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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Aviators at last...

Woke up at around 9am this morning by a morning call from Kyo. =x Got ready then tried to wake my usually-cranky-in-the-morning sister without success. Got scolded from mum for that after she got back from fetching my grandma to Cheras. Apparently there was an car-polishing appointment that she had to meet, so she couldn't be late. We got to Mid Valley, dropped the car at Cars then went straight to Jusco to get lingerie for sis and for mum to redeem her Jusco points. We walked around the whole place, many pairs of really high stilettos grabbed my attention, unfortunately I couldn't and shouldn't wear them 'cause they weren't practical. Point taken. Moving on.

Paid for our stuff then went down to Manhattan Fish Market for lunch. I had my 'usual' - baked dory in garden herbs served with garlic butter rice. A chef's recommendation and an absolute deelish. Since we still had time till the car was done, we walked around the mall. First stop, Nichii. The image Nichii has given me is - trendy, bold accessories and colors, and crossdressing staff (no offence meant, don't sue me). Anyway, while my mum was admiring a top, I caught sight of a pair of aviator sunnies on a mannequin. When it comes to sunnies, it's either those nice sleek ones you usually see on cyclists, or aviators. You could say I'm affected by my aunt who lives in Japan. I just love aviators. I scanned the racks, finally spotting it - last pair, but it had no price tag. Asked around and found out that it costed RM19.80. To me, this is bargain price, and since I don't often ask for things (like my sisters do, so my parents and aunts say), mum got them for me... YAY~!

What on earth is a Japanese Bamboo Charcoal Cake? It's made of charcoal?
We then looked in Esarli (sis got a pair of thick strap wedges), Spade (sis got a nice jacket =x), etc. Finally we were headed home. Well, not exactly home. We first went to Puchong to get the car checked 'cause mum said there was something wrong with it. Whatever. Waited till 4pm to get whatever problem it was fixed, but for free 'cause it took such a long time. Get a load of that. After that stopped at the craftshop near home to get materials my sis needed for her school's upcoming charity sale. I got my reload card from 7-11, then after paying for the materials, got some pastries and egg tarts from TK.

Got home, let the dog out then took a nice bath before practicing Pearl Fisher on the guitar. Then I got my sis to switch on the PC for me (both are passworded). Initially I had completed the blog post, but then I accidentally pressed something that made everything disappear into thin air. Grrr...
Yesterday was weird. As usual, our gang went out to eat. Today's menu was KFC's. My colonel rice tasted exactly like the chicken-rice rice you find in hawker stalls. We played with each others phones for a while. Hsin Yiee mysteriously put someone's number in my phone under the name 'Darling'. After I got home, bathed and everything this 'Darling' figure texted me. He asked the usual who are you and how did you get my number stuff. After a while it dawned on me that it was Ken Min. I was like, sweat... (=__=)
Later in the day at around say 8pm, Kyo texted me, only that I didn't know that he was who he was 'cause I didn't have his number. Anyways, after a while of rude interrogation by me, I knew who he was and was like, sweat... (=__=) For the next few hours between the first text and me going to sleep, his almost constant texts were the only thing distracting me from my sis's monotonous attempts at multitasking on an already laggy computer. Go figure.
Right now I'm plagued with a constant headache that has already lasted more than an hour, and I still can't figure what to have for dinner... Hmm...

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