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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bio + trouble + makeup attempt #4

How is it that my life became so freakin' complicated (although not as complicated compared to some others' lives) in such a short year?! Anyway, the form 4 Science classes were obsessing over the frog dissection project that was supposed to be 'wajib' for all science classes... Great. The idea of even touching a frog (dead, alive, or sedated) was revolting to me, not to mention cutting it open and examining it's insides... Ugh...
During our time, Yean Chi did everything with a little assistance from Jen Win... Sheau Hui, Hin Ling & me stood at the sidelines filming the approx. half hour torment on my guts and the frog, although it was already dead. Bless it's soul. Moving on.

According to YS, her school's charity sale would most likely be on the coming Friday. Her 'group' was to sell ice-blended drinks, stickers, stationery and miscellaneous stuff like handphone pouches. We went to Petaling Street today at around 9am and I more or less finally understood why my mum sorta despised KL City Centre. The traffic, pedestrians, the shops, the humidity and CO filled air. There were lots of constructions going around, so we parked in front of Central Market then walked to Petaling Street and more or less explored the shop around it.

First shop we stopped at (outside, actually) was a shop selling belly-dancing outfits (or so it seems). We walked along the dark paths, as you may call them, skimming through the shops looking for something that might be of interest to us, or something like that. We stopped at a fashion boutique, as my mum had spotted a nice sequined sleeveless top, but after further inspection, she decided against purchasing it 'cause the colors weren't really nice and there was something else that I didn't catch. YS and I skimmed through the clothes there. My main shopping objective now is to look for stylish (not 'aunty') long T-shirts that I could wear without getting negative comments from my friends, although my mum and aunts would tell me not to succumb to peer pressure.

We tried jeans, got jeans, then got out of there. We discovered the Washington Cake House that sold our (my) fave sponge rusks. We went around looking for wholesale shops to get YS's stuff. We landed at a few, but decided against the first one 'cause it just wasn't worth it. From the second one we got phone bags & pencil cases. Buy 36 units get everything for RM1 each. After walking around for a little bit, we finally found out initial destination - Nu Lycie wholesale emporium (most likely). We found the stickers. RM1 for each sheet. After we got the stickers and sponge rusks, we headed to the parking lot. How brainless can authorities get? To pay for parking you had to walk to the Central Market building itself to pay for it. Grrr...

We dropped the days' purchases at home then headed off to Nyonya One for lunch. I have officially fallen in love with nyonya food~~~

I have experimented with makeup, again. This time I tried to use a color combination of lilac and pink instead of just one color, and some applied on the lower lash line. And this time I added some eyeliner. My attempt this time produced 2 results:

1. Color lids with light brown shadow from Maybelline's Eyeshadow Trio palette in Three Chocolate.

2. Apply dark brown and blend. Dab on a light layer of shimmer from the Three Chocolate palette. Rub inner-V of eye with a little shimmer.

4. Using small angled-brush, apply pink eyeshadow starting from the centre of the upper lashline so that the color still shows when your eye is fully open. Wing at the outer corner of the eye if desired.

5. Using small angled-brush, apply lilac eyeshadow from the inner corner of the upper lashline, blending with the pink.

6. Apply lilac eyeshadow on the outer lower lashline, following the wing of the pink.

7. Using liquid liner, draw the thinnest lines possible on the outer upper and lower lashlines.

8. Finish off with lash curling and mascara.

The process is much the same except that the colors are in reversed places, and the liquid liner lines are thicker (which more or less made me look like a drag queen =x)

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