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Sunday, August 2, 2009


Word of caution to those 'tag-along-ers' out there - if your friend seem kinda doubtful about their ability to be present at an activity that you all registered in, best to expect the worst.

Woke up around my usual time and quickly dressed up for the long day ahead. Yesterday was the day the Chinese Society of our school organized a one-day-camp open to all Chinese-speaking and learning students. A few weeks before Miss Tan, Miss KiKi and I registered for this camp, but just yesterday, Miss KiKi said that she would be going out with family and Miss Tan said that she had to go for the swimming lesson that her parents already paid for. So I was alone that day, except with Ming as my company.

Arrived at school and kinda waited till around 8am for the whole event to start. We were divided into groups with a pick-the-pouch way. The ribbon that tied the potpourri-filled pouch signified the group you were in. I got into the third group (大力三) and Ming went quite far away to the ninth group (大口九). We started the whole event with a small group meeting, discussing group mottos and electing group leaders. My group consisted of Fung Soon, Spellman, Wen Yen, Chiou Hwa, Ching Yee, Kit Mun and Siew Xin(?), who happens to be Siew Ping's sister. Fung Soon was elected group leader.

The games started with a series of battles against other teams. We got a piece of paper and a hand-drawn map of the school. On the piece of paper was a series of riddles, each of them signifying a location in the school compound. We finished all the battles, most of them victoriously. If my memory does not deceive me, it was after lunch that we started the next fight. Lunch was nice, with Ming beside me. ^^ We started a small treasure hunt after lunch. We were, again, given a piece of paper, also with riddles and we were to go through challenges to obtain the treasure. After a little rest, we started the very wet part of the event.

For this part of the event, there were a series of challenges and battles that we had to go through, getting literally soaked along the way. We had a little trouble finding the challenges (riddles xP) but had lots of fun. Our team finished first (I think) and we proceeded to drying ourselves under the sun, then changing into dryer attire. After all that action (which I'm clearly not used to), my legs were cramming as I tip-toed up four very wet flights of stairs to change.

We dried ourselves out further (Ming only brought a T-shirt to change into, his pants were soaked xP) under the fans in the hall and listened to moving speeches by the organisers of the event and the seniors of the Chinese Society. The event ended at around 6pm, and I waited for OS to pick me up with Ming). I slept for about an hour on the floor and couch in my living room before making my undercooked pasta with fresh mushroom (more of tomato) sauce from the jar.

I slept another half hour after watching a bit of what YS was watching on YouTube (Happy Tree Friends, she's an absolute masochist - she was laughing like a hyena), then proceeded to the bath at around 9pm. I haven't slept at 10pm since I dunno when. After my bath, lotion-ing, it was too late for guitar practice, I slicked my hair down with moisturizer, didn't even bote to comb or wait for my hair to dry and slept. I woke up at intervals at night (dunno why) and precisely at around 5.30am and 6.15am, I kinda just jolted out of slumber, looked at the clock, then went back to sleep.

Woke up at around 9.30am, which was almost precisely the time when Ming sent me an 'are you awake yet?' message. Now I'm dying of a slight fever, bad sorethroat, muscle aches (from yesterdays activities... I need to start being more active xP) and a headache...

What was weird was, I kinda dreamt up a drama last night. I was this lady's someone and she was in trouble and such and had to go out of the country, bla bla bla... My favourite part of the whole dream was.................. involving Ming... Write your guess in my chatbox and I'll belanja you some Polo if you get it right... =)

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