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Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Woke up at 2pm yesterday, then got about having lunch. Mum called to confirm about the guitar classes that was supposed to commence at 9.30pm that night. I called Ammonite and informed them that I was unable to attend class and asked to be informed when my replacement class is rescheduled. Mum was getting home only at 6pm, but the others were going at 5.30pm to help out. After a few hours of waiting for replies, confirmations and manicure XD, I finally got mum's permission to go with XY to QiQi's place. Lebbie and Lessie were barking at us like mad. Hung around to wait for Qing to arrive, but it turned out that she didn't know how to get to QiQi's place. So we went to pick her and her pot of tau foo fa up from near 7-Eleven.

Arrived there after thinking we were lost (Jalan Badang is long, man) at 6+pm. Almost the whole of WaiKit's house was yellow... The guys - Hoe Jun, Ken Seng, Hai Weng, Mun You & Jeffrey. The girls - Hin Ling, Sheau Hui, Qing, QiQi, XY & moi. Wai Kit saw us with lala and tau foo fa, he almost fainted. He had bought 40 chicken wings and there was lost of other stuff like oyster mushrooms, meatballs, fishballs, squid, fish tofu, etc. Apparently I was the only girl in jeans and heels there, which attracted lots of comments from the girls. I had planned my attire since the whole thing was being planned - by khaki three-quarter pants and the only long -shirt I had. But since OS had worn my pants to school, I had to go with jeans. Since Mun You is a goodie-two-shoes vegetarian, Wai Kit had prepared a special vege pot for him, and the only thing he could BBQ were the oyster mushrooms, which, much to his dismay, were gone in a flash. While us girls ate, the guys were filling water balloons in the backyard, then brought them to the front and pelted each other till all of them were soaking.

After a supposed group photo, QiQi's dad picked the girls up to her place. While waiting for parents etc, I got LevanPolka (Miku vers.) and Kamui Gakupo's version of Girlfriend XD. I nearly finished up the chicken wings (which the guys flash-BBQed), which brought my consumation total to around 6. XY's parents came and gave me (and my two large bags of Twisties XD) a ride home. I took note of the new baby gate, then went up to my mum's room to announce my safe return. I quote from The Necklace by Guy de Maupassant - I was greeted coldly. Why? Because I returned just before the stroke of midnight (I think). Maybe from now on I'll boycot her requests to get me out of the house. Anyway, took my bath, cleaned up the mess in my dog's area, read the newspapers then went to around 2.30am.
XY's burnt sausage...
Black pepper BBQed oyster mushies...

The girl's group pic...

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