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Monday, August 24, 2009


Here's the thing - everytime my dad comes home, we go on major shopping sprees for household upgrades and stuff for him to take back. He arrived early Saturday morning.

On Saturday morning before lunch, he & YS went roller blading. Lucky I didn't participate (I sat at the sidelines watching everyone fly around the area) 'cause I wasn't gonna ruin my reputation as the weird, cool, fierce-looking madwoman at school - there was Jeffrey, Suzuki, Mush and almost the Handsome Club guys. xP After that, lunch @ Esquire Kitchen! I had my fave curry chicken noodles. After lunch, went to Carrefour to shop for dinner ingredients and a few other things. Oh yeah, I got my new phone. ^^ My previous BenQ-Siemens EF51 has been replaced with an OPPO A105K. Go Google it. MP3 player function, Bluetooth, 2.0MP camera, large screen... Almost like my dream phone (which is Sony Ericsson N76). xP Dinner menu - pumpkin soup and bacon & mushroom quiche. Both in rather large proportions and both packed with cream. Never really ate till I was so full in a really long time.

Next morning 9am, waken up by dad to be informed that we were going to MV. Yay! So kinda went straight to Jusco to get skin care products and nail polish (a very nice shade of blue, mind you), then straight to Metrojaya to get ginger juice. Six bottles, man! Lugged that around to the exhibition hall at the top floor to see baby gates. No, we don't have any babies at home. The baby gate is to keep Duke in the living room. ^^ After that took a look at random stuff while deciding what to have for lunch. Checked out the Rubik's cube prices at Jigsaw Puzzle World - RM24.90 for a good one. For the same thing with lower quality at pasar malam - RM10+. Still thinking which one to get. xP Lunch @ Pasta Zanmai! Mum, YS & I had our usual chicken and Japanese mushroom cream sauce pasta with hot ocha! To top it up, we pampered ourselves to a banana chocolate parfait. ^^ Looked at carpets after lunch. I always thought the most luxurious, expensive carpet would cost at most RM5000. How wrong I was. The price can go up to the hundred-thousands!

After that, to Tropicana for tea with dad's buddy. There was a crisis when we arrived there - pipe burst! The man of the house was out, so was the lady, therefore we sat in the TV room watching 'The Fast and the Furious 4' when the man and lady kinda arrived home simultaneously. Croissants, curry puffs, danish-es and such over coffee and tea. I particularly liked the coconut jelly. ^^ We chatted about various stuff (including the appropriate age to have a boyfriend and suchlike), then suddenly there were plans for dinner. While waiting for Eugene to get ready, I played the guitar a bit (Eugene's accoustic) while Hui Yin played a few beautiful tunes on the piano. After collecting the plant clone samples, we set off to 3A Yong Tow Foo restaurant. Ordered lots of stuff, and on top of that, we actually ordered curry chee cheong fun (please note that curry contains coconut milk, which is quite filling). I had a fish ball and a fried dough stick, around 2 servings of chee cheong fun, some honey chicken, and that was my dinner. Texted with Ming till around 2.30am, then went to sleep.

Next morning, which is this morning, at 6.09am, received a wakeup call message from Ming. I was like 'What are you doing up so early on a holiday?!' Anyway, got out of bed around 7am, read my phone manual, had mee siam for breakfast (super spicy) then surfed the net a bit before going out to OS's college for lunch. xP Menu - onion and olive pizza (appetizer), seafood pasta with cream sauce (main course) and diplomat's pudding (dessert) [hateful raisins >.<]. Deelish! After that, went to Amcorp Mall wanting to check out printers at Visioncom, but they were closed. So, we went to look at carpets. Walked around a quarter of the whole mall in my 3½" boots to look for a freakin' washroom that actually works. When I got back to the shop, mum already chose a carpet (a really nice one, infact, RM4000++). Before going home, we stopped by my mum's supplier's office to pick up the four-yolk mooncakes she ordered. Upon arriving home, my feet were already killing me.

Someone has to tell me how to use the photo uploader if I want to upload more than five photos and arrange them accordingly. ^^

Friday, August 21, 2009


A week's worth of hols means a week not being able to see him... *sigh~~* Anyways, had a really boring day today, except the few moments with my Ming... ^^

So called 'patriotic spirit' ain't really showing... On the other hand, we (Ming, Torng, Sherman & me) kept to ourselves in our class, canteen, library, etc... We played with each other's phones (dismantling them at one point), joked, ate, hung around, etc... Out of the 25 people in our small class, only around 10 of them were present (including us of course). The events today has proved that I listen to too much Japanese metal music and not enough Hong Kong-ese and Chinese pop...

I've, once again, broken a promise. I promised that I'll finish the second chapter of my story by the end of July or start of August-ish, but it's almost the end of August and I haven't even touched it. xP

Since the hols are here, I thought I'd accessorize. I changed my retainers for my silver earrings (kinda scared my grandma there), put on my pinky ring and painted a few of my nails black (I'm a 'guitarist' and I need to practice, so no point doing the whole manicure thing).

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Doggie pics!!!

Here's the pumpkin soup OS made a couple days ago. It's fried julienned leeks for garnish. There are little bits of onions and boiled leeks in the soup, and it's delicious!!

My dog just got back from the groomers'. Here's how he looks like now. Sorry for the low quality and badly lighted pics...

Career oppotunities? Not so much...

Talk at MICCOS at UPM about the career opportunities available if you attend UPM, something like that. Boring like sh!t... We mostly played with DSLRs and phones. Saw drifting that day, looked noob, but still cool. The food there kinda sucked, so I'm not saying...

Got scolded by mum by not telling her I was going a few highways away from school, but forgiven faster than I expected. She dropped Li Yen & me at The Store to get the ingredients to make a mocha chiffon cake. Fresh out of the oven, beautiful color, intoxicating aroma, but you could barely taste anything. I gotta find another coffee cake recipe for Ming next year... Practice makes perfect, Yen!!

Finally cleared the top of my desk and the papers in my file. Lots of junk. xP Washed my dog's cage and area while he's at the groomers'. After that, PC TIME!!! For some freakin' reason, I can't download MapleSEA Ep. 2... Everything is lagging like shit... Just checked out the 4 Fadil blog (, nice job, Khen Foi!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

So much for a botanical garden... xD

What's the point of writing this blog? No one's reading it, and it sure doesn't do much as reference material, just the history of my boring life.

Photography competition at the Botanical Gardens in Putrajaya. It was THE most boring trip I've had by far. All the plants, so supposedly botanical specimens, looked like it was decor for a condo landscape. But the whole trip around the whole of the garden (twice I think) with Mun You, Li Yen and of course, my dear Ming ^^

Around 12pm went to some other part of Putrajaya for a Flower Festival (or similar) thingy. Flowers... again... Anyway, walked around with Ming and took a few pics. At 1pm we departed from Putrajaya back to school.

As I have mentioned before, WHY THE HELL AM I WRITING THIS BLOG?! Guess I'll let my Restaurant City EmO House run for now and join the MJ fanatics going on downstairs... ^^

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Word of caution to those 'tag-along-ers' out there - if your friend seem kinda doubtful about their ability to be present at an activity that you all registered in, best to expect the worst.

Woke up around my usual time and quickly dressed up for the long day ahead. Yesterday was the day the Chinese Society of our school organized a one-day-camp open to all Chinese-speaking and learning students. A few weeks before Miss Tan, Miss KiKi and I registered for this camp, but just yesterday, Miss KiKi said that she would be going out with family and Miss Tan said that she had to go for the swimming lesson that her parents already paid for. So I was alone that day, except with Ming as my company.

Arrived at school and kinda waited till around 8am for the whole event to start. We were divided into groups with a pick-the-pouch way. The ribbon that tied the potpourri-filled pouch signified the group you were in. I got into the third group (大力三) and Ming went quite far away to the ninth group (大口九). We started the whole event with a small group meeting, discussing group mottos and electing group leaders. My group consisted of Fung Soon, Spellman, Wen Yen, Chiou Hwa, Ching Yee, Kit Mun and Siew Xin(?), who happens to be Siew Ping's sister. Fung Soon was elected group leader.

The games started with a series of battles against other teams. We got a piece of paper and a hand-drawn map of the school. On the piece of paper was a series of riddles, each of them signifying a location in the school compound. We finished all the battles, most of them victoriously. If my memory does not deceive me, it was after lunch that we started the next fight. Lunch was nice, with Ming beside me. ^^ We started a small treasure hunt after lunch. We were, again, given a piece of paper, also with riddles and we were to go through challenges to obtain the treasure. After a little rest, we started the very wet part of the event.

For this part of the event, there were a series of challenges and battles that we had to go through, getting literally soaked along the way. We had a little trouble finding the challenges (riddles xP) but had lots of fun. Our team finished first (I think) and we proceeded to drying ourselves under the sun, then changing into dryer attire. After all that action (which I'm clearly not used to), my legs were cramming as I tip-toed up four very wet flights of stairs to change.

We dried ourselves out further (Ming only brought a T-shirt to change into, his pants were soaked xP) under the fans in the hall and listened to moving speeches by the organisers of the event and the seniors of the Chinese Society. The event ended at around 6pm, and I waited for OS to pick me up with Ming). I slept for about an hour on the floor and couch in my living room before making my undercooked pasta with fresh mushroom (more of tomato) sauce from the jar.

I slept another half hour after watching a bit of what YS was watching on YouTube (Happy Tree Friends, she's an absolute masochist - she was laughing like a hyena), then proceeded to the bath at around 9pm. I haven't slept at 10pm since I dunno when. After my bath, lotion-ing, it was too late for guitar practice, I slicked my hair down with moisturizer, didn't even bote to comb or wait for my hair to dry and slept. I woke up at intervals at night (dunno why) and precisely at around 5.30am and 6.15am, I kinda just jolted out of slumber, looked at the clock, then went back to sleep.

Woke up at around 9.30am, which was almost precisely the time when Ming sent me an 'are you awake yet?' message. Now I'm dying of a slight fever, bad sorethroat, muscle aches (from yesterdays activities... I need to start being more active xP) and a headache...

What was weird was, I kinda dreamt up a drama last night. I was this lady's someone and she was in trouble and such and had to go out of the country, bla bla bla... My favourite part of the whole dream was.................. involving Ming... Write your guess in my chatbox and I'll belanja you some Polo if you get it right... =)