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Saturday, August 8, 2009

So much for a botanical garden... xD

What's the point of writing this blog? No one's reading it, and it sure doesn't do much as reference material, just the history of my boring life.

Photography competition at the Botanical Gardens in Putrajaya. It was THE most boring trip I've had by far. All the plants, so supposedly botanical specimens, looked like it was decor for a condo landscape. But the whole trip around the whole of the garden (twice I think) with Mun You, Li Yen and of course, my dear Ming ^^

Around 12pm went to some other part of Putrajaya for a Flower Festival (or similar) thingy. Flowers... again... Anyway, walked around with Ming and took a few pics. At 1pm we departed from Putrajaya back to school.

As I have mentioned before, WHY THE HELL AM I WRITING THIS BLOG?! Guess I'll let my Restaurant City EmO House run for now and join the MJ fanatics going on downstairs... ^^

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