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Friday, July 3, 2009

Na + Cl = NaCl

Today was the school's merentas desa. Hooray! So... not! As part of the school magazine photography team, I was assigned to take pictures of the participants. Didn't get many good shots as most of the participants were walking... Slept at 3am last night and woke up at around 6.15. Almost dozed off while brushing my teeth. While I was tieing my hair, my mum asked whether I wanted bread. We were on our way at around 7.50am. Upon arriving at Taman Bukit Jalil, I just jumped off the car without taking my bread (which was laid on the back seat). I made my way from one end of the park to the other alone.

The race started at around 9am. I was under Kei Yan's team, with Wai Kit. Wai Kit had to manage the PA system with Hoe Jun and company, so it was only me and Kei Yan. While waiting for the race to actually start, Kei Yan's camera went haywire. The map given to us was so confusing that even a long-time TBJ jogger was confused. Anyway, we found out our own location and the whole route of the race. I started from the ending point, slowly making my way down, then up again. We waited under the scorching sun for the last few strolling participants to come in and for the final result.

For this year's merentas desa, my team (Laksamana - bleu) did quite well. On the sports day, (if my memory doesn't fail me) my team got the last place. Temenggung got first place. Today, Laksamana went up to 2nd place and Temenggung all the way to the bottom. Well, ganbaru, everyone!!!

I half-walked, half-ran back to the other end of the park to wait for my sis. We went to Capri Dessert opposite the Shell station to have lunch. My first time there, but I've heard my friends (who go out to eat everyday, usually mamak, 'cause they have tuition everyday) mention it a lot. I got myself a curry beef fried rice, plus fruits and a mango iced tea from the set lunch menu. I'll give it 4 stars out of 5.

I've finally finished the first chapter of my so-called story. I'm publishing it on my other blog - Comments please, everyone!!!

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