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Sunday, May 31, 2009

First couple of days in S'pore

On 30th May, we started our journey to S'pore at around 10.30am. I was out most of the way, and we arrived at my aunt's house at around 2.30pm, with only around one stop in between. My uncle and aunt from Japan were there as well. We went out for lunch, and the three of us (my godfather, YS and me) went almost straight down to the pool. After around 5 years of not even going near a swimming pool, a sudden lap of breast stroke at the deep end proved to be a great challenge. My muscles weren't up to the job. At around 7.30, we went back up to the apartment, washed up and then proceeded to my cousin's mother-in-laws' place to see the new kid on the block and in the family - Natasha. Cute bugger, huh? =) After w while of dwelling there, YS in the backyard fascinated over the guinea pigs and the others crooning over Natasha, we went to have teochew porridge for a rather late dinner. Almost died eating and from lack of sleep.

31 May, woke up and after a while of dawdling, helped with the decorations for Natasha's fullmoon party at the Dolphina Clubhouse function room. Lots of balloons, I can tell you... Next time I'm gonna buy strappy heels with a strap behind so that I don't kill my feet the next time I wear such heels to functions like these which require lots and LOTS of walking. Natasha was an angel throughout the whole party. The food was alright, but at around 1pm, we all gave up and went back up to the apartment to snooze... ZzZzZz... Before that, we went to the pool to get our tantrumizing cousin who insisted that she go swimming under the afternoon sun and refused to do her writing as she was told to. My mum was pissed as we were making our way up. So after all the snoozing, we changed once again to go to the Imperial Treasure restaurant to celebrate my uncle's first wedding anniversary. The food was delicious, and extremely filling. Before we started the meal, my aunt and I went around to make last-minute shopping for a congrats card for the anniversary celebrating couple. We got to Harris bookstore and I spotted the 'Twilight' movie manual or something like that. I thought that I could bully my way into getting the book, even using my dad as backup... =P It costs around S$31, if I had brought my Popular Card, then 10% off, then times that amount to around 2.4, that's how much it costs in Malaysian Ringgit. So much for rising economy. After dinner we went around the mall a bit, then my godfather set off with us to find a Shell petrol station which provides 92(?) petrol.
So now I'm back in the apartment, blogging while waiting for my hair to dry, and fantasizing about the world of Twilight. Maybe I'll create my own world of vampires and werewolves and such, but it's only a matter of time that I do start writing as I'm kinda busy at the moment. Hehehe... That's it! Oyasumi nasai!!!

Friday, May 29, 2009


Crap everything... I'm gonna cast that 'Dreams of Angels' story to hell and write my own bloody monotonous memoirs or maybe I'll write a sci-fi like Stephenie Meyer... Went out to the immigration department early this morning to get our passports done for the trip tomorrow. Submitted all our forms and necessary documents, waited around a couple of hours then headed to the OUG Plaza. Arrived there, went to Giant to get some ham and cucumbers to make sandwiches for the trip tomorrow, again. Got home, sat in front of the PC with YS till around now. Dunno what she's doing... Crap... Still can't try to talk like Jacob... Grrrr......

So that's about it... We're starting our trip tomorrow morning at 10 with my little cousin... I'm gonna bring my guitar and it'll be a whole guitar fanatic gathering in the family. Arrivederci...

Thursday, May 28, 2009


After a long day of add maths and civics exams, THE DAMN HOLS ARE HERE!! Actually tomorrow is my schools teachers' day celebration 'peringkat sekolah'. This morning Mr Siva went on stage - well, it's more of just a bit of raised ground - and told us 'your attendance is compulsory'. Like hell I'm going to that kind of boring crap anymore. I'm thinking of writing one of my own stories, y'know, the kind about my life, friends, etc... Kinda absorbed by Stephenie Meyer's Breaking Dawn right now.

I'm going to make my passport tomorrow, my mum wants us to be out at 6.45am. We're going S'pore on Saturday, bringing along my oh-so-kawaii cousin to see my niece... Muahahahaha!!! Extremely looking forward to it 'cause one, we haven't been to S'pore in quite some time already, two, it's a happy occasion and they're having Natasha's full moon celebration, three, I need to shed a few pounds in the pool and on bikes. That's pretty much it...

I've gotta go update my MP4 and MP3 phone now, and YS is freakin' annoying hounding me to play Cab Driver on Miniclip. So then, bon voyage!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Parfait dream...

I jolted awake this morning by my mum's sudden storm into our room to see whether I was prepared to go out. She had told me about the trip the previous day, but I was glued to the PC until it finally wore off at around 5am. Slept and left my phone charging at the PC, I slept right through 9am - the supposed time to wake up when we were going to Mid Valley as to avoid heavy traffic jams and the hassle of looking for a parking space - and my mum woke me at around 10am, quite furiously, and I scrambled out of my sloppy jammies - given to me by my godmother, I think they were my cousin's - and pulled on the to be washed boots cut jeans and T-shirt, scrambled to and fro from my room to my mum's room to briefly flatten my fringe - I had clipped it in the opposite direction of which it was supposed to grow to keep it out of my face, which resulted in a few beautiful arches on my forehead and a head of extremely flat hair - and just grabbed my socks and rushed downstairs. To avoid any further comments from my mum, I flew out the open front door, grabbed my sneakers and quickly got into the front seat of the car.

We didn't say much on the way, but when w got to the parking entrance, my mum was grumbling about the fact that they didn't open the ramp leading to the upper floor of the parking lot. We went around and found the Cars cleaning and polishing centre and mum stopped and went down to ask around. She had a membership card and she asked a few other questions - the windows were up and the doors were closed - when shortly after she sat back in the car , telling us that the bloody staff there was so bloody lazy to just start a little earlier - they guy there had said that mum's membership card was an old one, so she would have to get out of the parking lot and drive in again to find the right branch. We did, and shortly after left the car there for polishing and cleaning.

We went right up to the top floor and went to Jusco so that my mum could claim her reward points. We then proceeded to purchasing my underwear - I was short of them and some mysteriously went missing. At the payment counter only did we realiz that mum's Jusco card was expired. We went upstairs again to renew it and proceeded to the Face Shop to get some lipstick and eye liner. Then we went up to Soda to check out some tops. After that, we had a really filling brunch at Pasta Zanmai (next to Shojikiya). YS and mum got a chicken and japanese mushroom wafu pasta and I got myself a cream croquette curry rice. Mum ordered a couple of side dishes including some shishamu and some salmon sashimi. When we were almost through with our meals, we ordered the Choco Banana parfait that YS and I had decided to try beforehand. It took quite a while, but it was really worth it. On top of everything was a single scoop of chocolate sauce-drizzled chocolate ice cream with whipped cream and banana slices. Under that was some vanilla ice cream topped with a thin layer of chocolate cookie powder-thingy. Under that was a nice thick layer of crunchy cornflakes. Then right under that was a layer of banana chunks with vanilla ice cream. The bottom-most layer was a layer of the chocolate cookie powder-thingy. A real yum for me... Definitely heavenly...

We then proceeded to MPH to get YS's friend's birthday present and a few of the reference books I needed. I found mine, joined my mum and YS at the language area. Right behind the row of books they were looking at were music books, so I went to take a lookie see to see whether there was anything interesting. There was a Harry Potter soundtrack book, Disney Classics and a couple more which catched my eye, but all of them were, to me, absurdly expensive, around RM35-50. We then scooted off to the teen readers section because we had to buy the last two Twilight series books as I was near to finished reading the second book (I've already finished the book and resisting the urge to devour the third one right now). We went through the whole bloody shelf and found very few in good condition, although we did find one in shrink wrap. By accident, I found that New Moon was to be released on 26 November this year. So much for being ignorant and uninformed. So now I'll try to set a date with Jo and Chiu Yee so that we can watch it together. We paid and headed to Jusco supermarket as OS had asked mum to get pears, onions, leeks, lamb shoulder and a few other things I think. We got them and headed to the parking lot. When we arrived at Cars, ours wasn't done yet, so we had to wait, but only for a short while. We headed to Amcorp Mall next as my mum had to sign some papers or something, dunno... Which reminds me, around how much does it cost to get a maybe around 15-20GB thumbdrive?

We headed to the shop lots near Saujana next to get my dogs lunch biscuits and to pick up some nuggets from my mum's colleague's house nearby. Just outside Doggie Doggie, we more or less bumped into one of mum's suppliers' son, Benjamin (enviously tall because of his parents' genes) looking at the puppies for sale. We got the biscuits and nuggets and proceeded to Holistic Touch as my mum wanted to get something for her face. We went to the next door video rental shop and rented a couple of movies. Went home, lagged around for a while, changed out of my jeans and stuck my name strips onto my new reference books while my mum helped me wrap them with a few other books. We watched Space Buddies (kinda childish and stupid, but the golden retriever pups were just too cute), then after a while we watched Australia. Really touching story. I really love Hugh Jackman, espcially at that part when he showed up at that ball in a white suit... *drools~~*

Well that's it for now folks 'cause I'm feeling kinda sleepy and I have something else to do right now so good night don't let the bed bugs bite!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Freakin' Exams

Everyone congratulate me ... I'm an AUNT!!! My niece was just born a few weeks ago and her parents are celebrating her full moon in S'pore next week. The enormous fun is spoiled by the enormous party pooper popular among students especially - E-X-A-M-S, and it's the friggin' mid year one as well. The exams were supposed to start next week, but I dunno what got into our headmistress' head but our Form 4 exams were postponed for a week. Previous Monday was History, I think I passed that one. Not much problems with English and BM. Quite a few problems with Chinese and Math. I'm gonna kill myself next week - it's Chem, Bio and Physics ALL IN THE SAME FREAKIN' DAY!!!

Last week as I was looking forward to - more of dreading actually - the exams, I decided to get myself a few reference books which I was short of. We proceeded to Amcorp Mall on Saturday but found out that the Popular Bookstore there was pretty poorly stocked, not to mention a staff member who didn't give me what I requested for. My membership card had expired, and I was to renew it there. I requested a regular card form, double checked and filled in my particulars. When she gave me my temporary card and receipt, I found that she gave me a 2-year student card. Cheaper than the normal card, but I did request a regular card. Oh well, I can't blame her for being ignorant. We found the Twilight books there, and bought the first two as my younger sis and I were still in our exams and my mum didn't want us reading so much of these books that we abandoned our studies. I was the first one to grab the first book and start reading. I read till halfway when my older sis 'shared' the book with me, creating a crease on the smooth spine of the paperback book as she went. I commented on that, and she shot back at me. It pissed me off so much that I quickly finished the book in my dark bedroom and raced for New Moon the next day after school. I'm now at chapter 21 - VERDICT. Just a comment here, but I think I'll go for Jacob if I were Bella. Hehehehehehehehe........

My desk is looking more and more like a war zone that it has ever been. At most it lasted around two days before I couldn't stand it anymore and cleared up most of it. I've left my desk in its current state for more than a week now, which reminds me that I haven't washed my school shoes in around two months already. Crazy about Restaurant City right now - must race to beat my sis - she's got her own laptop and has kept it on these couple of days, so she has a pretty good start compared to mine. I've had a real craving for food these past few days, and I think it's to do with one of the games my YS played, especially chocolate chip cookies with vanilla ice cream (sandwich style), lasagna, and somehow very fatty and carbo- and sugar-rich stuff.

I just checked our Haze Long's blog, and somehow that inspired me more to become a makeup artist. Before this the only inspiration was the amazing visual-kei makeup on Japanese visual-kei rock stars and the amazing effect they had. I liked makeup, I play with my mum's makeup palettes and such, but somehow I just can't bring myself to apply more than just a little foundation, lipstick or lip gloss and some eye shadowing techniques I've learned through reading Chinese gossip magazines, which, at one point, I applied a little too much and it made me look as if I got beaten up the whole night. I stick to the exact same colours and I don't use mascara or eye liner as I am quite happy with the size of my eyes and the length of my lashes. The only few things I'm pissed about now is the fact that I can't get my tyre under my belly button to shrink anymore, I'm not seeming to grow any taller at all and that I just can't press the F chord properly. It's INFURIATING!!!!!!!!

So, now I'm blogging, playing Restaurant City, enjoying a can of almost finished Carlsberg and having an occasional read of the New Moon book beside me right now.

Now about Twilight. After watching the movie and falling in love with the story line (and the supporting character, Jacob, again), I craved the book and the next movie. In New Moon, it says that Jacob has become a werewolf and Bella almost killed herself trying to cliff dive in a hurricane, which Alice saw, told Rosalie who told Edward that Bella has killed herself. Anyway, I think (I emphasize on the word THINK) I would choose Jacob over Edward, not talking about what they are right now, just physicality. Although Jacob is huge and warm all the time, it beats hugging a cold, stone statue (I've always liked guys with long hair, although he cut his short at first) especially in Forks, no matter how perfect he is. And if I had to choose a Cullen, it would be Emmett (somehow I also love big guys who give you that big brother and will always keep you safe feel).

It's time for me to finish off, 'cause I've nothin' left ta say. Guten nacht!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Lonely... 孤独ね...

这来自亲身体验 -- 这星期,经典儿(刚转来我班的学生)没跟我讲话了。
这样不要紧,丽雁因为生病几天没来上课,盈熹突然跟 Jen Win 和 Keat Yan 很多东西讲,苑琦那一组的就整天跟浩进和伟洁讲话。

昨天呢,放学之后我去了 Bilik Sidang Redaksi 放了书包,换去我的新 Editorial Board T 恤,去拍照咯!!!
要看照片的话,去我 Facebook 的 profile 看哦!

刚刚从 Wisely 长辈那里拿到了 the GazettE 的新歌 《Distress and Coma》。
之后他还 send 给我 the GazettE 的 《Cassis》桌布。

Saturday, May 2, 2009


今天真的是可以说是很 “饱” 的一天。。。早上12.30才醒来,就换衣去吃午餐。我们今天的招牌午餐是----------噔噔噔噔--牛肉面!!处于OUG的一个小店(店名我忘了--呜呜 T.T)售卖酿豆腐和美味可口的牛肉面,千万不要忘记叫一份牛肉腩哦!今天我超不爽我妈。吃面的时候,我们聊到了头发和校规的话题。我给了几句comment,她就shoot到我无话可说。

还没回家之前,我跟姨丈去Holistic Touch载阿姨。进到去,Poh Pei阿姨说我肥了。好自卑哦(尤其是我56kg,31寸腰的人)。回到家,换了衣服,我就开了PS2!玩了一下 Final Fantasy X-2,就玩一下 Need for Speed Most Wanted,之后就给妹玩了。我就练一下吉他。到了傍晚,婆婆开始煮晚饭了。今晚的菜单--煎白鲳,叉烧,三黄蛋,tom yam 虾,菜干汤还有几盘隔夜的菜。这 tom yam 虾是我婆婆创造的。你有没有吃过 Mamee 的那些 tom yam 快熟面?婆婆就是用那些 tom yam 味酱来煎虾咯!她没特地打开一包一包的面来那味酱啦!我大概每天回到家,婆婆就会煮一碗热腾腾的 tom yam 面给我。碗里含两个面,一包味酱,一些虾或猪肉片还有几根菜心,好吃极了!!!婆婆就是用那累积的一百一百味酱来煎虾咯!

我们吃完晚饭,就去-------------------噔噔噔噔--又是 PJ 旧街场吃 ais kacang 咯!回到家,就冲凉开电脑咯!

Friday, May 1, 2009

So much for hiatus


这个周末,我阿姨姨丈从新加坡上来探望我们一家人。At lunch time, we all went out for hawkers' lunch at the nearby Alison. For once in around 8 years, I couldn't finish my lunch, and it went to my sister's stomach. While waiting for my spicy fried kuay teow, my text buddy suddenly called me to ask me what I was doing after a few days of not texting me. It was noisy, and he was mumbling, so I hung up and sent him a message asking what he was saying. He asked me whether I still know who he is and where I was. I said I was having lunch at where I was having lunch. Then he replied that he would come find me after I was finished. I told him that I was lunching with family and I wanted to go to a friend's house later. 他又突然间问我,干嘛要去朋友的家?我reply他说盈熹(我朋友)说要我去她家跟她配合钢琴。他就很冷地reply了我一个 “哦,这样啊。。哈哈。。”

吃了午饭我跟一张去八打灵旧街场持我们最喜欢的ais kacang。尤其是在这种炎热的大马天气之下,那小碗的ais kacang就好像天堂一样。。。~.~ 回到家,拿了吉他,我老妈就载我到盈熹的家。到了那里,我发现那条街就是我以前暗念过的男生住的那条街,但可惜的,他已搬去吉打了。。。由于我才学了一个月的吉他,我朋友的乐谱上写的chord很多都是还没学会的,她差点给我气死。。。谈了一下,他就开电脑。。。我们一面看Youtube的video,一面玩其他东西。Around六点,我就打了电话给老妈,叫她载我回家。

昨晚我又用电脑用到大概凌晨三点多。。。我那么多个小时干嘛呢?就是在imeem和Youtube那里看日本PV,听日本歌咯。之后就玩Restaurant City咯。之后就在www.onemanga.com看漫画 - 下眩的月亮Kagen no Tsuki。我还没看完,还有几个chapter要看。。。我在看PV时,我有发现了多一首GazettE的歌 - 千鶴 Chizuru。是一首非常好听的歌 - 够rock,非常有GazettE的风格,然后PV也非常非常非常非常的好看。。。我亲爱的Uruha和Ruki様。。。*流口水~~* 还有,前几天,我在Youtube发现了一个与众不同的人。他名叫Rowell,是住在美国的菲律宾人。超帅,超酷,而且是 超喜欢雅様的咧!!!