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Sunday, July 26, 2009


So bored today... Can't SMS Ming 'cause his credit's run out... T.T

Went out for lunch with my mum's usual friends. Tomoe (pronounced TO-MO-E, not 'tomo') Japanese Restaurant somewhere in PJ. Didn't really pay attention. XD

Tenpura Soba. Shoudn't have added the seaweed to the soup... Tasted weird... And should've put in more wasabi...


Freakin' operator hasn't activated my DiGi SIM card yet... 24 hours my ass...
Craziest year of all... ^^

According to the sign, this is a chinchilla... ^^

My earrings... ^^

'TO' as in 'rabbit'... ^^

Saturday, July 25, 2009


So, it's been a week... Kinda boring, but very sweet for me. I've got the carnival pics tranferred into my miniSD, but got all my songs (and not to mention other pics) deleted. No worries, I've got backup in my home PC... xP

There was a Talent Hunt event going on at SMK Seri Saujana today from 9am-4pm. Miss Yap talked me into going and I paid RM5 for the entry ticket. This morning I woke up around 7.30am and got ready quickly to arrive at school. At around 8am, I had breakfast (or rather, I had breakfast while he only had a drink) with Mr Ming at the mamak next to the photocopy shop. Around 9am we finished up and returned to school.

I met up with Miss Yap and Miss Leow to walk to Saujana. We arrived there, gave our tickets for punching and got our arms stamped. We waited for Mr ZS Yap and Mr Fong at the other entrance and found a couple of nice places around the back. Played with each other's phones for a while (I brought my Nokia and BenQ-Siemens containing my Celcom and Hotlink numbers respectively) only to realize that the sound check was going to go on till 12pm. We got out, 'galavanted' a bit, then went back to Saujana to sit in the sun for around 2 hours.

I got my Hotlink number converted while waiting for Miss Yap and Miss Leow to get out of Blitzone. The guy at the counter was like, 'maybe today, or tomorrow or day after tomorrow'. I was like, '*nods~* thanks'. So I'll have to wait for around 24 hours for my DiGi SIM card to activate, 'cause it's bloody expensive to text my friends (particularly Mr Ming) who all use DiGi with a Hotlink number (15sen/SMS).

Unfortunately, the pic uploader or my card reader is malfunctioning right now, so the pictures I'll most likely post on my Facebook. Here are the few bands I've just discovered - SuG, Phantasmagoria, Versailles , D'espairsRay, Pierrot, Nightmare, Girugamesh and NoGoD. Really good J-rock... ^^ Some metal too, of course, just the way I like it.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Carnival Co-curriculum SMKBBSP 2009

Almost fell asleep brushing my teeth this morning 'cause I slept at 2am the previous night and was up by 6.30. Anyway, lugged an empty bucket and my bag to school. Only as we reached the junction at the end of the road where I live, I remembered that I forgot to bring my phone. Crap. It was 7, and my sisters wouldn't be coming till 9am 'cause from what the teachers told me yesterday, no stalls were to open until 9. I went to the hall to see a very grouchy Mr Wai Kit for a camera. As I stopped at the Photography Club stall, my Biology teacher handed me a video camera. I was like, oh crap.

We all prepared for the arrival of the VIP (whoever they are) at around 7.55. They slowly made their way in and there was a lion dance performance to welcome them to our school. Then there was all the speeches and stuff, then distribution of certificates (I think) for co-curricular achievements such as representing the school to participate in a zone-, state- or country-level competition and getting a prize. There were 50 of them. The vidcam went nuts a while after I started filming, and the camera went out of battery.

Helped out a tiny bit here and there, the rest of the time I was wandering around the whole area. At the Ping Pong stall (good business), Miss Sze Hui was holding Mr Wai Kit's digital SLR standing around, but she wanted to go play the ghost house at the library. I took over the cam and went around with Miss KiKi's group to look for Miss Ying Hee and Mr Yong (Yip Hee). Then I more or less wandered around the badminton court area taking pictures. After a long while, Sze Hui finally took over the DSLR and I could go find Miss Leow at the PA classroom. I dunno what got into me, but I followed the freakin' guy up the stairs right up to the same freakin' floor.

Spent most of my money on sugar-loaded drinks. How do I know the drinks were so? I hadn't eaten anything since I woke up till 2.30pm, and I wasn't feeling hungry at all. At around 2.45, I called OS to fetch me home after soaking myself near the War Game area.

The people I saw today were Miss Kuan Kah Ying, Miss Collina and Priscilla Pang, Mr Yong, Mr Chew and Mr Loo, who was very emo. Overall, the day was nice. Oh yeah, I got myself a Celcom number. Its registration was FOC anyway, all I had to do was find my old Nokia 2100 (found it, using it, charged it for 5 hours already and the screen displays one bar) and save up around RM30 each month to top up.

The pics I'll post next week 'cause the SLR is with Miss Sze Hui and she said she'd transfer the pics into my miniSD next Monday. It's been a great day today, and kinda disappointed (not 'cause of the carnival) and let's hope that there'll be an even greater carnival at SMKBBSP next year with even more people!

Friday, July 17, 2009


We (Miss Leow, Miss Qing, Miss Yap, Prof. Lee, Mr Chang and me) just test played the War Game organized by the Scouts. Fun rating = 9.5/10. Value rating = 9.9/10. Ganbatte Scouts! Although I'm not a scout...
Thursday finally finish collecting the teachers' panorama picture money... Some of them were so stupid as to not have a 5 ringgit bill with them. Anyway, the carnival's tomorrow, and I have to learn some skills from Naruto, split physical body into three separate ones, 'cause I need to help with the Ping Pong and Photography stall as well as take pictures of the event. Then I want to play War Game, again... MuaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Here are some random pics. Enjoy and comment! =)

Here's Miss Qing (main layout designer, War Game) drinking her teh-O ice and discussing matters with Mr Lee.

Cherryblossom Solid Perfume from L'Occitane. It's French!!!

This is my fluffy baby - Sir Duke Lancelot aka Latte Shoopuf.

This is Miss QiQi (KiKi) at Secret Recipe on Thursday with Mr Liew, Miss Yap, Miss Leow, Miss WHY, Mr Choo and me.

The masterminds, Prof. Lee (left) and Mr Lee.

Mr Leow, Miss Leow's supercute brother.

This is me, who else?

I'm planning to ask Tania to help me draw some manga pictures to brighten(?) up my story page. Please comment. Thanks. The second chapter shall be finished soon.

Monday, July 13, 2009


Of all the crushes I've had, this is by far the most 有缘 one I've had. I've dreamt of him around 5 times already, and just today my friend fetched me home, along with him! But fortunately for him, unfortunately for me, I got off barely 5 minutes after getting on. Oh well... And today was quite relaxing - our Civics teacher was absent, so we had 2 periods free, then most of the rest of the day, I was sleeping... Hehe...

I've asked a person on Youtube who posted a 'Funny J-Rock moments' video to introduce me to some good J-rock bands, he sent me the list but I never got round to experimenting with it. So the previous Saturday I used up some of my PC time to experiment. First I scanned the list for some attractive band names, some were familiar, like Gackt, Malice Mizer, hyde, etc. I decided to experiment with Versailles and Nightmare. The first impression that Versailles gave me was: OMG!!! They're so freakin' good! They're clothes were nice, their makeup was beautiful, and their music (although my girls will find it the worst of noise) absolutely crazily fantastic!! The songs from Versailles that I got so far are Revanant Choir, Aristocrats Symphony, Princess, Sympathia, and Shout & Bites.

Nightmare - I was actually expecting visual kei, but to me it was not visual kei at all, but very nice, light makeup... But their clothes are damn nice... The vocalist sports very nice contacts (so does the vocalist of Versailles, per se) and looks really like a high school student. And the music style is a little funky (in my opinion). So far I've got Tokyo Shounen, Dasei Boogie, Jashin to Bara, Jibun no Hana, Hate, and Dirty.

I'll go eat my lunch now... Bye!!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Na + Cl = NaCl

Today was the school's merentas desa. Hooray! So... not! As part of the school magazine photography team, I was assigned to take pictures of the participants. Didn't get many good shots as most of the participants were walking... Slept at 3am last night and woke up at around 6.15. Almost dozed off while brushing my teeth. While I was tieing my hair, my mum asked whether I wanted bread. We were on our way at around 7.50am. Upon arriving at Taman Bukit Jalil, I just jumped off the car without taking my bread (which was laid on the back seat). I made my way from one end of the park to the other alone.

The race started at around 9am. I was under Kei Yan's team, with Wai Kit. Wai Kit had to manage the PA system with Hoe Jun and company, so it was only me and Kei Yan. While waiting for the race to actually start, Kei Yan's camera went haywire. The map given to us was so confusing that even a long-time TBJ jogger was confused. Anyway, we found out our own location and the whole route of the race. I started from the ending point, slowly making my way down, then up again. We waited under the scorching sun for the last few strolling participants to come in and for the final result.

For this year's merentas desa, my team (Laksamana - bleu) did quite well. On the sports day, (if my memory doesn't fail me) my team got the last place. Temenggung got first place. Today, Laksamana went up to 2nd place and Temenggung all the way to the bottom. Well, ganbaru, everyone!!!

I half-walked, half-ran back to the other end of the park to wait for my sis. We went to Capri Dessert opposite the Shell station to have lunch. My first time there, but I've heard my friends (who go out to eat everyday, usually mamak, 'cause they have tuition everyday) mention it a lot. I got myself a curry beef fried rice, plus fruits and a mango iced tea from the set lunch menu. I'll give it 4 stars out of 5.

I've finally finished the first chapter of my so-called story. I'm publishing it on my other blog - Comments please, everyone!!!