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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Monopoly, anyone?

Daim cake!!! ^^

So, someone got a new phone... Hehe... Last night watched 'The Happening' with the family, then proceeded to watching 'Moonlight Resonance', the episode we watched was really good. Texted with Ming till around 2.30am.

Next morning 8.30am phone alarm rang, and mum came in to usher me out of bed to get ready to go to IKEA to look at mainly kitchen cupboards. Had our brunch at the IKEA food court thingy. I love the Daim cake. After IKEA then to Central Hypermarket to shop for some daily needed stuff and some bananas and walnuts 'cause mum wanted to make banana walnut cake. Straight home, shower, a few sips of Nubian Goat's Milk in Ivory Chocolate flavour, then a nice game of Monopoly among us three sisters. The game started quite good, till YS sold Coventry Street to me for $2000. Since I got the whole set of yellow, I built hotels (rent $1150-$1200). Throughout the rest of te game everyone went broke paying my rents, especially YS. I won the game with $10634, the yellow area, Pall Mall, Bow Street, Euston, King's Cross Station, Marylebone Station, Fenchurch St. Station and the Water Works.

For dinner there was a selection of Mee Siam (with red and green peppers, mind you) and my grandma's best flavored rice. I went for the rice, and a very weird banana slice Moo ice cream(?). And since OS is out with some friends (I think), I get access to her laptop since she says the two main computers are infected with virus and should be left alone until further notice. xP YS went through our VCDs and DVDs and found Final Destination 2, but it was just too scary for her so she changed to Tarzan. Yes, Tarzan. Disney's Tarzan that I've been watching since Primary 3 around twice a month. I can more or less repeat the story in words backwards.

I'm gonna try to play some SDO-X later. So, ciao!! ^^

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