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Sunday, September 20, 2009

New shoes & new earrings ^^

Really lazy to type much right now, so I'll give a brief summary of the past couple of days.

Godparents came up from S'pore yesterday morning. Went for breakfast at Fatty Mok, then dropped Godma at Holistic Touch. Picked her up at 4pm, then went to Woo Pin fish head noodle at Taman Desa in the fiercest of rainstorms. 10pm, picked OS from work then went to Ye Look for fried noodles.

Next morning 10am arrived at MV. Had some hair cut at X-Cut. Went to Metrojaya, OS got a sweater, looked at shoes. Got out, went to Mango and such boutiques. Got sandals at Esarli, and 2" hoop earrings from Sinma, an Oreo McFlurry and we were outta there.

The end.

I'm using OS' laptop right now, so I'll give you the boring details later when our PCs have been disinfected. And maybe some pictures as well.

Recommendation of the day : Changeling - starring Angelina Jolie & John Malkovich.

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