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Monday, October 19, 2009

Makeup attempt #3

Suddenly jumping to number three isn't really practical, but the first two attempts were horrible.
Attempt #1 was a shot at Haze Long's Cool Eye Makeup ( I did as she did, gold and bronze, but my strong color (a rather light purple) wasn't strong enough and I used the wrong technique. According to the tutorial, an angled brush was to be used to apply the strong color, and as if you were applying eyeliner. Instead, I used a cotton bud and applied it as if I was applying eyeshadow.
Attempt #2 was Emeraude's latest 2in1 Gothic Vampire Tutorial for girls and boys~ (VK inspired) ( My aunt had left a small tube of liquid liner here, so I thought I'd experiment. The results turned out badly. Like Amelia said, we should use pencil liner before using the advanced liquid liner.

Attempt #3 turned out OK, but my 2.0MP phone-cam couldn't capture the colors. This was more like shot #2 at Haze Long's Cool Eye Makeup. This time, I used the two shades of matte brown from the Maybelline New York Trio Eyeshadow in Three Chocolate (my fave palette XD) and a tiny bit of the shimmer. For the strong color, I used an emerald green from the Caelygirl Shimmering Day Sparkling Eyes palette. For the mascara I had wanted to use the Flamingo one that we had (tested Majolica Majorca Lash Gorgeous Wing against Flamingo, and Flamingo didn't give as much as a chunky feeling to the lashes as Majolica, but they're both alright). The lip color didn't turn out really well, but still alright, 'cause I used a rather dark color.



And a little playing with the liquid liner~

I had a little fun with the liquid liner last night... XD
My 'model' - my sis... XD I don't have Adobe Photoshop (I think), and I don't know how to use it yet. I'll experiment and maybe the pics will turn out a little better next time... =)

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