~MV~= #2

Finally told him yesterday after school... He asked me why, I told him I've decided to follow my mother's advice. He then wanted to know what my mother had told me... The next morning he sent me a message, saying that he'll respect my decision and hopes that our friendship will last...

Once again, I skipped school to go to MV. With Estee as well, and also another friend of her's joined the duo - Kyo. Arrived at school like usual, then headed to nearby mamak to change. After changing, walked to opposite LRT station to take U71 bus to MV (first time with friends~).

Arrived there, and like the previous time, most of the shops hadn't opened yet, so we waited opposite Kamdar while the guy wanted to know about the relationship. Apparently Kyo also knows him, and said he was a super-cute hyper kid during primary school. We more or less wandered around, went to talk a stroll in The Gardens, then back to the initial mall, then we decided on a movie since the three of us had walked through MV countless times and we were to be there till around 3pm. The initial choice was G-Force, but there was only the 3D version and it costed RM17 per person. So that one was out, we were stuck for choice till the lady at the counter suggested Cloudy with A Chance of Meatballs.
The movie finished at around 3pm, so we headed home (more or less). We headed opposite MV to the bus stop and waited for U71. After a rather long time of waiting, it finally arrived, and it was loaded.
I got off near Endah Parade so that I didn't have to walk all the way from school home, while Kyo & Estee wanted to get off at school. Arrived home at around 4pm, quickly took my bath and here I am.
Total expenses
Bus ticket = RM1.90
Movie ticket = RM9/=
I finally found some cheap liquid liner at Hinode (compared to the price at Sinma anyway, I still hadn't checked out Sasa's). But I've yet to purchase it. I think it'll have to wait for next month as I'm seriously broke right now... =x

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