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Friday, August 21, 2009


A week's worth of hols means a week not being able to see him... *sigh~~* Anyways, had a really boring day today, except the few moments with my Ming... ^^

So called 'patriotic spirit' ain't really showing... On the other hand, we (Ming, Torng, Sherman & me) kept to ourselves in our class, canteen, library, etc... We played with each other's phones (dismantling them at one point), joked, ate, hung around, etc... Out of the 25 people in our small class, only around 10 of them were present (including us of course). The events today has proved that I listen to too much Japanese metal music and not enough Hong Kong-ese and Chinese pop...

I've, once again, broken a promise. I promised that I'll finish the second chapter of my story by the end of July or start of August-ish, but it's almost the end of August and I haven't even touched it. xP

Since the hols are here, I thought I'd accessorize. I changed my retainers for my silver earrings (kinda scared my grandma there), put on my pinky ring and painted a few of my nails black (I'm a 'guitarist' and I need to practice, so no point doing the whole manicure thing).

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